The Basic Ideas of the Major Arcana

by Dirk Gillabel

0. Man as a Being of Light in the Absolute. Involution or the descent in  substance in the Universe.

  1. Entry in the Universe of man as divine spirit-particle with all abilities within himself.
  1. First experience with substance; the primeval waters envelop the Light particles.
  1. The spirit of man acts upon the primeval waters, which are impregnated.
  1. The spirit orders the primeval waters, by which the basic Elements are made.
  1. Creation of the Universe and the human soul-body according to the Image of the Divine, with the Elements as building material.
  1. Paradise experiences. Assimilation of the first sensory impressions by means of the soul-body.
  1. Expulsion from Paradise, which is a further condensation of substance; transition to physical matter.
  1. Man comes into the physical world with a physical body.
  1. The complete expression of man in the physical world. He is becoming conscious of his divine essence and that he must return to the source. Evolution or the ascent.
  1. Acting in accordance with and the use of the laws and cycles.
  1. Controlling and efficient use of lower and higher self.
  1. The use of the physical as thrust-block.
  1. Transmutation of forms into energy.
  1. Efficient use of life energy for development of latent abilities.
  1. The danger of clinging to the physical, and abuse of gained power.
  1. What has been built in substance is transitory. After its use it must be released.
  1. Man is still in substance, but he is independent of it.
  1. At the outermost limits of the Universe. The primal powers. The place where beginning and end come together. Perfected Man. After 18 there’s only one card, namely that of Man who has reached his fullness, his completion.

The traditional cards 19, 20, 21 show three aspects of Man:

  1. His Light-being, the Monad, the Center.
  1. Being above and independent of all substance.
  1. Having ascended the created Universe (=the World); and realizing he is a Creator, having full power over the Universe.