The Alien Business Intro

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Location. Kiev, Ukraine
Date: July 4 1989 Time: afternoon
Two women, one named Vera Ignatenko, and a young girl were walking along a canal near some woods when they saw three men approaching on a strange silvery “boat” in the canal. The beings were man-like, wore shiny collarless suits, both had identical pale faces, long golden hair, and large radiant eyes. The beings approached the trio and spoke in pure ancient Slavic language (a defunct language spoken in old Russia) apparently wanting the witnesses to come with them to their “planet.” The beings claimed that they took one person from earth each day. The beings then walked with the women to a nearby hovering silvery barrel-shaped craft with an antenna on top. The women attempted to run away but could not, feeling a tingling sensation and were unable to scream either. The beings apparently decided against taking the three women and released them, they then entered the object via a stepladder. Before leaving, the beings demonstrated a holographic model of the solar system with a tenth planet to the witnesses and warned that electromagnetic emissions from and radio signals being transmitted into space attracted many negative alien cultures who are arriving on earth uninvited with the aim to exploit the planet for their own interests. The craft then left quickly and silently. Ignatenko was to have further contacts. (Timothy Good, UFO Report 1991)

vistorIt didn’t used to be like it is today. Long time ago, humanity was visited and guided by benevolent extraterrestrial races. With their spiritual and technological knowledge they created an optimum human civilization. However it wasn’t perfect, and humanity still had some imperfections within themselves to work out, when another group of spiritually much less advanced extraterrestrials discovered our solar system and claimed it for their own purposes. I call this group the ET Traders, as they are primarily business oriented. In the universe, a technological advanced race soon runs out of resources on their planet or solar system, and thus they have to elsewhere to find what they need in order to sustain their technological society. So, they have to go to other solar system to mine what they need, and trade with other races. It is pure business. Spirituality, or benevolence has nothing to do with it. If they discover a solar system where the inhabitants don’t have the means to defend themselves against the technological advanced ET Traders, then the ET Traders will just take over and subjugate the ‘natives’ while plundering the resources. It has happened many times before in our galaxy, and it has happened to us, humans, about 12,000 years ago. The ET Traders are very skilled in how to subjugate another, less advanced race, in ways that can be very subtle but effective. The human race was unprepared and defenseless, and has been living under the ET Traders’ rule without even knowing it, except maybe a few.

But the times are changing. Humanity is becoming aware of both their existence, why they are here, and how they manipulate humanity. At present we have to learn very quickly if we want to regain our freedom. The following chapters elaborates on these issues from various perspectives. It is something you will find in the popular media, and it will shatter the naive dreams of so many UFO believers. The reality of it is not nice, at all. But basically it all about confronting our own weakness and imbalance, and to stand up for ourselves to defend our freedom.


Also check out a very interesting interview with abductee Simon Parkes (from the United Kingdom). He explains in detail, from his own experiences, who the greys, the mantis beings and the reptilians are: YouTube video.


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