3. Unfriendly ET Visitors

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I am not going into great length here. There is an abundance of information available about extraterrestrial presence and contact in books, articles, and the internet. If you want to make sure that the information below is correct, you can easily look it up yourself to get more information.

Humanity is bound to the surface of this planet. We cannot just go out into space, tour around the solar system and see what is going on there, who is flying around, and what they want. The Et Visitors have the advantage of staying secretive. They do talk a lot in channeled communications. Apart from the inconsistencies in those messages, and obvious misinformation, they portray themselves as spiritual, loving beings who are here to help humanity ascend, enter into the next dimension, or to help humanity establish peace on earth and solve all their problems with a gift of advanced technology. Well, they can say what they want, their actions show the contrary. Actions speak for themselves. The actions of these extraterrestrials visitors show that they are very dangerous not only to the planet but especially to humanity.

The underlying motive of the presence of the ET Visitors is always the same: they are here to TAKE whatever they need. It is primarily the ‘worker’ races that do the taking, but they do the work on behalf of other races. These other races often blame ‘the Grays’ as the ‘bad boys’, and they themselves as ‘the good guys’. But he give the order is guilty as he carries it out.


undriendlyThe ETs are trying to whitewash their actions by giving excuses as: people gave their consent to be abducted before their incarnations, or that they are experimenting with DNA to help their dying race. They even teach the abductees to be loving to their abductors. Well, consider the following:

Think about it. It is not so hard to contemplate. If your neighbor, for example, would do the following actions, he would be arrested and in most cases face heavy jail time, aside from a serious psychological examination, and in some cases the death penalty.

The ET visitors show up unannounced in your house. Mostly at night while you were asleep.

They paralyze people in their beds, performing strange procedures.

They take people out of their house into their spaceship. Abduction also takes place in the countryside, where cars are stopped, and passengers are taken aboard. No, they did not go willingly, because in almost all cases their mental faculties were suspended. Loss of consciousness often happens.

Those who remember their abduction describe ‘medical’ procedures, often the taking of bodily tissues. Not always painless. There is also manipulation of emotions and thoughts, and the mind.

Some abductees describe forced intercourse with hybrids, sometimes other humans.

Women are forcibly impregnated, and fetuses removed. Those women abductees often have hysterectomies and suffer from gynecological problems resulting from the abductions.

There are a lot of reports of the hybridization program of the Visitors. Clearly, this is not experimentation, this is a full fledged activity with a specific purpose.

All without the consent of the persons involved.

After abductions, some people feel drained of energy, develop illnesses, have sleep disturbances, develop post-traumatic stress symptoms, have bodily pain, sores, marks.

Some abductees have seen many other humans lying on tables in the spaceship. We are also starting to realize that a number of abductees never return.

Onboard the space ship, abductees are always completely controlled. No freedom to walk around, questions are not answered in most cases.

A good insight into the hybridization program can be found in the excellent book The Threat by David Jacobs.

Mining Our Planet


ufobasesiberiaIt has been said for a long time that some ET Visitors have underground bases. Some abductees have been taken to these sites. The question that nobody seems to ask what are they doing there? Because the Visitors come here to take, it is logical to assume that they are mining down there.


ufosuckingwaterWater tanks, even up to 50,000 gallons, of cattle rangers have been emptied in just one night. Not one drop on the ground. Draining a tank through the valve can take up to 2-3 days.

The same with swimming pools. Here is an account of someone who witnessed this himself: http://thechurchofufology.blogspot.com/2010/05/town-dazed-as-ufos-suck-up-tons-of.html Just as I am writing this another case happened : http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2011/01/argentina-swimming-pool-drained-dry.html 90,000 liters of water just disappeared from a swimming pool overnight. Draining it takes a day and a half. Filling it takes six trucks. Not one drop got spilled.

Sometimes strange lights were seen nearby, sometimes cattle mutilations (see below) also occurred in the vicinity.

People have seen strange lights sucking up water from reservoirs.

It is a subject given little attention. An article with more detail: http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2011/01/inexplicata-missing-water-enigma.html .

Here is another case of water disappearing from a farmer’s water tank, in Argentina: https://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2018/09/argentina-water-tank-mysteriously.html It also states that “Water-draining incidents were commonplace during the 2002 cattle mutilation wave in Argentina and even earlier.”


The Et Visitors take away animals. Some abductees report seeing earth animals in glass cages or hooked up to tubes and machines, and even organs being removed (see animal mutilations below).

Recently I read a story of a one time abductee who noticed that the Et Visitors had also taken four elk aboard. The elk did not move (immobilized) and looked like they were in a trance.

Animal Mutilations

“There is no doubt that it is about extraterrestrial beings. The same thing has happened for more than 20 years and no one can provide solutions. The organs must be taken inside an aerial craft because there is no evidence on the ground around the animal. Some animals must be lowered or dropped from aerial craft because their legs are swung back in unnatural positions.” – Farmer Julio Zurbrigk, General San Martin farm west of Buenos Aires, Argentina


Animal mutilations didn’t get much attention in the past, but have been well documented and researched since. Not only in the press, but also forensic and scientific. It has been well documented in the book An Alien Harvest by Linda Mouton Howe. A must read on this topic, as are her other books. I am showing a couple of pictures here, you can plenty more on the web.

Animal mutilations always show the same pattern. Not only cows, but many other animals, like horses, sheep and even wild animals have been found with cut out ears, eyes, lips, jaws, rectum, genitals and interior organs. Cuts have been made with some type of laser device, with surgical precision. All bodies have been drained of blood, but blood is never found at the scene. Local law enforcement is always baffled, and tries to explain these mysterious cases are the result of satanic cults. Animal mutilations are found world wide. Sometimes unexplained lights have been seen in the region, and some people have witnessed a cow being taken up in a light beam to a hovering saucer. Some abductees have seen the animals inside a flying saucer while they themselves were abducted.

No question about it. Certain ETs, it is said the Grays, are actively beaming up animals, and surgically removing body parts and blood, and dropping the remains back into the field. It is obvious they are not experimenting, they are harvesting animals body parts for some reason. Marshall Vian Summers is saying that the Allies of Humanity told them that these Visitors are harvesting animal body parts for an extraterrestrial black market. They must be having a really good business because animal mutilations are not rare all at.


Lately there have been a lot of news reports from various locations of half cats. Cat owners find their half their pet a short distance from their home, sometimes even on their front lawn, the other half missing. The Ets have absolutely no regard nor for the animals nor for the owners of the animals. Sometimes it is not only one animal that has been butchered, but an entire group of them.


But most disturbing of all, forensic science has shown that these animals were alive when their body parts were removed. That the animals were alive during the procedure has also been reported by abductees. A horrible idea, but one that definitely has to be brought to our attention. These ETs have absolutely no compassion, and they don’t care that we know, or even if an abductee is witnessing it.

Some of the animals are just dropped from high altitude and fall wherever they come down, sometimes on unlikely places.

animaldropped1 animaldropped2

Harvesting Human Bodies

Human Mutilations:

Even more shocking is that human corpses have been found of which the exact same organs were removed in exactly the same way as with animals mutilations. In a couple of cases of human mutilation, the bodies were professionally examined by coroners. One of the shocking findings was that these people were alive too when the removal of organs took place.

Look at: http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2013/04/searching-for-facts-todd-sees-incident.html

A very good and objective lecture about human mutilations can be found at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LIJisXtJIU&feature=player_embedded . It is a presentation by a 27 year veteran homicide detective, Butch Witkowski who is a MUFON volunteer investigator.

An interesting documentary about the testimony of a black ops soldier, who was employed by a secret NATO “find and secure” military team. Their job is to search for and then protect sites where human mutilation has taken place.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45hL8e-QuXQ

This picture is from the 1994 Brazilian case. More pictures and explanation at http://www.alienvideo.net/0805/alien-abduction-mutilation.php . The autopsy report mentions about the kind of surgery applied: "This level of precision suggests that the operation was executed with speed, the application of heat or lasers, all occurring as the subject was still alive."

This picture is from the 1994 Brazilian case. More pictures and explanation at http://www.alienvideo.net/0805/alien-abduction-mutilation.php . The autopsy report mentions about the kind of surgery applied: “This level of precision suggests that the operation was executed with speed, the application of heat or lasers, all occurring as the subject was still alive.”

Human Bodies in Glass Cylinders:

Some abductees have seen human bodies suspended in glass cylinders as in suspended animation, some with missing body parts. Other abductees felt that the ET Visitors do indeed harvest human organs to sell or trade with other ET races.



Attacks on Humans

The ET Visitors have been known to outright attack humans. It is an aspect so often overlooked by UFO investigators and certainly in the New Age community.


Wilhelm Reich, who was a pioneer in orgone (life) energy, developed the famous cloud buster (around the 1950’s). The cloud buster was primarily intended to manipulate the amount of orgone in the atmosphere and the subsequent effect on the weather, especially the creation of rain. From in the beginning of his experiments UFOs started showing up in the sky. For some reason the occupants were interested in what Reich was doing. One day, he aimed his cloud buster to one of the UFOs to see what would happen. Thus he discovered that his cloud buster would impair or destabilize the craft. He concluded that these ET craft were using a technology based on orgone energy. He began to suspect that UFOs were undermining earth life, silently, steadily, secretly. An idea that has been mentioned by other investigators since then.

The Visitors apparently didn’t like what he discovered and Reich laboratory and its environment were getting attacked by the ETs. In the weeks following his discovery life energy in and around his laboratory was slowly sucked away. Plants and animal life were getting sick. The emotional atmosphere in his laboratory became very depressive. UFOs kept showing up, and a Geiger counter was showing increased radiation. A colleague of Reich was using a cloud buster to fight of the presence of the UFOs. One day this colleague, while operating the cloud buster was heavily struck by paralysis. The ET Visitors do not always attack in ways we might expect. They have different technologies. They can easily draw life energy out of living beings. This would result , for example, in numbness and unconsciousness, often reported in close encounters.

Trevor James Constable, in his book The Cosmic Pulse of Life (p343) mentions that he personally has seen himself  his close friend struck by a UFO through the cloud buster that he was operating.

There are documented cases in which air planes, usually military, were attacked by UFOs, resulting in the death of the crew members. Some airplanes have disappeared in midair when approached by a UFO.

In 1977 a Brazilian village was attacked by light beams from UFOs. many people got hit, and it was witnessed by thousands of people. A military person involved in the investigation at that time, went public with the story recently. Just look up 1977, Colares Brazil on the internet. Interestingly,  “The touched people fainted and woke up with a strange anemia. They stated that they felt as if some of their blood was removed by the strange rays.” Remember, we have mentioned in the above that the ET Visitors drain all the blood from the animal and human mutilations.

I have also read accounts of people who came very close to a physical, metallic looking spaceship, entering the surrounding energy field, and who became very ill afterwards, and some even died after a couple of days.

In December 2001a game deer hunter came upon an ET ‘drone’ hovering just above the tree tops. He got hit by some energy outburst directed at him, with serious consequences. The account was posted by www.earthfiles.com , but you need to have an account to have access to the written story. But you can listen to the podcast which is free: http://www.earthfiles333.com/earthfiles/EarthfilesPodcast/Episode37.html


Recommended Literature:

The books of Linda Moulton Howe are very well researched, detailed and voluminous. They are expensive but well worth it.

Linda Moulton Howe : Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. 1 Facts and Eye-Witnesses

Linda Moulton Howe : Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol.2 High Strangeness

Linda Moulton Howe : An Alien Harvest

Well researched and a unique book in regards to the hybridization program of the ET Visitors: The threat by David Jacobs


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