Serpent Dragon Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel

Date of Publication: 2001

Originally made in the late eighties as black-and-white ink drawings. Only a couple of copies were given to tarot collectors. Dirk’s brother, Guido Gillabel, a printer, also made three photo-negative sheets and cut them up into cards, producing unique decks. Dirk found this photo-negative version very appealing and in 2001 he decided to produce this deck in this form.

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, which are assigned to the 22 paths of the Cabalistic Tree. Some people have tried to assign the 22 major arcana cards to these 22 paths, but I believe that the cards have no correspondence to the paths. Each Hebrew letter has an image, dating back to ancient times, and each image has a certain meaning. With a few images the meaning has been lost over time. I have assigned letters to the cards in a way that extends the meaning of each image. I have included an esoteric explanation of both the value of the Hebrew letter and the meaning of the tarot card. Originally the major arcana had no particular order, but in time all the printers kept themselves to the order of cards that we know today. Why did this happen? I believe that an esoteric order arranged cards in a particular way, relating them to the Hebrew letters, and probably also to numerology. I came to this conclusion because I found some striking similarities between the meaning of the Hebrew letters and the corresponding tarot card. Even if all this is just coincidence, the Serpent-Dragon Tarot is a tool of learning. It does not offer a full explanation, but rather gives you the keys to further study and understanding.

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