Prism Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel

Published: 1994

With the computer we now can paint on a computer screen. To create The Prism Tarot (1994) Dirk used an early paint program with great possibilities, but also with its limitations. Other newer programs may be more sophisticated, but the old Amiga D-Paint was appealing because it was so simple. Painting is a creative process. When the spirit flows, it needs to be expressed. The more sophisticated paint programs are just too complicated and indirect to allow this kind of free flow of creativity. As Dirk created the Prism Tarot he let spirit come through at the moment of creating the cards, without planning ahead. Intuition, spontaneity and also humor are the basis of this colorful deck. It was fun to create!

This is a 22 Trump card deck. Why is it called the Prism Tarot? Like a prism refracting white light into many colors the source of Life is refracted into multiple life experiences. Each tarot card is such a life experience. The cards represent archetypes; primeval forces present in the collective unconscious of humanity. Although the essence of the cards (the archetype) never changes, an archetype can appear in multiple forms. Thus, tarot decks can be created in multiple forms and we have many different tarot decks. The Prism Tarot is a spontaneous, new expression of the essence of the tarot cards. By letting the Spirit come through new and wonderful images came up.

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