2. The Present Alien Intervention on Earth

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The following text is a summary of the books The Allies of Humanity (Book One and Two) by Marshall Vian Summers.

His websites are: www.alliesofhumanity.org , http://newmessage.org ,http://www.newknowledgelibrary.org/


Being a life long spiritual seeker, I have studied the phenomenon of UFOs and extraterrestrials for many, many years, among other spiritual subjects. I have always had a lot of difficulty in understanding who those extraterrestrial Visitors are and what their intentions are. In so many channeled messages given by the Visitors, they represent themselves as highly spiritual beings who have come to Earth to help humanity to spiritually evolve, or solve the humanity’s problems. They identify themselves as the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, Commander Ashtar, the Council of this or that etc. They talk about humanity’s ascension (a big word now in the New Age community), the emergence into a fourth, fifth and sixth dimension, and they will even save humanity from world catastrophes by picking them up in their spaceships. Sometimes their information, mostly channeled, is contradictory, and often laced with Biblical names, and a recurrent reference to a Second Coming of Christ. So many people accept all this without question, even if some of the statements just do not make sense. On the other hand there are first hand reports of people who have been abducted, contacted, invited by aliens for different reasons. Some researchers have carefully collected and analyzed these reports, and have found that the actions of Visitors are quite the contrary to what they claim to be. These actions are often very disturbing and harmful in many ways to people who have been in physical contact with them. The more I read up on the subject the more I became confused by what is actually going on. It became clear that something really fishy is going on. So I did what most people do, I polarized the visiting extraterrestrials in good Visitors and bad Visitors. Then I came upon the information of Marshal Vian Summers. He explained that as long as we look upon the subject from the point of view of what the Visitors tell us, we are not able to distinguish who is who or what is true or not.

Marshal Vian Summers had been in contact with what he calls the Angelic presence that looks over our world (and other worlds) for some years, when he was asked to receive messages from a group of physical extraterrestrials from different races and different planets who had come to this solar system to watch what is going on with the present extraterrestrial interference on our planet. This group is quite different from the group of the Visitors. They did not give any names or where they are from. The only term they used to identify themselves was the Allies of Humanity. They do not want to interfere with humanity, nor establish relationships or a presence here. They are merely observers, and only want to give knowledge and wisdom to humanity in order for humanity to take up its own responsibility in what is presently going on in relating to those Visitors who are actively visiting the Earth and interfering with humanity. They, as outside observers, give us a whole different account of what is going on with the increased presence of the visiting extraterrestrials. It does not look good, if humanity does not quickly inform itself about their intentions.

Here is a short video that gives you the situation in a nutshell. Below the video follows a more extensive explanation.


The Basis of the Extraterrestrial Intervention

It is important to understand that spiritually advanced races do not interfere with other races or planets, and are not involved in the present interference of those extraterrestrial Visitors who are on our planet. As you will see in the following text, the present Visitor’s interference has to do with commerce and trade in this part of our galaxy. Spiritually advanced races do not seek commerce. They do not seek to influence other races or to engage in an array of trade relationship. Spiritually advanced races seek isolation from these cosmic trading networks and are very discreet in their relationships.

Marshal Vian Summers received his first collection of messages in 1997-8 over the course of a year (his first book). In December 2000 he received his second series of messages in a one day period. The reason for this was that the Allies for Humanity group had been watching the Visitors presence on Earth from a discrete location, and they were now at risk from being discovered. They had to immediately move outside our solar system for their own safety. When I read the messages of the Allies of Humanity, it became clear that the truth is actually very simple, but also realistic and shocking. So, what is really going on?

The basis of the Visitors presence on Earth is very simple and reflected in humanity’s own past. When a society develops and grows, and develops a technology, it soon depletes its own resources. Over the past centuries we have seen civilizations sending out explorers to discover new continents, in search for new resources. Wherever they went, they were initially received as gods, but they subjugated the inhabitants and their resources were taken away. The native populations was often used as slave labor to mine the metals and minerals, or to cultivate crops to be exported to the country of the occupiers. Sometimes they were taken away as slaves. The Allies of Humanity explain that in the cosmos advanced races have all outstripped their own resources. Those that are highly technological are forced to seek materials they need in other parts of the galaxy. This sets up complicated networks of trade. In order to get what they need, they have to trade, barter and travel throughout the universe. This has been going on for a long time. The networks are highly hierarchical with strict rules. Freedom among trading races is non-existent. Once you enter in trade you have to submit to the other parties requirements. Less advanced races on planets with desired resources are often persuaded and subjugated while their freedom is taken away. The Visitors that have been visiting Earth are basically traders, commercial enterprises, and they are not military. In order to preserve the flow of goods and to keep the trading networks intact, war efforts are suppressed, partly by established laws and codes of conduct for their members. Violence is considered primitive and rude and is rarely employed. So, we do not need to worry about a military intervention. But an intervention is definitely going on, not a simple visitation. Earth is considered a very rich planet, not so much in metals and minerals, but in biodiversity. Earth is one of the rare planets with an abundance of life-forms. They have been harvesting this biodiversity of the Earth for a long time, many thousands of years. They do not want humans to mess this up, and humans have been doing just that in recent history. Especially after the Second World War, the Visitors have stepped up their plans to intervene in human affairs, not to save us humans but to keep their resource planet as pristine as possible.

Earth: a Resource for Cosmic Traders

The Allies of Humanity tell us that they have observed that the Visitors presence is growing, and that they are building establishments in our solar system to provide a pathway for supplies and reinforcements. It is not a military buildup, but more a network through which resources and equipment can be brought to Earth.

Our planet is of tremendous importance to the Visitors. It contains immense biological resources that are otherwise rare and difficult to find elsewhere in the galaxy. Earth has a temperate climate and great biological beauty and diversity. It has enormous water resources. It has large tracts of habitable land for those races that can breathe our atmosphere. But especially important at this time is that humanity has built an infrastructure that the Visitors can incorporate into their own.

Our planet is thus visited and exploited by several different races of Visitors and several different organizations of races. They collaborate to a certain extent, but they are also competitive in relation to establishing an influence with humanity. They are not here for the advancement of humanity or its spiritual education, as they often claim to be (and believed by so many people). Their only intention is the resources of this planet. They want humanity to work for them, as they themselves cannot come down here to breath our our atmosphere, or deal with Earth’s microbes. They do not want to eradicate people but to employ them, to have them become workers for their greater ‘collective’.

Our planet also happens to be in an area of space that quite inhabited and has a lot of trade networks. Whether humanity is prepared or not, it is now entering the Greater Community, because the trading Visitors are now forced to establish a presence on this Earth in order to get humanity under their control, thus safeguarding their ‘storehouse’. One also needs to understand that the trading networks in the universe are highly competitive, and this translates in their efforts to get the earth under complete control. This is the reason why humanity has to educate itself very quickly about the ET presence, or it will have a future without free will and be subjugated to the demands of the trading networks of Visitors.

The Visitors are primarily traders and thus they come in small groups. They are not military and do not carry military force. But they are highly skilled in the art of influencing and manipulating other races. Nowadays you hear a lot about mind manipulation done by secret governments. The Visitors, however, are absolute masters of manipulation of thoughts, impulses and feelings. They have been studying humanity for a long time. They primarily want humanity’s allegiance. They do not want to destroy us, but to employ us for their benefit. The real danger for humanity is that it does not understand who the visiting Visitors are, what their intentions are, or their ethics and morals. The Allies of Humanity tell us that these extraterrestrial traders are not spiritually evolved. Yes, some of them are highly technological, and technology is easy to come by in the Greater community. However these traders are hardcore business entities. They are using humanity’s weaknesses, its selfishness , its ignorance about the Visitors and its blind optimism about the future to further their own goals.

The Four Invasive Activities of the Visitors

The Visitors are engaged in four fundamental activities in order to gain influence in human society. These activities are very important to understanding of the difficult situation humanity is in at present. They have been studying humanity for a long time in all its aspects, and they are very effective in influencing humanity for their own gain.

The first area of activity is to influence individuals in positions of power and authority within government and religions. They use these individuals for their power to control and reign in the masses. In return these individuals are promised greater power, greater technology and world domination. For the Visitors a free-thinking society is unwanted, and they do not understand individual freedom. They themselves use well-established and rigid forms of government and organization. Therefore they want to establish a government on this planet that has no place for individual freedom. These high placed individuals think they are doing good for humanity, because the technology the Visitors are offering will solve all our problems. However, in reality, they are being deceived by the Visitors. Once the Visitors have built a firm presence on Earth, the human leaders will be put aside and replaced. At present there are people in our governments that are working with the Visitors, but there are also those in government who are trying to work against them.

The second area of activity is the manipulation of religious values and impulses. Humans have a strong longing for individual redemption or salvation. At the same time this makes them very vulnerable to outside influences. The Visitors are very active in this field, with channeled messages promising salvation, spiritual development, ascension and so on. So many people are not able to discern the identity of those who are given the messages, and are all too willing accept the messages without any reservation. They totally trust the Visitors. There are entire teachings being introduced into the world now that teach human acquiescence and the suspension of critical abilities and value only that which is pleasurable and comfortable. The desire of humans for peace and the avoidance of war is used against humanity. These teachings are given to disable people’s ability to access true spiritual knowledge and intuition within themselves until people reach a point where they feel they are completely dependent upon greater forces that they cannot identify. Then they will follow whatever is given to them without the power to resist. The messages themselves that are being given by the visiting Visitors are often inconsistent and this is because there are different competing groups that are in conflict with each other and are negotiating with each other for the possible benefits of the present intervention into human affairs.

The third area of activity is the establish the Visitor’s presence in the world and to have people become used to their presence. We sure are seeing a tremendous increase in UFO sightings and even alien sightings. At the same time they are creating ‘followers’ who will guard and preserve the Visitors’ presence, creating an even stronger influence in the world. Unfortunately many people now have become accustomed to the the Visitors’ presence and serve as emissaries and intermediaries.

The fourth area of activity is the establish an Visitors’ presence on Earth through interbreeding. Most of them cannot live in our environment because they are not adapted to the Earth’s climate and biodiversity as we humans are. Therefore they are creating hybrid beings, human-like in appearance, which can live among humans but whose allegiance is to the Visitors. They have greater mental faculties. This is not unique to the Earth, they have done it many times on other planets with other races. These hybrids, who are already on Earth, though still small in numbers, are connected with the Visitors’ group mind and collective consciousness. They are not able to think for themselves.

The Visitor’s Characteristics

The Visitors are part of a highly organized, very hierarchical organizations whose function is resource acquisition and and development. Collectives are made up by a series of races functioning at different levels of authority and command. Those who really control the Collectives that are visiting the Earth have probably not yet been encountered by humans. Humans have only been visited by the worker classes who are bred to serve in specific functions. Though they are biological entities, their genetics and training have given them very little individuality and individual abilities of reasoning and discernment. They function very much like a collective mind. They are rigidly controlled. They have little or no personal freedom. Their areas of function are very specific and are carried out with impressive efficiency.

The Visitors have a collective consciousness which they see as privileged and blessed. This also implies that they do not have our ability of self-discovery and true spirituality and spiritual knowledge that comes with it. The Visitors in these collective communities cannot think for themselves. Their will is not theirs alone. They have very little individual will. They only seek conformance and allegiance. They are trying to establish the same in humanity.

They are not well suited to change or complexity and carry out their activities in an almost careless manner. They feel they have the advantage and that humanity will hardly offer any resistance. They are actually over confident.

They do not value diversity in cultures and certainly not within their own ranks. They do not have a natural curiosity as this had been bred out of them. As a result they do not have any spiritual insight, or ‘spark’. The rely on uniformity and conformity. They are controlling and are themselves being controlled, and follow firmly established patterns which are strictly enforced.

The Staged Second Coming of Christ

When I myself studied the information available about Visitors, I found it remarkable but also incomprehensible that so many extraterrestrial contacts, contactees and channeled messages talk about the Second Coming of Christ. Why are beings from the Pleiades or Arcturus etc. so obsessed with a biblical legend? Why are they stressing this event again and again. Sometimes they even say that they are in collaboration with Christ, and they will even pick up humans into their spaceships during the Rapture. As crazy as it sounds, it is still being relayed to contactees. The Allies of Humanity, in Marshall Vian Summers first book explains that the visiting Visitors are indeed using the belief of so many Christians in the Second Coming to engage in a future event in an effort to get humanity under the umbrella of one controlling authority. The Allies of Humanity are giving us some startling information. They say that the extraterrestrial collectives, which are interfering with humanity at present, are breeding an individual that will portray himself as the physical Jesus making a return to Earth. He will appear human and will have significant abilities compared to an ordinary human. He will be able to perform acts that will engender either fear or great reverence. He will be able to project images of angels, demons or whatever his superiors wish to expose to humanity. He will seem to have spiritual powers, but in actuality he is part of the collective mind of the visiting Visitors. He will gather a great following, and those who will not follow him will be alienated or eliminated. This staged Second Coming has already been prepared for. It has nothing to do with true Christianity, but it will establish a religious order that will demand conformity and allegiance. The Visitors are not interested in religion or spirituality, they are only interested in authoritative leadership. If the Visitors will be able to gain complete control of humanity, they will eliminate, all those who oppose this religious authority. Of course, they themselves will not do the killing, it will be done by those humans who have fallen under their spell. Under such total control Earth will be mined for its resources. Its people will be corralled to work. Its rebels will be alienated or destroyed. The world itself will be preserved for its agriculture and its mining interests. Human societies will exist, but only in subordination to the powers of the visiting Visitors. After the world has been exhausted of its usefulness, it will be left behind, with a humanity whose means of survival have been stolen from them.

Humanity’s Freedom is at Stake

Humanities destiny was always to emerge into participation in the Greater Community beyond the confines of the planet Earth. This is happening right now, because the Visitors, who have been here for a long time, now have decided to intervene in humanity’s affairs in order to safeguard the resources of this planet for their own interests. However, humanity is way behind in its preparation to deal with this intervention. It has to learn quickly and take decisive action to safeguard its freedom. Freedom is precious, not only in human society but also in the greater Community. The Visitors intervention is happening, and there is no way around it. We have to deal with it. If we stand up for ourselves, and do not allow any exploitation, manipulation and limitation of our freedom, then we can have a great opportunity to engage with the Greater Community of the Visitors on our own terms. Only then humanity has a future worth living. Our isolation is over. Each one of us has to make the decision to become strong, independent, with free will, or become dependent and give in to the traders’ demands in exchange for their goods and technology. Humans do have a big advantage over the Visitors. Because of our free will and individuality, we have access to a deeper, inner feeling of knowledge, intuition, inspiration. We have access to the divine source within ourselves that gives us insight that the Visitors’ collectives do not have. Humans can act spontaneously and experience the future and the past. These human gifts cannot be manipulated. Each one of us, has to stand up for himself, because no one else is going to help. Those extraterrestrials (like the Allies of Humanity), who are spiritually evolved and independent from the trading networks, do not want to interfere with humanity in any way. However, they are concerned, but they can only give knowledge and understanding of the present situation of humanity. If they would come to Earth to help, humanity would rely on them for protection. This way humanity would never develop its own strength and remain weak and vulnerable. Humanity has to do it all by itself, and quickly, because time is running out. Each one of us has to make the decision to not acquiesce to the Visitors and to stand for our freedom, because there will be no place on Earth to hide. The stronger we are in inner, spiritual wisdom and the stronger our awareness of the Visitors’ presence and their intentions, with more insight gained about them, the less they are interested in us, because we will become beyond their control.


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