1. Good or Bad ET’s?

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It is important to read this page first before proceeding to my other articles about the subject of extraterrestrials. My articles deal with issues you won’t find in the common media, and you might find it difficult to accept these issues. The fundamentals are simple, but it can get quite complex or difficult to accept for those who are locked in simplistic views. When you wake up to the reality of the existence of extraterrestrials, it is not always a pretty view. Some facts are quite shocking, but they should not be neglected. We do not live in the fairy-tale universe we all have been let to believe in.

It is time to let that term UFO behind. The media has kept the public way too long in a vicious circle of “Heh, what is that light? Maybe a spaceship? Well, no probably a balloon.” They have been running that line for over half a century. UFOs, that is, Unidentified Flying Objects, have been identified long time ago. Numerous people have seen metallic space vehicles of various kinds. They are clearly physical constructed vehicles that can move around in our atmosphere and beyond. Some of these vehicles were so close to the witness that they could distinguish every detail on it. Some people went aboard these spaceships, voluntary and involuntary, sometimes in full conscious. Humanoid beings have been seen any times behind the windows of the vehicles, sometimes outside them when they had landed, and even inside the house of the witnesses.

Yes, it is time to stop asking “is that a UFO?’, “do aliens exists?”, “are abductions real”, “are there ruins on the moon and mars?”. People have been wasting their time asking these questions for over 50 years, wasting any progress in the matter.

It is time to realize, that aliens do exist. They are here and have been here for a very long time. They fly around in our atmosphere every day, they interact with humans every day. It is a reality, and it is time to deal with this reality. We have to start asking other questions.

What are ‘aliens’ or ‘extraterrestrials’, and what are they doing here? The universe is teeming with life forms. Some of them are intelligent. What is intelligence can be debated. We are talking here about beings that have some similarity to humans. Extraterrestrials have humans forms, humanoid forms (they look like humans but with some differences), and forms that deviate quite a lot from what we recognize as a human. In essence we and them are all divine beings. In our essence we all have a divine center of consciousness or awareness, and an individuality. We all grew up in different parts of the cosmos, on different planets, with different bodies, and different consciousness and intelligence.

At present there are a lot of different alien races ‘visiting’ the Earth. They are often called Visitors, but that is not the right word, because most of them are here for a specific purpose. There is a lot of talk about good and bad ETs. But what does that mean? For the last ten thousand years there has been an ET presence on Earth which has only one purpose: to mine the Earth (and the rest of the solar system). They need resources and they are here to get them: metals, minerals, water, biological life forms. It is no different than when the Europeans colonized different continents. There are different groups of Ets here. They don’t always agree with each other, and there is strife and competition. But in the end, they form alliances because they all want a piece of the cake. They are all materialistic in their outlook, because they want materials for their own race, so they can survive wherever their home is in the galaxy (or continue their level of comfort). They have different technologies (like spaceships), different consciousness, intelligence and ethics. Some do not adhere to the rules.

So, are they good or bad towards us, humans? Well, what did we do when we colonized other continents? The ET traders (as I call them because they are basically trading in goods) look upon humans as wild primitives. They instilled upon the human race a system of a privileged ruler class dominating the masses. Such a system promotes egotism, jealousy etc. resulting in a vicious cycle of self-destructing behavior. “Divide and conquer”. For over then thousand years mankind has engaged in this self-destructing behavior, keeping the whole of human on a basic survival level, up to the present day. The ET Traders do not openly fight us, they just keep us busy destroying ourselves, so they can continue with taking what they want.

Basically, those ETs in charge of the trading routes are bad towards humanity because they destroyed a once flourishing human civilization with high spiritual development, and are keeping humanity self-destructive. Those who are flying around here, are ET scientist, technicians, pilots, and commercial entities who are “doing their job”. They are not bad perse, but they often don’t care about the well being of humans. They are here to get what is needed, and if you are in the way, too bad for you. Yes, humans do get traumatized. injured and killed by ETs. I am sure there are aliens here ‘on the job’ that don’t necessarily agree with the ‘company policies’, and are well meaning towards the human they abduct for example, but they themselves (the Ets) must comply with the orders given to them. Other Ets are completely indifferent. They don’t care what they do to humans.

Also, leave the notion behind that only the Greys are involved with the abductions. There are plenty of stories where humans were abducted by humanoid beings, who were also indifferent to what they did to their human subjects. As you will discover in the animal and human mutilation cases, these ETs are definitely cruel, although they themselves see it is a routine job about which they themselves have no feelings about what they are doing to these animals and humans. Some ET issues are rarely talked about because its reality is horrifying, and most UFO enthusiasts want to be beamed up into a spacecraft for a tour around the universe.

Any good ETs around? Well, not many. Those races who are benevolent are not here to steal resources or abduct humans. Because our solar system falls under the territory of an ET Trader’s collective, they are not welcome here. The ET Traders know that these benevolent races want to help humanity become aware of what is going on and to stand up for its freedom, and thus they are not welcome here.

There is a growing awareness of the existence of extraterrestrials. It is important to really look deep into it, especially the reasons why the ETs are here, and how they operate. It is important to understand that they might have a very advanced technology, but that does not mean that they are spiritually developed or their intentions and ethics are what we would expect.

In my articles I have tried to look at the subject from different angels, and to bring to your awareness some less known but important aspects. It is often in the details that a lot of their true intentions come to the foreground. certainly don’t believe everything the ETs are channeling, or tell the contactees. The ET Traders almost never tell the truth.

If you have come this far down the page, then you are ready to start exploring my articles and open your awareness to a much larger reality than the TV reality shows.


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