The Afterlife Process Questioned

We, humans, are easily led to believe what is not real because most of have a lack of discernment. All religions ask us to believe what cannot be proven. When people have near-death experiences, (NDEs) their experiences reflect their religious beliefs. They do not question the validity of their experience. If there are beings in the afterlife who an easily manipulate our spiritual experiences, would we be able to discern this? This article examines various aspects of NDEs, including the appearance of aliens during those experiences. To a lot of people the presence of aliens in the afterlife will seem ludicrous, yet they happen. I should add here that it is possible that extraterrestrial races, who live in other dimensions, can easily manipulate our minds, I tend to see the ‘aliens’ not as ETs but as non-human spirits who resides here on Earth in the Other World.
This article might go far out on a limb, but I believe we should question established doctrines and explore new avenues based on real experiences in order to learn how to discern what it really going on. After all, some people have seen alien beings in their NDE, so what are these beings doing there?

A detailed explanation will come later, so let it suffice here to say that beings on Iarga that possess this mentality are denied reincarnation. This selection is the cause of the continuing improvement in mentality, generation after generation, which enables a race to become unselfish. On Earth, this selection was blocked some twenty centuries ago by extraterrestrial intervention whereby we cannot improve our average mentality.

UfO…Contact from Planet Iarga: Stefan Denaerde, published by Ankh-Hermes, Deventer, Netherlands, 1969

The above book was published in 1969, a long time before anybody made a link between near-death experiences (NDE) and control of the afterlife process by aliens. Even today nearly everybody would reject such an idea. But, what if the author is right?


Near death experiencers never question their afterlife experience. With a few exceptions, it is all wonderful and life changing. However, their stories contain plenty anomalies that are overlooked or given an interpretation afterwards to fit their own belief system. NDE researchers often do the same thing, or they loose themselves in statistical data. Both don’t have enough information or knowledge about other subjects that might tie in to the afterlife experience to consider that maybe there is something else going on.

This article will go into a critical analysis of the NDE’s in the first part, and then, in part 2, examine the connection to an alien factor by some of the NDE’ers own experiences and other issues related to this connection. In my opinion the so-called aliens (Greys and the like) are actually elemental or spirit beings who are known to interfere with the spiritual state of development of humans.

If you can’t accept such a connection, don’t read this article. This article is only meant for those few who can expand their awareness sufficiently to explore a possibility that might not be pleasant to consider.

All near-death experiences are different, but the essence of an NDE is the experience of love and how all life in the universe is connected. On the other hand, the experience is difficult to describe because it is so unfamiliar to the NDE’er. His description is not a complete one, because he does not really know what he is dealing with, and often we will find that NDE’ers try to interpret and identify what they went through, based on their own belief systems. Some NDE’s are short, or follow an almost standard process, while in others the soul has elaborate mystical experiences. Overall, an NDE has a profound effect on the person when he comes back to his body. He gains another perspective on reality giving his present life more meaning.

At the other side, NDE’ers never question what they have experienced. Is what they experienced and who they encountered in the afterlife really what they thought it was? Is it possible that they misinterpreted the experience? Is it even possible that they were misguided, misled or even manipulated by beings who pretend to be what the NDE’ers would expect to see? A lot of NDE’ers would not even consider that their favorite religious figures who gave them so much love might not be the real ones.

In my opinion, the worst thing with NDE research is to take everything at face value, and to avoid any critical examination. Some NDE researches interpret the NDE reports in a religious fashion, supporting their own religious beliefs. This distorts the real experiences. One needs to look at all details, especially those that don’t quite fit the religious interpretations, to figure out if the afterlife process might be different than what most people believe it is.


Part 1: The Afterlife Investigated

Why Does The Soul Go Back To Earth?

An Overview of the Afterlife Process

The Void or Darkness

The Tunnel

The White Light

Welcoming Beings

The Presence of Deceased Relatives

The Mission

The Thunderous Voice

The Argument of Sending Souls Back to Earth

The Council

About Karma and Reincarnation

Predictions or Scenes of the Future

Part 2: Aliens Controlling The Afterlife

An Alien Control Agency

Similarities Between NDE’s and Alien Abductions

Aliens Giving A Life Review

More Aliens During NDE’s

An Alien Council Giving Life Reviews


NDE’s and The Moon

Tunnel Experience During Abductions

The Artificially Created White Light

Special Missions and Contracts

Liberate Yourself From Alien Control  

Part 1: The Afterlife Investigated

Why Does The Soul Go Back To Earth?

The afterlife sounds nice and well organized. When I learned about the near-death or the reincarnation process, I accepted it without question. After all the reincarnation process is explained in terms of karma. You did something wrong, well you need to come back to pay of your debt by undergoing suffering. However Buddhism teaches that karma keeps you on the wheel of reincarnation, because every time we come back we accumulate more karma. So, Buddhists seek a path of liberation through meditation and practices.

Because I like to understand everything, instead of blindly accepting religious doctrines or teachings, there were still a couple of issues that bothered me. How many people who practice meditation ever get enlightened or liberated? Very, very, very few. So, what’s the point? I am not saying that it doesn’t have any value, but when you reincarnate again, you have to start all over again.

That is a sore point with reincarnation. Life is really short. It takes twenty years to grow up and learn the basics, another twenty years to have a family, and then most likely you have come down with some ailment or disease. By the time you have gained some wisdom about life, it is time to go, and start over again. After all we don’t remember anything about our previous lives.

Why is it that our memory gets wiped when we incarnate? That way we keep on repeating the same things over and over again, and we never spiritually evolve.

Why is it that bad people, like psychopaths, murderers, warmongers, are allowed to incarnate and do their bad things? When souls are told to go down to Earth again, a blueprint of their coming life is drawn up. How can a soul pay of his karma, when gets a blueprint of a serial killer? Something is wrong here.

If karma would help the soul to rectify his past misbehavior and become a better person until he gets enlightened, then karma does not work when you look at the past millennia of constant wars, declining civilizations and the recent fast disappearance of morals and ethics with an increasing egotism and narcissism. Humanity is not getting better, it is getting worse.

What went wrong?

Well, now we are starting to figure it out.

An Overview of the Afterlife Process

No two near-death experiences are exactly the same, but there is a common theme. When the soul leaves the physical body it encounters a light, and or goes through a tunnel, or finds itself directly in an astral landscape. It goes through a life review process and is purposely sent back. With final death it is made to incarnate again.

About one third of people who have had a near-death experience will go through a tunnel at the end of which is a brilliant light. The soul will go into this light. Another third will see a religious figure, such as Jesus, or an angel. Sometimes the soul will find itself in a park with deceased relatives. The religious figure and relatives will tell the soul that it has to go back to Earth, or the soul will be taken to a council who makes the soul go back. When death is final, the soul will also pass time in self-created heavens or hells. The souls don’t always realize that these environments are self-created, often by groups of souls with like mind. When the time comes, the soul will have a choice where it wants to incarnate, and a blueprint for its new life is written up.

The Void or Darkness

Some near-death experiencers finds themselves first in darkness. It is a total black darkness that stretches all around them into infinity. It is sometimes called the Void. It is total stillness and peace. Although it might be initially scary, it does bring relief after all the pain and trauma the physical body had to endure. Now one feels free and calm. Some people might think that the darkness or void is something bad or evil, but that is not so. It is sometimes explained as being the void that is full of potentials, before creation.

After the impact, I faded to black into what I call a void. It was dark, black, empty and wide open. It was the most peaceful and calm feeling I ever had. I knew with just one thought I could travel through the void… NDERF

I found myself in a black void completely at peace. I had no self-awareness, no memory of who I was but I somehow knew that I was separate from the void. I cannot describe the feeling of completely peace: no pain, no worries, no sense of self, it was fantastic…I didn’t feel very lucky and was really angry at being back. At the time, I really would have preferred to stay in the void.  NDERF

When the soul starts to move, usually because it perceives a light in the distance, it goes through a tunnel at the end of which it enters into the White Light. It seems that the movement itself creates this tunnel or this vortex like tube that will connect the soul with the next higher level. The time spent in the void seems to be related to what the soul needs in order to contemplate its new state of being. When it is ready it will perceive a light in the distance.

Some people become afraid of the void. As there is nothing else in the void but oneself, it will depend on how you view yourself if you like the void or not. In a certain way you could call it a black mirror. The void itself is neutral.

The Void is actually the basis of everything, for all creation. The stillness and nothingness is only apparent, as it contains all potentialities. I think this is what the alchemists called Nigredo, the Blackness, and also the Prime Materia, the substance underlying all creation.

NDE’er Mellen-Thomas Benedict expressed it this way:

At this point of my near-death experience, I found myself in a profound stillness, beyond all silence. I could see or perceive FOREVER, beyond Infinity. I was in the Void…

I was in pre creation, before the Big Bang. I had crossed over the beginning of time / the First Word/the First vibration. I was in the Eye of Creation. I felt as if I was touching the Face of God. It was not a religious feeling. Simply I was at one with Absolute Life and Consciousness. When I say that I could see or perceive forever, I mean that I could experience all of creation generating itself. It was without beginning and without end…

I can tell you this now: the Void is less than nothing, yet more than everything that is! The Void is absolute zero; chaos forming all possibilities. It is Absolute Consciousness; much more than even Universal Intelligence. The Void is the vacuum or nothingness between all physical manifestations…

I began to see during my near-death experience that everything that is, is the Self, literally, your Self, my Self.

The Void itself is devoid of experience. It is pre life, before the first vibration.

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

When the soul is in the Void, and has reflected upon itself and its new situation, what to do next? There is only one thing to do, and that is to create. From the void anything can be created. Right there you can create anything you want: a house, a landscape, a city etc. Or you can go wherever you want: to other souls’ creations such as buildings, landscapes, towns, or what they consider heaven. You can even go to other parts of the galaxy, or other dimensions.

However, most people have a poor or no understanding of what the astral worlds are about and their newly found freedom, that they will only go the first light that present itself, and that is the White Light.

The Tunnel

I have always found it strange. How can there be tunnel in the afterlife? Why does a soul have to go through a tunnel? However, a third of near-death experiencers do. The tunnel can be experienced as being in motion, and with texture or grooves. Colors also vary. Most people go over to the next level directly without going through a tunnel. Maybe this is because the soul is still ‘out of it’ after having experienced the traumatic process of death, and did not consciously experience the transition through a tunnel.

Most of the time the White Light appears at the end of the tunnel. At other times, a figure is waiting.

Although the term ‘tunnel’ is widely used, the soul can also go through a ‘door’, ‘passage’, ‘tube’, ‘shaft’, ‘hole’, ‘funnel’… these are all transition structures.

The soul can also go through a tunnel when it returns to the body. This is rarely reported, probably because the descent into the body is usually very rapid and the tunnel experience might not have been consciously noticed.

I must go back; I have not accomplished my mission. In that moment, I sensed I was going backward into a tunnel and I found myself back in my body. NDERF

So I returned through the same tunnel, seeing my life pass before my eyes from my childhood until my age at that moment. At the end, there was a window. When I looked, I saw my body on the table of the operating room and the doctors around me, operating. NDERF

In regression therapy, when the person is brought back to the life in the spiritual world before incarnation, a tunnel is also reported when the soul goes ‘down’ into its new physical body.

It seems that the tunnel experience has to do with the transition from one plane of consciousness to another, or from one dimension to the another. Something like a wormhole that connects dimensions.

We find the tunnel experience also with out-of-the-body-experiences. In his book Far Journeys II Robert Monroe reports on the tunnel experience as the result of fixation on a pinpoint of light when the latter appeared into their vision:

These phenomena were gradually perceived in a pattern, as somewhat of a band preceding a change into the out-of-body experience. There were also preliminary physiological responses—lowering of blood pressure and pulse, slight temperature drop (03°), loss of muscle tone. Subjectively, there were reports of a heaviness in the physical body, sometimes catalepsy, and a strong sense of heat followed by coolness. As the induction of the OOBE state was examined further, one key element did repeat consistently. Subjects began to locate within their nonphysical perception a pinpoint of light. When the subject learned to “move” in the direction of the light until it became larger and larger, and then move through it, the OOBE state was achieved. In slow motion, it “felt as if one were going through a tunnel to get to the light,” a classic description that has been brought forth by many who performed the OOBE inadvertently or in a near-death situation.” (page 19)

OOBE’er Oliver fox writes in his book Astral Projection about going through a tunnel when he wanted to visit a scene in the past:

I then willed to travel to a certain temple which I have been told once existed in Allahabad. I moved off at a great speed and came to rest in a modern brilliantly lighted room. Here a man and a woman were seated at a table, having a meal. They did not seem to see me. Again I repeated my desire : “Temple —Allahabad—India—in the Past”. And now it seemed to me there was a sort of hole or break formed in the continuity of the astral matter ; and through this, in the distance—as though viewed through a very long tunnel—I could see something indistinct which might have been an entrance to a temple, with a statue still further away showing through it. I then moved forward again, but to my disappointment came to rest almost immediately in another room, where three women were seated at a table which also bore the remains of a meal. A fourth woman—pretty, with fair hair and blue eyes—was standing up in the act of leaving the table. Apparently, none of them could see me. Sticking to my objective, I once more repeated “Temple Allahabad—India—in the Past”. The tunnel arrangement was coming into view again, then something must have occurred which broke my trance —though what, I do not know. Instantly I rushed back to my body and awoke. (page 98)

It seems that the tunnel can also appear when consulting the Akashic Records to see or relive past events.

On page 106, he writes about another experience in which he arrived at another scene in the past:

I then decided that I would try to reach a certain ruined temple in Tibet, of which my Master, Azelda, had spoken. With this end, I concentrated all my will in one big effort, expecting to rush off in some horizontal direction. The result was absolutely unexpected. The ground collapsed beneath my feet and I was falling, with seemingly tremendous velocity, down a dark, narrow tunnel or shaft.

Tunnels also appear with people take mind altering drugs. Here is a quote from and person who took DMT, posted on Erowid Experience Vaults:

The visuals began. My breathing became heavy, I was laying on the ground and could see the night sky above me. Large beings were circled around me, observing me as if I had fallen right out of the sky, they all bent over me, blocking my view of the sky, suddenly they began to circle around me, raised their arms and the next thing I knew, I was trapped in a colorful tunnel. I was overwhelmed by what was happening, the tunnel began projecting me through it and I had no idea where I was going or if this tunnel ever ended. 2- dimensional beings were dancing on the walls of the tunnel…I was thrown back into the tunnel, but this one was slightly different; It was as if the artist Alex Grey had painted the inside of this tunnel for me. I remembered the end of the last tunnel, this one too had an end! I Indubitably reached the end…

So, it is not unusual to go through a tunnel in a near-death experience.

The White Light

We have been programmed to go the Light. It’s talked about in religions, spirituality, channelings, meditations.

When the soul has spent time in the Void, a light in the distance will eventually appear, and the soul will gravitate toward it, usually through a tunnel. Some people do not experience the Void or the Tunnel but go directly to the White Light, usually through a tunnel. Some people do not experience the Void or the Tunnel but go directly to the White Light.

It is quite common for NDE’ers to state that they felt drawn towards the Light, or that the Light pulled them in. Then the soul starts to feel its emanation of intense love, understanding, bliss. This feeling can be immense and powerful. The soul can also hear music at the same time.

I noticed my body separating from me, as I was drawn towards a strong white light at the other end of a tunnel which itself was completely dark. NDERF

At first, it was the Light, a brilliant, white light, without reflection and without glare. Then, the feeling… of quiet jubilation, of peace and incredible serenity enveloping me. It was not ecstasy or any feeling I could identify, except perhaps glory in the warmest most positive sense of the word.  NDERF

It is strange, that the soul can go anywhere in the spiritual worlds/dimensions, yet it feels that it has to go to that White Light.

Arriving at the White Light, the soul can blend with it, be surrounded by it, or experiencing a sense of unity, sometimes a unity with all that is. The love feeling is so overwhelming that the soul wants to stay there.

Sometimes the soul finds itself inside an orb of light, or when reaching the light, one or more beings appear.

The White Light also has an intelligence to it, so much so, that it is sometimes considered a light being of some sort, or God himself..

NDE investigator Raymond Moody in Life after Life, makes an interesting remark about the White Light:

Despite the light’s unusual manifestation, however, not one person has expressed any doubt whatsoever that it was a being, a being of light. Not only that, it is a personal being. It has a very definite personality. The love and the warmth which emanate from this being to the dying person are utterly beyond words, and he feels completely surrounded by it and taken up; in it, completely at ease and accepted in the presence of this being. He senses an irresistible magnetic attraction to this light. He is ineluctably drawn to it. (page 58-59)

Why are the NDE’ers are not consistent in the identification of the White Light, or this being of light? The White Light (being) never identifies itself. The NDE’er usually tries to identify it with God, Jesus, or an angel. Some NDE’ers feel so blessed that it was God or Jesus, but what is the White Light really? It’s hard to believe that God or Jesus would show up to an ordinary person to first give it immense love and then tell it that it must go back to its ailing, painful physical body, back to Earth with all its problems. It doesn’t make sense.

Some NDE’ers leave the White Light presence undefined. They admit they don’t know what or who it is.

When inside the White Light, some souls hear a voice (often male) telling them to go back, or sometimes answering questions, or allowing the soul to experience certain characteristics of the spiritual world of cosmos.

The White Light is also associated with the appearance of religious beings, such as Jesus, Mary or angels, and deceased relatives. They also serve as reminders of going back to the physical body, or they will guide the soul to the Council for a Life Review.

A Life Review can also happen right away when inside the White Light.

So, what is the White Light really about?

Why do so many people go to or are drawn to the White Light. What or who is the White Light? So far it seems to be a phenomenon that bathes the soul in good feeling and then sends them back, or to the Council that also sends the souls back. From psychics and regression therapists/hypnotists we know that at final death the same process happens, only the soul takes a longer break before going back, spending some time in their self-created environments.

I have once seen a light being composed of divine light, and I can say that light has no color whatsoever, not even white. Anything with color belongs to the astral world, and is inferior. Beings of white light, or having shining white light robes, are common in the astral worlds, and in the afterlife process. They certainly are not God or Jesus. By the way, NDE’ers have given totally different descriptions of the Jesus they saw, reflections their own ideas how Jesus looks like rather than a historical Jesus.

Josh Schultz, a professional psychic, writes on his website that “white light resonates with what psychics call “unconscious energy,” i.e., energy that makes you go unconscious. So if you have lots of white in your upper chakras then what happens is all kinds of spirits can plug into you and toy with you.” If you envelop yourself with white light, it makes it easy for other spirits to enter your body or energy field. That is why channelers, for example, who use the white light, often get cancer or become alcoholics. White Light also acts as a spiritual block. “It is also hard to know how you feel or what is happening to your physical body for that same reason. It’s like being in a whiteout.”

Is this the reason that souls are pulled into the White Light? To spiritually numb them, so they are not able to figure out what is happening to them, or to become aware of their own spiritual potential, freedom and that they can choose for themselves what they want?

After all the White Light (intelligence) or the light beings associated with it, are telling the soul that it must go back, or must go to the Council.

I find it interesting that Schultz mentions that the White Light acts like a ‘whiteout’.  As one NDE’er states:

I could feel myself moving forward, not really controlling the direction I moved, until I was suddenly in the presence of a being that was bathed in light that seemed to emanate peace and love. I remember I felt fearful when I first left my body, wondering what was happening, but in the presence of this being, peace and serenity washed over me and I felt a sincere sense of calm and patience. The entity spoke and said, “When you die, you come to this place.I could feel myself moving forward, not really controlling the direction I moved, until I was suddenly in the presence of a being that was bathed in light that seemed to emanate peace and love. I remember I felt fearful when I first left my body, wondering what was happening, but in the presence of this being, peace and serenity washed over me and I felt a sincere sense of calm and patience. The entity spoke and said, “When you die, you come to this place. The longer you stay in this place, the more you forget about your previous life. Once you have forgotten about your life you are sent back to the world to be born again. You can be born at any point and place in time, the past and the future. When you die you return here until you learn a lesson. Once you have learned that lesson you pass on to another place.” IANDS

I would question who is that being of light? Why does it not identify itself. Is it actually a real being? Why is it that your memory gets wiped in ‘that place’. The matter-of-fact statement that we are sent back to the world implies that we have no choice, and somebody else is making that decision for us. Isn’t that interference with our free will? Why would you give your free will away to a higher authority, an authority that doesn’t identify itself, and whom most NDE’ers actually don’t even know who or what it is.

Studies of NDE’s of Hindus in Thailand and India show that they usually do not encounter a White Light. In contrast Japanese NDE’s do have the same White Light experience as Westerners, but the Japanese do not ascribe a personality to the White Light, nor does it emit any love feelings. This seems to reflect the low importance of religion in their lives. Some Japanese NDE’ers can have a conversation or communication with the White Light. (A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and Western NDEs)

Welcoming Beings

The White Light is closely associated with the appearance of of welcoming figures, although they can appear without a White Light manifestation. These figures always have the same function: welcoming the soul, and then telling the soul it has to go back, or to bring the soul to the Council for a Life Review.

The beings are often related to one’s belief system. Jesus is popular with Christians, although his appearances vary widely. Occasionally Mother Mary can be present. With Hindus and Buddhist it is often the Lord of Death. Angels frequently appear. Krishna can appear, and Mohammed too.

Most of the time, these are actually beings that do not identify themselves, and the soul does not know who they are. It is the NDE’er who assumes that they represent a particular religious figure.

I remember being in the most beautiful white light. It was all encompassing and warm. In the white light with me was a holy being that seemed to me to be God or Christ. NDERF

As you can see in the above quote, the soul is usually greeted by a man they don’t know, but is assumed to be God, or Jesus. It can also happen that only a voice is heard, or an invisible presence is felt.

Non-descriptive beings appearing in a white robes are sometimes assumed to be angels.

Here is an account of a woman who was engulfed by the White Light, and then hooded beings appeared:

As I got closer, it got bigger and brighter until it was all that I could see. I was immersed in the light. As I stood there, the light slowly parted, and I was now able to see two rows of hooded beings in long robes similar to monks lined up in front of me. I sort of passed between them as if floating forward. One of them stepped toward me and spoke. As I turned to look at this being his presence felt somewhat male. There was no face to be seen inside his hood, just darkness and energy. I heard his voice and words, which seemed more energetic than vocal. It was as if we were speaking inside of each other. There was a knowing about our way of communicating. At this point I became overwhelmed with this feeling of unconditional love surrounding me. It was as if all of the hooded ones were radiating love to and through me. I felt totally cherished for the first time in my life, on a level I never knew existed. I was home! South Bay IANDS

Why did hooded beings show up, with no face? It is clear that the appearance is not their true form, if these beings are real at all. There is a strong indication that these ‘monks’ are actually projections or holograms, because this is something she could relate to due to her catholic upbringing.

That brings up the question of “are any of the figures that appear with or after the White Light real or are they just holograms?”

If they are indeed projections, then who is doing the projection? If they are indeed projections, then who is doing the projection?

Hooded beings also appear with the Council and the Life Review.

Other Cultures

We might expect that the same afterlife scene would also occur with people from other cultures, replacing the appearance of religious figures with their own gods. Strangely, the entire experience can be different, although it is still a reflection of their own belief system.

Near-death experiences in Thailand are different from western experiences. There is no tunnel and no White Light. However the soul is always greeted by one or two beings who lead it to Yama, The Lord of Death, who acts as judge and who usually rules that the wrong soul has been taken and that it has to be taken back to Earth. Heaven and hell scenes reflect their Buddhist beliefs. Near-Death Experiences in Thailand: Discussion of case histories, by Todd Murphy, 1999.

Hindus in India report that the souls were taken to the after-death realm by functionaries. Then, they or Yamraj, the Hindu god of the dead discover that a mistake has been made and send the person back; but they also can be told by family members to go back. Tunnel experiences do exist but are rare. Religious deities are also encountered. Consistent with western accounts, some Hindu near-death accounts included a Life Review. However, whereas in western accounts the Life Review often consists of viewing a person’s entire life, Hindu accounts consist of having someone read the record of the dying person’s life  ( Near-Death Experiences of Hindus, Pasricha and Stevenson’s research, 1986)

Despite the superficial differences with Western reports we do find the same theme of beings who take the soul to a place of where an authority figure sends the soul back, although for a different reason. When the soul does not want to go back, it is forced to go back as is the case in Western NDE’s.

Although the reason of the wrong soul being taken is quite common in near-death experiences for these eastern people, some of them had never heard of this before. This would suggest that there is a system in place that has different procedures based on the person’s location, race, or religion, even when the soul itself is not knowledgeable of the religious ideas about the afterlife.

Basically, the Hindu and Buddhist people are forced to go back, because of a mistake. There is no place for arguing, and no reasons are given and no special mission is mentioned. So, do those people never have a mission to fulfill on Earth? Is that only a special quality for Christians? I also find it rather ridiculous that the functionaries of the Lord of Death makes so many mistakes, as almost every soul that was taken in this culture was the result of a mistake. Why don’t we ever hear of mistakes in the Christian culture?

In past Japanese Buddhism there were reports of souls encountering Enma-Daio, the Japanese version of the Lord of Death. In contemporary Japan people don’t believe in Enma-Daio anymore, and modern Japanese NDE’ers do not encounter the Lord of Death at all. “With the demise of the sense of being judged by Enma-Daio, which is directly linked to the overall loss of religiosity, the majority of Japanese people do not seem to think that their deeds in this world will be judged in the next world. This situation may very well contribute to the scarcity of panoramic life review in Japanese NDEs.” (A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and Western NDEs)

It clearly shows that what one encounters reflect one’s own belief system.

If we take the Hindu and Buddhist experience as a clear setup of a play with fictional characters, then the afterlife experience in Western culture must also be a play, and the characters also not to be the real ones. That might come to a big shock to all those Christian who were feeling so privileged that Jesus or God showed up in person.

The Presence of Deceased Relatives

Religious figures are not the only ones that show up. Frequently, deceased family members, mostly a grandparent, who the soul once was close to, are present. In light of the above, are those relatives real or are they too just a stage character? It is of course quite possible that the relatives are real, that they came from their astral home or heaven to say hello. One would expect that the NDE’er and deceased grandpa or grandma would have a lot to talk about, since they last saw each other. Instead, there is no conversation worth mentioning, and the relative seems to be just there to tell the soul…to go back, repeating the one phrase we always encounter with God, Jesus, the angels or the Council.

The dead relative seems to be there to gain the trust of the soul, just like all the other characters. Sometimes the dead relative doesn’t say anything at all. He/she is just standing there with the other characters. Strange, isn’t it?

When The Soul Does Not Want To Go Back

All these beings, and that includes the Lord of Death in Hindu and Buddhist experiences, are there to send the soul back to his body.

The big problem is, the soul almost never wants to go back, because of the good feelings of love and bliss that were given, and the immense feeling of freedom in the spiritual world.

He answered that the only way I could help him was by going back and telling my world what had happened to me. I was completely shocked to hear him say so, because I did not want to go back. I was so depressed that I almost started to cry. (NDERF)

Refusal is never accepted. There is clear persuasion tactic at work.

First the soul is bathed in extreme good feelings and the appearance of a trustworthy personage. They all exude love feelings, but tell the soul to go back anyway.

If the soul refuses, it will be told that it has work to do on Earth.

If that doesn’t work, it will be reminded of family members, especially children that need them. That works in most cases because refusal would bring up an immense feeling of guilt.

If the soul is brought before the Council for a Life Review, it will be shown scenes that the soul will always feel bad about. Who has never done something in his life that he regrets or knows that was wrong? (that doesn’t mean it was wrong or bad to begin with)

Another reason that is effective is to tell the soul that it has a special mission to fulfill, although it is never told what that mission is.

If the soul is steadfast in staying, then it will be forcibly pushed into his physical body. Yes, his free will is violated and force is used. No true spiritual being would do that.

Think about it, why do these figures try to persuade you to go back? Back to that ailing body, often full of pain (near-death experience often happens in accidents). There you are, free in the afterlife, no pain, no suffering, everything feels good, and you can go wherever you want in the universe. Who in their right mind would go back to Earth? If you really want to go back by your own decision, there is nothing wrong with that. By the soul doesn’t even get to recover from the death experience, it doesn’t even have the change to check out the astral realms and what they have to offer. It gets immediately persuaded to go back.

The Mission

The ‘mission’ is so prevalent in NDE’s that I will go a little more in depth.

Sometimes the soul refuses to go back. Then more pressure and more reasons are given until the soul gives in. We see this especially with the Council. An effective technique is to tell the soul that it has a special mission to fulfill, although it is never told what that mission is.

When the person reached me, we spoke through thought. He told me that it was not my time to enter into my heavenly home but had a mission to fulfill. NDERF

When getting to the light I saw a man who radiated peace and tranquility, but when I was next to him, he stopped me and said, ‘No, you cannot come in. Your time is not now yet. Get back you still have to fulfill your mission on earth.’ NDERF

During the NDE experience I was told’ that I couldn’t stay there and I had to return to this world because I had a mission’. That was all I was told in words…

Furthermore, this ‘mission,’ I did not know what my ‘mission’ was. But I knew I had one. Every second of recovery in the hospital I obsessed the thought, ‘What the hell could this mission be?’ Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

The light told me without words that I was still on a mission on earth, but without saying what it was. NDERF

I was at TOTAL peace so there was nothing I needed. I asked if I could stay and a voice boomed, ‘Your mission is not complete. You cannot stay. NDERF

I asked if I could stay because it was so beautiful there and I didn’t want to come back to earth. The light being said, ‘No, you have a mission that you must do.’ I didn’t know what the mission was but I said ‘Yes’ to returning back to the earth. NDERF

After a while, they told me they had to go and I should go back, because they said, ‘You, also, still need to accomplish your mission’.  NDERF

In the garden to the right were two people; one wore a white tunic and had bare feet. It was JESUS CHRIST and beside him was my brother who had died of a car accident when I was eight years old. When I reached them, my brother asked me, ‘What are you doing here? Jesus told me, ‘GO BACK. It is not your time. You have to go back because I gave you a mission. You’re already a MOM! NDERF

They said, ‘Maybe another time, but not now. You have a mission to do on the Earth and you must do it. No one else can do it but you.’ I thought about it and I said, ‘Ok. I’ll do it.’ My mission is basically to share my story down here on the Earth, to tell everybody that they are love too. I told the light body that I would do my mission. It said, ‘We will be in touch once more.’ NDERF

Then somebody spoke to me in a loud voice. It was my dad. He said I had to go back because my mission wasn’t over yet. NDERF

So as I drifted along, I suddenly came to a stop. I didn’t want to go back into my body. I encountered a form, who I knew was God, who told me it was time to now go back. I started arguing with God in my own little obnoxious way and God said I needed to go back because my mission here wasn’t complete. NDERF

The judge asked me, ‘What are you doing here?’ I was overcome with fear and wanted to wake up but that didn’t happen. I thought about it and remembered that I had wanted to die. At the same moment that I knew this, so did the judge. I felt his mercy and it was like balm for my soul. I realized he wasn’t at all angry. I learned how to distinguish between power and anger. The judge thought for a while and said: ‘But you have a mission.’ … The judge determined in his objective way, ‘You must go back!’ NDERF

When back in their body, these people often try to understand what their mission is. Being ordinary people, they usually figure that it is to help other people. I do not call that a mission, it is our natural instincts to help each other. Some NDE’ers don’t have a clue what their supposed mission is. What’s the point of telling someone that he has a special mission without telling him what the mission is? That person is just going to rack his brains for nothing.

I was sent back and I was supposed to do something, and I don’t know what. I don’t know what. I’m here, and I don’t know if it’s supposed to jump out at me and I’ll know. I haven’t a clue. I haven’t a clue! Maybe I’m supposed to save somebody from getting hit by a car, or something, but I know I’m here for a reason. I know this, but don’t ask me how I know, because I know. I don’t know how I know, but I’ve got to be here. I haven’t a clue.  NDERF

We also hear about the special mission in alien abduction cases. It is intended to make you feel special and to comply with the given commands.

The Thunderous Voice

When the soul refuses to go back, the response can be very intimidating when the authority figure raises its voice with a thunderous tone:

While flying around having a little fun, a large translucent head approached us very rapidly. It was only a head and face of an old wise man with no body. The head seemed to be the size of a house, ten times the size of us. The angel/spirits began to speak first saying, ‘He likes it here. He wants to stay.’ The large head of the wise old man replied in a very low deep voice, ‘He is not ready.’ The angel/spirits replied again, ‘But he likes it here.’ The old man responded in a sterner voice, ‘He’s not ready.’ Again, the angel/sprits replied, ‘Please can he stay? He really likes it here.’ This the wise man responded with a mean expression on his face and with thunderous deep loud voice, saying, ‘He’s not ready!’ This seemed to scare the angel/spirits and shook me a little bit. Because I understood the old man was not talking to me and was directing his wrath towards the angel/spirits for not being obedient to his words, I just stared at the old man. This is the last image I saw in this reality. NDERF

By the way, the old wise man image is reminiscent to the Old Testament God. The thunderous voice reminds us of how God spoke to Moses. Very intimidating. In the following account, a figure on a throne also implies God:

There were two glowing figures. I could not see their faces but one was sitting on a throne and one was standing next to the other. A thunderous voice spoke and the other man said it is not time my son, go back and take care of people. NDERF

Even more intimidating, also with biblical reference:

I am not quite sure about what happened next, but all of a sudden, I heard a thunderous, angry voice accusing humankind, including myself, of destroying his garden on Earth…However, he insisted by saying, ‘Now you are again a little and ignorant child that does not know how to do it!’ So I asked him that, being a little and ignorant child, I would not know how to inform my world. To my great surprise, the light answered in an angry and brusque voice, ‘You will know how to do it when the time is right.’ NDERF

Superior beings this time, whoever they were:

Just when I was ready to go into the great city, a big voice, something like when a big thunder comes down and booms strongly. A very authoritarian form and sounding very loud says my name. I started to feel an incredible force, like a big turbine, pulling me back. Just when I was returning, I could see the moon and a big transparent being, like a jellyfish, was holding over his head the moon and in between both feet, holding the Planet Earth…

Yes I was aware that there was a superior being. Besides, I heard his voice pronounced in a tone like the noise of a thunder that resonated in my ears in the dome were I was, pronouncing my name. I saw him when I was coming back, I saw him holding the Moon over his head and with his feet he held The Earth and I am certain that he was the one that pronounced my name with a thunderous voice. NDERF

The figure with the moon over his head is interesting because it implies that it is a Moon god. The fact that it has the Earth at its feet means that it has dominion over the Earth. Why would a Moon god appear to a just deceased soul in the afterlife? The again, in Part 2 you will see that the Moon sometimes shows up in NDE’s.

The Argument of Sending Souls Back to Earth

We call it a near-death experience because the person that died came back to life again. Intervention by medical professionals might play a role, but if the soul does not decide to enter its body again, then death will be permanent. In all near-death cases the soul decided to come back, or was forced back into its body. If we listen to their story, of those who do remember what happened, it is rather surprising that the decision was mostly because some other entity or voice told them to go back, and the soul complied. Various reasons are given, and when the soul does not want to go back, further arguing ensues in order to make to soul change its mind. There are quite a number of near-death experiencers who were forcibly put back into their bodies. Not what you would expect from the all-loving God or Jesus.

Who is so concerned and so eager to keep on sending human souls back to Earth, in NDE’s or with reincarnation? Human souls never get to experience the vast and rich universe, only the endless cycles of incarnations full of turmoil, supposedly for learning lessons, again, and again, and again. We will never get out of the wheel of incarnation as long as we believe in sin or karma. No human being will ever live a perfect life here on Earth.

It is typical for the soul wanting to stay in the afterlife because everything there is so beautiful and loving. The souls always get told that they still have to learn something or help somebody. Do we really need somebody to tell us what to do? I think that we have become so programmed to believe and obey an authority, even if we don’t know who that authority is. Then we make ourselves believe that is for our own good. What if it is for that authority’s own good, and we are being duped? Why not let the soul decide for itself, instead of overriding his wanting, wishes or decisions, and forcing it to do the opposite? It is a violation of the most important rule in the spiritual universe: free will. So, who is violating the free will of the human soul?

There was a royal figure who decided, without my consent, if I could stay with them or not. It was decided I must return back to Earth where I currently and happily reside at; but I wish I could have had the choice to stay there. NDERF

In a nutshell: we have a deliberate setup that has only one goal: it is not to welcome and relay the soul to a paradisaical heaven, but to overwhelm it first with love feelings and then to persuade it, or eventually force, it to go back to Earth.

In short:

The White Light is able to scan the mind of the soul instantly.

The White Light knows that humans are craving for love and overwhelms them with this feeling.

The White Light knows what religious figure they favor, and thus projects an image of that figure, knowing that they will cherish such an encounter.

The White Light knows what already deceased family member was the closest to the soul, and thus projects this image.

The White Light knows what makes the soul feel guilty, and thus uses that excuse to send the soul back.

Unknown beings, often thought to be angels, guide the soul to the White Light, to an unidentified light being, or to the Council.

The Council clearly serves as an authority over the soul. Why do there have to be nine or twelve beings be present when the purpose of the Life Review is only to show an embarrassing scene of the life of the soul? Sometimes a higher authority figure or judge is present with the Council whose verdict is to override all counterarguments of the soul, and to apply force if necessary.

So, once again, are all those figures real, or just projections? Who is doing the projections?

The Council

In the New Testament, Jesus tells us that we should not judge another person, but when you die, the first thing that happens is that other beings, including Jesus, judges the soul. NDE’ers sometimes say that there was no judgment from their part, that they judged themselves after they saw the Life Review. However, one does not have to speak words to judge, showing images or scenes will do the job too.

When death is final, the soul will be sent to a region in the astral world where souls of like mind reside. After a while, the soul will be called before a council of beings to review his life. This Council will not openly say what the person did right or wrong in his earthly life. After all, there is no right or wrong in the universe; it all depends on one’s point of view. Most NDE’ers will say that God, Jesus or the Council did not judge them, but these figures clearly show scenes they know the soul will feel guilty about. That is a form of judgment. When the soul feels guilty it will then be easily persuaded to go back to earth (again). They just wait until the soul decides by itself to go back.

This does not mean that a Life Review is without merit. It can be very enlightening to review one’s action in order to rectify one’s behavior in the future.

However, the Council is usually in a courtroom-like setting, and its purpose is to send the soul back to its body, by arguments or just plainly by force.

There is something really strange about the Council.

Why does nobody ask “Who are those council members?” From near-death experiencers we hear that they describe them as ‘beings’, sometimes their description is clearly non-human, sometimes they are hooded, hiding their faces. Strangely some of the council rooms were filled with mist making it impossible for the soul to make out any details about these beings.

The soul can feel really intimidated, especially when it finds itself naked:

Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a council of thirteen beings with the One in the middle twice as big as the six on either side of him. They were all sitting in chairs, big chairs at a sizeable distance in front of me. I was naked and felt totally revealed and tried to use my hands to cover myself up. NDERF

Here is a Council existing of all men, judging a woman who had issues with men in her life:

“I was led to a room, which was exquisitely built and appointed. I entered and saw a group of men seated around the long side of a kidney-shaped table. I was led to stand in front of them within the indented portion of the table. One thing struck me almost immediately; there were twelve men here – men – but no women. (from Betty Eadie’s book Embraced by the Light)

From the scenes of its past life, usually projected on a screen, the soul feels a sense of duty, or obligation, or the soul is told that it has a special mission to fulfill. Again this is designed to make you feel guilty. Especially when there is a judge present.

I did not want to return to the hell that is the reality of being on earth. But the judge determined in his objective way: You must go back! NDERF

The Council setting is all about exercising power over human souls. The role of the human soul is to be quiet and obedient.

We had to go to the council meeting. I was allowed to be in the room, but not allowed to speak or interfere, in any way. During the meeting, the Masters asked for a decision to be over-turned. That decision changed everything. Because of all the encounters that I had had and the impact upon my essence, it was determined that they would attempt an immediate reincarnation. NDREF

Who are those council beings?

That is when I sat down in the room full of the white robe beings or the 12th council…No I did not go to the light or tunnel, I went straight up and set down in front of the council. The room felt like a room but it was a wall that I could see through to the Universe. NDERF

There was a table in the clearing large and oval at which sat people who I did not know.  NDERF

It also must be said that some NDE souls have seen an alien or two among the life review council. We will go more into depth later on.

Could it be that the Council is also a holographic setup? Or certain beings that disguise themselves as human souls? The NDE’er never knows who those beings are, and their verdict is always the same: go back to Earth.

Another issue to think about: if there is an established spiritual hierarchy connected with Earth and humanity, that has formed a Life Review process for the deceased soul, would there not be an established council and council room for that purpose? In other words, would not all departed souls go to that particular room and council for their Life Review? What we see instead is that the Life Review setting is different for every near-death experiencer for which we have detailed accounts. It seems that the council room and the council beings reflect what would be most effective in persuading the soul to go back. Again a holographic projection that differs according to belief system of the soul.

About Karma and Reincarnation

The soul has died, and has spent some time in the astral world in its self-created heaven. The Council told the soul to incarnate again into a human body. The soul is usually assisted by ‘spirit guides’ to choose a body on Earth to incarnate in. Hypnotherapist Michael Newton regressed 7000 people to the time before their present life. He came to the conclusion that souls are not required to reincarnate but considerable pressure is brought to bear by spirit guides when the time is considered right. Then the question pops up, why do those spirit guides who put so much effort in making the soul go back to Earth. The same for the Council and the Life Review.

The entire afterlife process is about somebody else deciding what happens to the soul. The same with the reincarnation process. ‘Spirit guides’ decide when and how the soul incarnates, although the soul does have some say in what it wants to experience this time. Nevertheless the soul is constrained in what he can experience. I am sure that if the soul would be totally in charge of choosing its own body and its own blueprint, it would choose a healthy body and life full of pleasure and love, not one that is filled with betrayal, abuse, anger, fear etc.

Because the soul was persuaded to go back based on an instilled feeling of guilt, and the sense of obligation of putting things right this time, the issue of karma comes up.

What is karma?

What do you, or anyone else, consider good or bad? Judging one’s actions or somebody else’s actions depends on one’s conscience. So what is conscience? Conscience is a self-created construct that is based on how one grows up, on his environment, his experiences, his culture, and the rules that apply within this culture. Therefore conscience varies from person to person, from society to society, from culture to culture and even varies in time. What is good in one culture is considered bad in another. If you kill somebody out of revenge, you are called a murderer; if you are in the army you have a blank check to kill your declared enemy, and you are called a hero.

We grow up in a society that does not educate people in how to handle their emotions, or how to relate to other people in a healthy way. Is it then your fault that you make mistakes and did some bad things, because you didn’t know better?

When you go through the spiritual experiences of people, you learn that there is no higher (true) spiritual authority that judges you. Frankly, good and bad don’t exist from the spiritual point of view. Things just are as they are.

However, there is cause and effect. Everything you do will have an effect. On the physical plane we do have a system of good and bad, in order for people to live together without causing each other harm. It is a practical issue, based on consensus. Karma, as most people understand it, is based on conscience. Because conscience is self-constructed and temporary, then karma does not exist. If there is only a neutral cause and effect and we will never be judged or punished by any (true) spiritual power, can we do anything we want? To a lot of people it might be shocking: the answer is yes, but you will have to bear the consequences. If you steal or murder, the people in your society will lock you up. It will also put you in a state of mind that will attract more of the same negative energy to you. When you die, you will go those astral levels that correspond to your low state of consciousness, and that might not be pleasant.

To a higher power you are just erring in your actions and understanding of what life is about. A higher power is more interested in the positive things you did, based on the things that create a better, happier life for yourself and for others.

Predictions or Scenes of the Future

Why would any spiritual being give dire predictions about the world or humanity to a soul that just died?

If you have followed predictions and prophecies of the last decades or even the last centuries, then you will know that most of them never happened. Isn’t it strange that some NDE’ers are shown what will happen in the future by supposedly spiritual beings. It is, of course, mostly about cataclysms, catastrophes and disasters. What’s the point of relaying such information to an ordinary person? Even if they write a book about it, it won’t change anything. It just puts people into fear. Not to mention that most of it never happens. So, I am not going into this topic. If you want to read about the predictions in NDE’s, follow the links:

NDERF: the voice of God not being happy about man’s behavior

NDERF: members of the ‘Universal Justice Command’ about world domination, destruction and the few that will survive

More stories and links at The Formula

An extensive overview at Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

The predictions are given to the NDE’er by a voice, by God, by unidentified beings. Ask yourself, if the predictions are mostly wrong, and they only instill fear in people, then who really are that God and those spiritual beings?

Part 2: Aliens Controlling The Afterlife

Captain Janeway’s near-death-experience in the Star Trek Voyager’s episode Coda:

The soul of captain Janeway meets the “spirit” of her “father”, who is there to transfer her to the “next world”. He is actually an alien posing as her father, imploring her to follow him into the Light. She is suspicious of his intentions:

JANEWAY: That’s the real me, isn’t it, lying on the ground on that planet, dying, and this is the hallucination. This isn’t real.
ALIEN: More denial. You’re only making it harder on yourself.
JANEWAY: You’re trying very hard to convince me to come with you. Why is that? If what you’re saying is true, why not let me come to the decision on my own?
ALIEN: I’m trying to spare you unnecessary pain.
JANEWAY: My father would never act like this. He always believed I had to learn my own lessons, make my own mistakes. He never tried to shield me from life. Why would he try to shield me from death? You’re not my father. I could be imagining you, but I don’t think so.
You have such a specific agenda. You’re determined that I go with you somewhere. Who are you?
ALIEN: I’m trying to help you. Stop fighting me.
JANEWAY: Are you an alien being of some kind? Is that it?

JANEWAY: I was right. I heard Tuvok and Chakotay and the Doctor. You’re an alien.
You’ve created all these hallucinations, haven’t you?
ALIEN: This is what my species does. At the moment just before death one of us comes down to help you understand what’s happening, to make the crossing over an occasion of joy.
JANEWAY: And what is that?
Our Matrix, where your consciousness will live. I was being truthful when I said it was a place of wonder. It can be whatever you want it to be.
JANEWAY: Then why didn’t you tell me this from the beginning? Why pretend to be my father.
ALIEN: Usually people are comforted to see their loved ones. It makes the crossing over a much less fearful occasion. I’ve done this many times, but I’ve never encountered someone so resistant.

JANEWAY: My people are telling me to fight. They’re trying to save me.
ALIEN: They’re trying out of desperation. It’s hopeless.
JANEWAY: You’re the one who sounds desperate. I don’t get the feeling you’re trying to make me comfortable. You’re only interested in my agreeing to come with you.
ALIEN: Because it’s inevitable.
JANEWAY: And you don’t strike me as any type of Good Samaritan.
You’re more like a vulture, preying on people at the moment of their death when they’re at their most vulnerable.
ALIEN: I’ve waited for you. I’ve been patient.
JANEWAY: But your patience is wearing thin. What’s the real reason you want me in that Matrix? Somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with everlasting joy.
ALIEN: You must go with me.
JANEWAY: If you could force me to go, you’d have done it already. You need me to agree, don’t you? I have to go voluntarily.
ALIEN: Wouldn’t that be better than standing here in this endless debate?
JANEWAY: Let me tell you this. We can stand here for all eternity and I will never choose to go with you.
ALIEN: You’re in a dangerous profession, Captain. You face death everyday. There’ll be another time and I’ll be waiting. Eventually you’ll come into my Matrix and
you will nourish me for a long, long, time.
JANEWAY: Go back to hell, coward.

The Afterlife Setup

Although there is a natural process of the soul leaving his body at death and his arrival in the astral worlds, the afterlife process just after death seems to have been set up to influence, misdirect and control the human soul for the purpose of forcing the soul to return in near-death cases, or to incarnate again after final death. As we will see in this part of the article, the beings behind the afterlife setup are part of a certain alien group.

The question is why would alien beings do this? Without going into detail, it seems that a certain group of aliens have created themselves an artificial world in a higher dimension, or astral level. In this unnatural state they need a constant supply of energy to maintain their never aging body, as they are not able to absorb the necessary energy themselves. This energy comes from living beings. It is life energy produced by physical beings through emotions, worship, pain and suffering. Therefore they have to subdue a planet and keep the inhabitants, in this case Earth and humanity, in a low, ignorant state of consciousness, and to keep them incarnated in physical bodies.

The entire purpose of the afterlife setup (but also the other kinds of manipulation here on the physical level) is to farm a large number of human souls for extraction of their energy. If humans would find out what is being done to them, both during their lives on earth, and in the astral worlds, they would not even think of returning to their body again, or to reincarnate into another body. The universe is a vast place and there are plenty of other more enjoyable places out there.

I can’t go into detail in how the aliens control humanity on Earth on the physical plane. I am sure that you know already about some of it. Our genetics have been tinkered with. Our psychic senses have been turned off. They instituted a system of hierarchy and authority. They keep us divided, in turmoil and in constant wars. They created all the religions. They create projections of Jesus and Mary. They mind control abductees etc.

Their afterlife program is all about projections and manipulation of the soul’s belief system and emotions. Some psychics had experiences that point to the Moon as base of operations containing an advanced technology that can distinguish between a soul that still has a chance to return to its body (near-death experiences) or a final departure of the body. It also seems to know when a person can leave his body without any death process going on, what we call out-of-the-body-experiences (OBE’s). People who have an OBE never report any of the near-death experiences, no White Light, no tunnel, no Life Review. The technology knows not to interfere when a person has an OBE because he will go back to his body anyway. Interestingly, it is those OBE’ers that have reported on the alien technology and manipulationkat. The technology not only can scan the souls when they leave the body, but it is also reported that it broadcast a kind of frequency net over the Earth, that prevents souls from leaving. I have seen the net for myself during an OBE. Nevertheless there are people who were able to go into space during and OBE. So maybe there are flaws in that technology.

An Alien Control Agency

To most people a relationship between aliens and afterlife experiences of deceased souls is incomprehensible. What do aliens have to do with souls in the spiritual worlds? Nevertheless, there are some rare but telling accounts from near-death experiencers who have encountered aliens when they were out-of-their-body and going through the typical afterlife process.

The presence of alien beings on Earth and their meddling with humanity should not be so surprising. The universe is extremely vast and contains billions and billions of galaxies, which are the home for billions and billions of intelligent (humanoid) beings. Humanity on Earth is only a couple of million of years old. The universe itself is at least 15 billion years old. There are plenty of alien races that have been cruising space for a very long time. Is it then so hard to accept that some of those races have been in our solar system for a long time, and have set up shop here. Suffice to say that at present there is a specific Alien Control Agency in our solar system that has Earth under tight control.

In order for this Alien Control Agency to execute their stronghold over humanity, it not only has to deeply influence the mind of people on this planet, but also their souls in the afterlife. This idea alone is going to be difficult to accept for a lot of people, partly because they don’t have a clue what the afterlife is about, and many religious people have simplified notions about the afterlife where there is no room for aliens. The fact that human souls are deceived and manipulated by the same Alien Control Agency in the astral world is going to be unacceptable by those people. It is always a hard pill to swallow when you realize that you have been deceived in your belief system and view of the world, not only your entire life, but also between your multiple incarnation when you were residing in the astral worlds.

The afterlife, or what happens to a human being after his physical body dies and his soul passes to the astral world, is often viewed upon and interpreted in religious terms. However, religion as taught by religious institutions is often a simplified doctrine for the purpose of control and domination by those institutions for political and financial goals. It is not a source of reliable information.

A few authors have already examined the link between the afterlife and alien beings. For most people this is a subject that is difficult to accept, and to understand it correctly, one need basic knowledge in near-death experiences, the astral worlds, out-of-the-body experiences, the entire alien abduction phenomenon, and consciousness related subjects. So, I expect few people will ever venture into this subject. Nevertheless, it is an important topic for those who have an already awakened mind, because humans are presently heavily manipulated, both physically and spiritually, and we need to understand how this control functions, and the way to counteract or escape from it.

An NDE’er who clearly understood that he was being mind controlled:

The light appeared in the same way people describe about the tunnel. I thought to myself, in my awareness, and without my conscious thought. I saw a man and a woman on his left side, both holding a candle. He held the candle with his right hand and she held the candle with her left hand, both sharing the same candle. … I let out the words, ‘Hey, I died’. In a fraction of a second, it was like he had stepped into my mind to control me and to take me to only God knows where. NDERF

Have a look at a comparison between typical UFO/alien encounters/abductions and near-death experiences. Although every experience is different in the details, there is a general development of events that runs parallel in both experiences.

Similarities Between NDE’s and Alien Abductions

Near-Death Experiences (NDE)

Alien Abductions

A White Light is seen, sometimes a light orb. UFOs often appear as light orbs.
The soul feels drawn by the Light, sometimes by force. Witnesses are in awe, fixated on the light orb, often they go into a trance state.
Sometimes the soul goes through a tunnel towards the Light. The witness is beamed up into the UFO inside a light beam.
The soul finds itself inside the White Light. The person is now inside the UFO, and in abduction cases, lying on a table underneath a bright light.
The appearance of spiritual guides, angels, deceased relatives, Jesus or God himself. Alien beings are now present. In some accounts light beings can also appear, and even the appearance of a human relative.
Sometimes Jesus or God tells the soul about the future of the world. Aliens sometimes show scenes of the future, especially apocalyptic.
The deceased soul is shown his Life Review. Aliens probe into the mind of the abductee to look at his life experiences and retrieve memories.
Sometimes the life review if held in a room where a council is present behind a table. The abductee is lying on a table for ‘examination’ with several aliens around. Appearance before an alien council are also known.
The council is of human appearance, but sometimes they are undefined ‘beings’, hooded beings, and in a few rare cases outright aliens. Alien councils appear regularly in alien contacts, and channelings. Some are hooded.
The near-death experiencer is brought back to his body. The aliens bring the abductee back to his bedroom.
The near-death experiencer is often changed afterwards, becoming more spiritual. The contactee/abductee often develops spiritual awareness and psychic talents.
They write books about their experience. They write books about their experience.
The near-death experiencer sometimes cannot recall certain episodes or conversations.
Sometimes the soul is told that it will not remember certain parts of his experience.
When death is final and the soul reincarnates, his memory of any previous existence in the astral worlds, or of past lives is wiped completely.
Abductees in general have their memory wiped completely by the aliens.
Sometimes they can recall only certain parts.
On occasion the aliens will tell the abductees that their memory of events or conversations will be wiped on return.
Dr. Melvin Morse’s NDE research found that NDE’ers often could not wear watches as they would mysteriously break, and often had electrical conduction problems such as shorting out lap top computers and erasing credit cards. This is also known among alien abductees/contactees.
In rare cases, miraculous healings occurred after an NDE. Some abductees are healed from serious ailments by the aliens.

Aliens Giving A Life Review

The key event in all near-death experiences, and also with those who have completely died, is the famous Life Review, given by apparent spiritual beings, such as God, Jesus, angels, a Council of light beings. Are these projections by aliens, or are they disguised aliens themselves? Does that sound outrageous? Maybe. Maybe it is what is really happening. You might think that there is no connection between aliens and a Life Review, but then you are wrong. We find the same Life Review in … alien abductions!

Here is a quote of a rather long story of a man taken into a spaceship and shown his Life Review on a screen:

Several similarly appearing humanoids were standing in the room and talking to each other…The alien leader then addressed Ivan, and Ivan somehow saw the words appear in front of his eyes and he was able to understand. They proposed that Ivan review his life and amazingly he was able to see the basic events of his past in what appeared to be a TV-set. Think About It

These were rather benevolent aliens in a typical alien abduction scenario. So, it is not unthinkable that other, not so benevolent aliens are using the Life Review in the afterlife process for their own purposes. It seems that the aliens have the technology to read all the memories of a person ( akashic record) and to display that information onto a screen.

In NDE’s the Life Review can appear as holographic scenes, but often the scenes are also projected on a screen. Why would a screen be necessary in a spiritual world, unless we are dealing with disguised aliens who know how to display that information on a kind of computer screen.

The above is not the only alien abduction account in which a Life Review is given. In the following, also lengthy account, the person is shown a Life Review by not so nice aliens:

In the same room, I was also able to see my whole life projected into images, extremely fast. I had the feeling that everything inside my brain, past memories, sensations, experiences, was also being watched and recorded by some kind of a device linked to me through the chair I was sitting on. Curezone

Another Life Review by aliens in the book A Trojan Feast by Thomas E. Bullard, 2015:

Maxim Zhirkov, a boy from Toropovo, Russia, claimed that he was pulled into a metallic object in the sky on his way home from a tennis match in 1990. Zhirkov said that he met two beings, their faces obscured by antennaed helmets, who brusquely asked his name. When he replied, the boy felt the ship take off while a nearby screen began to play familiar scenes of his life back on earth…

The following account of a near-death experience is an example of the Life review shown on not only one but four screens:

When I arrived in Heaven (in my experience) I found myself in a huge room where the walls and ceilings were made of pure crystal and they had Light coming from the inside of them. The effect was amazing. Then as I looked up, I saw four translucent screens appear (and form a kind of gigantic box around me). It was through this method that I was shown my life review. (Or rather I should say my LIVES IN REVIEW!) Without ever having to turn my head, I saw my past, my present, my future and there was even a screen that displayed a tremendous amount of scientific data, numbers and universal codes. Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

He then showed her pictures of her future helping others and other things like a movie screen showing her future. Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

Although this is an NDE, the scientific date on the screens is more in line with an alien technology and science than with a purely spiritual function.

Isn’t it possible that the Life Review in NDE’s is given by aliens instead of spiritual beings?

More Aliens During NDE’s

The entire afterlife process is one big projection based on people’s belief systems. In this process the figures that appear are holograms (by way of speaking) or disguised aliens. The aliens are very good in disguising themselves as a trustworthy figure, such as Jesus, a deceased relative of the departed soul, a guardian angel, even God himself. However in a few occasions the soul sees them in their true appearance. The soul often tries to rationalize them as illusions or as angels, so they don’t have to take them as real, because after all aliens do not fit in a religious context.

In the following account a person attempted suicide. When he left his body he noticed not angels, but some strange beings which were not described as overtly alien but the term ‘gray’ is reminiscent to the typical Gray aliens:

At first, I saw some illusions of dark gray beings and had the feeling they were trying to stop me or get in my way. Finally, I said aloud to get out of my way. Instantly they would vanish only to come back. I went through that about three times. Then, I was seeing my hedges and yard as if I was floating and looking down at them. NDERF

This person saw non-descriptive ‘aliens’ when returning to the body:

Then I was back in my hospital bed surrounded by beings that were floating around me…When I came out of my coma after flat lining and was telling my family of the ‘Aliens’ that were floating around my hospital bed. NDERF

It is interesting that in the following account the person sees aliens but immediately rationalizes them as guardian angels.

I was hyperventilating and stopped breathing. I saw beings in the form of ‘aliens’ but these may have been guardian angels lifting me away from Earth into this amazing bright light that was like a tunnel. I felt so much love and beauty. NDERF

The next account is kind of bizarre, as the person immediately finds himself in this setting, after which the typical Love feelings set in:

Suddenly found myself in a large hall with a stone bath being washed by humanoid aliens; very peaceful (this was certainly a subjective illusion).  NDERF

An Alien Council Giving Life Reviews

We get more clearly defined aliens, or non-human beings, when the soul is brought before the Council for his Life Review, although these accounts are also rare.

Can it be any weirder for an ordinary human to see aliens in the Life Review council? What are they doing there? Actually it is ‘normal’ as it is they who control the soul and the Life Review process. Of course this particular group of aliens do not belong here. They came here some time in the past and have controlled Earth ever since.

Only in rare NDE cases do they show themselves as they really are. They can be viewed as typical aliens or non-specific light beings (other than true spiritual beings).

I then went to twelve beings of greater knowledge. They were in front of me and stood in a row. They were not human. They had no feelings of anything like judgment or authority, but seemed strong in themselves. They seemed taller than I did and they wore silver white robes. They had white skin, large heads and large eyes. I do not remember them having a mouth. Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

Tall white skin beings reminds us of the so-called Tall Whites, or Nordic Beings during alien abductions. They also wear white robes and have large eyes.

I was taken to special entities who looked like the usual grays, but they had many wrinkles on their faces. They called themselves the Counsel, and said they were part of a group called ‘soul recyclers’ helping souls to re-incarnate.  NDERF

Isn’t that quite revealing that Grays are telling that soul that they are involved in our reincarnation process? Grays with many wrinkles are also known in alien abductions; they are not seen that often as they belong to a specific Gray race and are not usually involved in abductions.

In the following account the deceased soul was on a … spaceship!

When I was before the council of thirteen beings (and they were not human, I know that!) There was no actual light, just a grayish mist everywhere. A clearly mystical or unearthly realm vague stuff…My past flashed before me, out of my control Well, we ‘talked’ about some things, and I think they took me somewhere else and showed some things although they did not allow me to remember all that. The place I was at looked like it was round inside, not square. Now I think it may have been some space ship.   NDERF

Here we have an account where alien beings are not only present, but also an authority figure that uses force on the soul when it figured out they were aliens, as if it was not supposed to know this.

I found myself suddenly ‘very high up’ in a bright white room. There were several beings there. I can’t remember how many now, but at least four. I think there were more though. There was a being on a throne, that I was almost directly in front of, that was the only one sitting down. The others were standing up, and they were barefoot and in robes. I couldn’t see their faces, just their feet, ankles, and the bottom of their robes. The standing ones seemed irritated a bit, and one lifted his ankle a bit as if to hide from me. They wanted to move off to the sides so that I couldn’t see them. I was forced on my hands and knees, and couldn’t move or look around except with my eyes. First I thought, ‘cool, weird’ and I thought they were aliens. I thought about the fact that there was one on the throne and changed my mind away from aliens. NDERF

The following account is from a YouTube video. It contains all the typical features of a near-death experience, with a clear the presence of aliens. Bear in mind that she was raised a devout Christian in the Methodist Church.

The woman was 12 years of age when she choked on food. First she was in darkness, and started to see the White Light to which she felt drawn, accompanied by the feelings of peace and love. She was rotating while going slowly up into the Light. In what she thought was heaven, there were white clouds everywhere with light shining through them. Then she was grabbed by the arms what she thought were her guardian angels. To the right was archangel Gabriel and to the left Gloria, a female angel. They took her to some place. Then she noticed a bright light to her left. She felt that this was her father. Then, she was taken into a room which had a movie theater-like screen, showing her entire life, but also the future in which she would “take a part as the book of Revelation would come about”. All of a sudden she was placed into another room. She was shown two alien beings. To her right was a typical small Gray who looked very pretty to her. To her left a taller beings, more whitish and smaller, more slanted eyes, and a smaller head in comparison with the bigger head of the Gray. The voice of God said to her not to be afraid of them. She could communicate with them telepathically. She was told that there are others liken them out there, and that they are God’s creation. Then she was taken out of the room back into the White Light where God was. God told her not to look at him, otherwise she would have to stay. Of course, she wanted to stay. All of a sudden God told her that she had to go back, that she had work to do. She argued, but God started to speak in loud thunderous voice and pushed her down with great force, back into her body.

One wonders, why in the world would God himself show an ordinary 12-year old girl, after she had died, two alien beings, and tell her to not be afraid of them? In Christian religion aliens have no place at all, or they are regarded as demons. Do the aliens feel the urge to portray themselves as benevolent in the eyes of Christians? It is quite common with alien abductees and contactees, that the aliens do their best to portray themselves as nice, loving, well-meaning beings, and many of the abductees and contactees are convinced of it, despite what the aliens put them through.

In another YouTube video, a woman gives a short description of her near-death experience. While she was out of the body, she could not only see the operating room and the people working on her body, but she also knew what they were thinking, and other things about their lives. She started to become aware of ghosts and having telepathic conversations with some of them. Then she also became aware of alien beings coming and going, and having conversations with them as well, as to why they were there, and what they were doing there. Some of the aliens were humanoid, some were looking very different. She knew what they were thinking, where they were from. These aliens were in the third dimension” but in a place you can’t see with your five human senses”. In a follow-up video she explains that these aliens were 3-D but of another frequency. About three or four of them that she perceived were beings who had been on this Earth for as long as humans have been here, and “have their games set up that they are playing. They are playing the duality game too, in a different way.” They are doing a lot of things we are not aware of.

This account makes it very clear that a variety of alien beings are here on Earth, in the other dimensions, doing their work. It is not so surprising to consider that some of these dimensional aliens have taken over our afterlife and reincarnation process.

Some people might be confused why, if aliens are physical beings, they are also present in the spiritual world, and even running the show there in relation to departed human souls. First, the afterlife is the same as the astral world in which there are several levels from low to high. The astral world is not something nebulous. It is also a material world, but of a higher frequency (actually a higher spin) with different laws. Time and space there is very different than in our world. In the astral world the mind creates its environment instantly, ordering the astral substance into the desired form.

The universe knows countless numbers of races of intelligent beings. Some can shift dimensions by increasing or decreasing their frequency. Some of them can do it all by themselves, some need technology. In short, aliens can easily disappear from and appear into our physical world, and coming from or going into the higher frequency, or astral worlds. From accounts of visionaries and psychics we know that there a lot of alien races working on this planet Earth in the higher dimensions beyond our physical world. Some races are totally indifferent to humans; only the Alien Control Agency (of primarily three races) has been controlling humanity for some time now.


There is a strong indication that the Alien Control Agency, responsible for the manifold manipulation of the human mind and our society on this physical Earth, is also responsible for a spiritual manipulation of humans when they leave their physical bodies at death and enter into the planes of the astral world. There the human soul gets enmeshed in an illusionary theater play by a combination of automated technological projections and direct interaction with alien beings disguised as religious or spiritual figures. It sounds unbelievable, but maybe it is time to stop looking at the afterlife process through the eyes of religion. Then it becomes clear that the theater play you are looking at is actually scripted and the actors are playing fictitious roles. Leave your comfortable seat and go look behind the curtain to discover the real Wizard-of-Oz magician.

This does not invalidate real religious or spiritual figures such as Jesus, God, angels etc. What we will find is that real spirituality is being used to create a fake afterlife experience that is intended to bind the human soul to this planet. When you start to look at what the deceased soul goes through in the afterlife process from behind the scenes, then all the different stages do show a constant manipulation of the human soul. Are there no true afterlife experiences without these alien manipulations? I think the Alien Control Agency is comprehensive and effective, but I will not exclude that people with a sufficient true spiritual awareness will see through the deception, or will be able to bypass the alien theater play altogether. At this moment I think this is rare, as the human mind has been programmed its entire life on Earth to accept the misinformation provided by our authoritative institutions, such as schools, government and churches, and to accept without question what they want us to believe. Such a human, when he dies, will automatically accept what he is presented, and will obey the often authoritative commands of the beings he encounters.

It is time for man to self-educate about Reality, to realize that he does not need authorities, that he can make up his own mind about what he really wants, and to discard the parasitical entities that are feeding of his ignorance and especially his energy, here in this physical world and in the afterlife and astral worlds. We, as human beings, can do much better than what we have been going through in the last thousands of years.

If you don’t want to be the play ball of authoritative forces, then discernment is most important. It is really necessary in our society, but even more so when you leave your physical body and enter a whole new world about which most people know next to nothing about. In the astral world you really have to be able to figure out the identity and intentions of the beings you encounter.

NDE’s and The Moon

More people are starting to ask questions about the afterlife. What has come to light is that this planet and its inhabitants are under the control of an alien group, which I have called the Alien Controllers in my other articles. They not only control us when we are living our lives on the physical plane, but they also control us as souls when we go over to the astral plane after death. The primary reason for them to control us is that they make us generate energy by constant wars and suffering, but also by religious activities, such as adoration and prayer. They need that energy for their own particular purposes.

If humans knew that all their misery was created by those aliens, they would not incarnate again. That is why the aliens, who are apt at working on both the physical level and the spiritual/astral level, established a protocol that would manipulate the soul in going back for another reincarnation round, again and again.

At the same time, they wipe our memory when incarnating, so we lose  it completely and are unaware of all our previous lives, but also of all the knowledge and wisdom we gained during these life times. It keep us at the very basic level of consciousness and ignorant of what is really going on.

So, what has all this to do with the Moon?

It sounds strange but the Moon always come up when investigating aliens, and as we will see later in some NDE’s.

From a purely scientific point of view, our Moon is really strange. Its rock composition is different from that of Earth. Compared with all the other moons in the solar system, it is way too big to be at that short distance from the Earth. It is always facing the same side towards the Earth, and it is at the right distance to be of the same diameter as the sun as viewed from the Earth, allowing for perfect eclipses. Not to mention the numerous anomalies that have been observed on the surface of the Moon by astronomers, such a bright lights, not to mention the buildings and towers on pictures blurred out by NASA. There is no place here to go into all these anomalies, you can find more on the internet.

It seems strange that the Moon would be involved when a person dies and the soul leaves the body. However the presence of the Moon sometimes comes up in near-death experiences. Many cultures or peoples tell us that after death, the souls go to the Moon. The Moon is seen as a place where souls live or rest until they come back to Earth again.

In the following NDE, the typical love feeling that is instilled in the departed soul, usually by the White Light or a light being, came from the Moon. An indication of the alien technology on the Moon at work?

Somehow, I felt like I was between the Earth and the Moon. I felt this overwhelming presence next to me on my right side, like the Moon, but it was an intelligence. It radiated love, far beyond anything I had dreamed or heard of before, sort of like a father. There was no image. He made me feel sad that I had ended up in that condition, like a scolded child, but in a loving way. I felt other beings nearby, but no shapes or faces. There was an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment all around me. Source: NDERF

Here again, the Moon is associated with the Light:

It looked like I was floating into a huge light that looked like the full moon. Source: NDERF

I was moving towards a beautiful bright light just like the moon but sending out long rays of light that I was going towards. NDERF

The following NDE-er thinks that the Moon is the place where deceased souls go to. Can it be clearer than that?

As I looked around I saw a bright light. It was the moon; the sun was reflecting light off the moon surface. We were in space, equal distance to the moon on the right side (looking from earth). I do not think this was heaven’s final destination. I think it was a greeting area to receive us when we cross over. Source: NDERF

This last quote is really interesting, as the person sees the Moon as a receiving area for souls to be processed, something that out-of-the-body-experiencers also have talked about. Furthermore, the person was met by a man he believes was God himself, who gave him information. You might think that God would talk about spiritual matters or Heaven, but no, he said that “UFOs do co-exist with us and are not to be feared.” Isn’t that interesting, of all things, he says that we should not fear aliens!

Another NDE’er went to the Moon:

I looked over my shoulder and it was as though I was on the moon or somewhere else other than earth…I looked around again and it was as though I was standing on the moon looking back down at the earth. I could see scattered white clouds covering the deep blue waters of earth. It was very beautiful and I felt very peaceful and happy.  NDERF

I have written before about the Moon and its alien controlling system in my article The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity based on spiritual experiences from several people. It would take up to much space in this article to quote these accounts. However I highlight one of them, told by Sarah Adams in an interview, because it is particularly interesting as she talks about a beam of light coming from the Moon that was drawing her in when she was out-of-the-body (like in the above account):

“I think the Moon is what traps the souls. I believe when death happens, they are drawn to the Moon, and then they are recycled [she means reincarnated]. I did an astral travel once. I decided to go all the way to Saturn, because I know some things from Saturn a long time ago. I was going after some objects… I went past the Moon and suddenly this beam hit me, and it sucked me into this small pyramid. There were thousands of these small pyramids on the dark side of the Moon. Initially it was trying to reprogram me and send me back to earth. I don’t know, maybe it thought I was dead and it needed to reprogram me. So it started to suck me into this small pyramid, and I remember, what it did, it was transforming me into a kind of rainbow, I had to get out of there…”

Tunnel Experience During Abductions

In Part 1 we saw that the tunnel experience is quite common during NDE’s, and appears also during out-of-the-body and other psychic experiences. The tunnel is a phenomenon of transition between dimensions.

As  a lot of aliens are from or operate from higher dimensions, or to keep it simple, from the astral worlds, they sometimes extract the soul of the abductee from his physical body into the dimensional world they are in, and thus a tunnel is sometimes experienced.

In the book Abduction, Human Encounters with Aliens, by John Mack, Carlos describes his encounters with an alien being that would ‘lift’ him into the air and then they would fly around the neighborhood. This is clearly an out-of-the-body experience initiated by the alien being. Mack also mentions about Carlos:

Sometimes he feels he has intermixed this experience of flight with experiences of being lifted and transported through a light tunnel from one site to another, such as to the interior of a craft. p. 338

From this field he reports seeing over the bay before him a great, long, peach-colored shaft of light descending from the thick clouds to the surface of the water. It seemed to him “miraculous, awesome, eerie, and uncanny.” When it struck the water, the shaft made a huge peach-colored circle from which peach-colored mist rose. He saw thousands of sparks inside and outside of the circle “jumping all over the water like the sparklers that kids get on the Fourth of July.” (Later, during hypnosis, he described the beam as a “lightfall,” a “tunnel” connecting to a spaceship.) (page 344)

He experienced himself ascending to and in through the bottom of a ship in a laserlike tunnel of light. (page 355)

This ship or craft is in a higher dimension, and the tunnel then serves a connection to the physical world. Another abductee, from the same book:

Catherine in an abduction subsequent to the ones described in my chapter about her also spoke of a tube or tunnel through which she and others passed from a spirit plane outside space/time back to the embodied physical state on Earth. (page 431)

As aliens are well familiar with the tunnel phenomenon as a transition between dimensions, it is no surprise that they are awaiting a deceased soul at the end of the NDE tunnel, in disguise of religious figures.

The Artificially Created White Light

Some people have stated that the White Light the soul encounters after death, and experienced by so many NDE’ers, is not the Divine Light. It is created in the astral realms by someone or something. Remember in the astral worlds anything can be created by a mere thought alone. For a disciplined mind such a white light with accompanying good feelings can easily be created. Apparently the aliens do have technology that automatically creates this White Light when a person goes through the death process. This alien technology is, based on/in the Moon according to certain psychics, and it can detect when a person on Earth leaves his body. It can even distinguish if the soul leaves the body because of irreversible death, a near-death or an out-of-the-body experience, and it will run a program accordingly. The White Light will appear to most of the near-death experiencers, but never to an out-of-the-body experiencer.

At the same time the technology also creates holograms of religious figures and/or already deceased family members, intended to gain the trust of the soul. When alien beings are sent out, they can also assume the shape of these trusted personages. Sometimes it is obvious as these figures are trying to hide their true identity.

The following NDE experience is really strange in this regard:

I looked up at my benefactors and found that they were dressed in black gowns and had a screen over their faces that, if you looked closely, had a mirror like substance that reflected your own image back at you. NDERF

Isn’t it weird that spiritual beings would need to hide their faces. By the way, during alien abductions it is also reported that aliens sometimes hide their true faces behind a projection of a human face in order to make the abductee more comfortable.

Another note, In alien abductions, lights and the manipulation of emotions are commonplace.

What also should be mentioned is that with UFO sightings and alien contacts and abductions, brilliant lights play a crucial role, often intended to bring the witness into trance, after which they can be easily manipulated, both outside as inside their vehicle.

Special Missions and Contracts

“You have a mission” is a reason that often pops up in NDE’s when a soul refuses to go back to Earth, and other reasons have failed. Do they really have a mission, or is it just a ploy to change the mind of the soul? Most of the NDE’ers are at a loss of what that mission might be, as they are never told what the mission is. Therefore some of them try to come up with a reason, because they are eager to make sense of what an apparent trustworthy religious figure told them in the afterlife.

The mission theme is also frequent in alien abductions. According to Eve Lorgen, an alien researcher, having the feeling of a mission in life is present in about 86% of the abductees. It makes them feel special.

Some near-death experiences said that we all make contracts before incarnating. At least that is what they were told, although they don’t remember such a contract. How can you fulfill a contract when your memory is wiped at birth? Anyway, a contract made in deception is also invalid. Why do we need a contract  anyway? When an NDE’er is told that he has to go back because he made a contract before incarnating, how can he know that is true? He is unable to remember it.

The issue of life contracts also appear with alien abductions. The Grays often mention to abductees that they have made a contract with them to be abducted and to be subjected to their procedures. How does an abductee verify if that is true? The aliens wipe our memory when we incarnate. How can we know for sure if we ever made a contract with them?

Liberate Yourself From Alien Control

First, if you really want to go back, or reincarnate again, that is fine, if you do that out of your own free will.

Otherwise you need to educate yourself thoroughly on what is going on in relation to the alien manipulation of mankind. There are many more articles and viewpoints available of the internet.

There are the many manipulation forms while we are here on the physical level in our society. I am only going to limit myself here to advice concerning the manipulation in the afterlife. You need to prepare yourself for that, because in the spiritual worlds, intellectual knowledge is not sufficient. Over there, it is your consciousness, your awareness that is most important.

Be honest to yourself. If there is anything about your past life on Earth you feel uncomfortable about, then realize that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. You do not need to go for another incarnation and suffer because somebody tells you to. You can forgive yourself about the things you are feeling uncomfortable or bad about. Just change course, and start on a more positive path. That will benefit everyone. The spiritual path is one of rectifying your behavior, and opening your heart. If you really want to go back for another incarnation on the physical plane you can do so, but it is  not necessary to choose a blueprint that includes suffering.

When you die and go over the hereafter, what you have to realize most importantly of what you encounter immediately after arriving in the astral world, is that your soul is going to be under the influence and manipulation of an alien agency intending to make you feel guilty, trying to convince you to correct your bad behavior by going back to Earth. Unless you have enough awareness to immediately go where you want and have bypassed all of this.

You need to keep your awareness and shy away from this alien trap. Most people are so devoid of love, that when they die, they will embrace the White Light with its overwhelming love feelings. Love is an essential need for the human being, but what you really need in the afterlife is discernment and awareness. Love feelings can be used to manipulate. Here on Earth it is being done all the time. It is no different on the astral dimensions.

In the astral worlds you can go wherever you want by just thinking, actually by willing. You have to circumvent the alien energies by raising your frequency, by willing to be at a higher level of vibration then the Alien Control Agency. Therefore you already have to have an idea about the many levels of the astral, mental and spiritual worlds. The Alien Control Agency does not reach higher than astral worlds.

Realize that you are a Divine being, and a creator. You can create whatever you want. In the astral worlds that goes instantly. You have the freedom to create your own environments and worlds, and enjoy yourself in it. But do realize that these are all illusions, that is, they are created by your own mind. These illusions are to be enjoyed but don’t lose yourself in it.

From out-of-the-body experiences and other psychic sources, we know that in the astral world one can meet anyone within the limits of one’s consciousness. In the astral world any being can assume any form it wants. That is why, when being in the astral one cannot go by the outward appearance of  being. When a spiritual being take the appearance of a religious figure, for example, that does not mean that it has deceptive intentions. Some high spiritual beings do this because it makes them more acceptable to the human being to which they want to convey a message. But it can be used with bad intentions too. In the hereafter, or astral worlds, one cannot rely solely on a figure’s bright light or its emanation of love and peace. Anyone in the astral world can project light and feelings. You always have to look deeper to see what or who you are dealing with. Just don’t go blindly with the first one you meet.

When you die, you will most likely encounter the White Light, whether or not you are more spiritually evolved, because the alien technology (on the Moon) will automatically detect your death process and run its programs to draw you in. Then it is up to you to be strong enough in your awareness to avoid it altogether. Once you get caught in the White Light you are under the influence of the Alien Control Agency. They will exert their authoritative power to make you comply with their demands. They don’t take “no” for an answer. So, the sooner you can leave them behind, the better. You really have to believe in yourself as an independent divine being that can make up its mind by itself, and to go where it wants to go. Therefore you have to study and research right now who you are, what life is about, and what options you have, so you know what to do when the time comes.

To give somebody else’s perspective on the matter, here is Feathered Serpent‘s view:

So What Can You Do If You See The White Light? To begin, simply DO NOT go into the light. The artificial light system is designed to read, know, and feel your thoughts and feelings. It knows what you love, enjoy, and cherish. It also knows your regrets, sorrows, and weaknesses. It will use this information to create emotions, feelings, and images to manipulate and draw you into the light. It will use your emotional triggers and deep desires to make the White Light practically irresistible. However, you must resist. Instead, Look up or sideways, or turn away from the light. As you look into the Dark void, realize you are in complete control and that nothing can harm you. Ask for the Web-matrix to be revealed and for all holes, weaknesses, and exits to be shown to you. Then go towards an exit. Once outside of the Earth-Matrix, your full power and remembrance of who you are will become 100% clear. With your mere thoughts you can choose to travel and explore other worlds, galaxies, and dimensions. You can visit other planetary systems where you had previous lives before incarnating on Earth. If you wish, and when ready, you can also go into the Galactic Central Sun and re-join and become energetically one with the true source of your creation. Once Free from the Earth-Matrix-Prison system, you have the true freedom to decide along with Source, what you want to do or experience next, if anything. At this point, any decisions you co-create will truly be best for your spiritual-soul journey.

Initially, many may resist or reject this revelation, as we have been conditioned that going into the White Light is the right thing to do. Many of us have told loved ones to go into the light, so perhaps uncomfortable feelings of guilt, horror, shame, or doubt may arise. However, you must work though those feelings and let them go as quickly as possible. Understand that you only did what you thought was right at that time. Knowing what you do now, you can make different choices.

Ultimately, if and when the time comes for you to exit your physical body, will you go into the Light? Or will you be courageous enough to go into the dark void, in order to see the true light, and find your true spiritual freedom? That Choice is yours. Now that you know how the system works, whatever choice you make will truly be yours, and only yours to make.