4. The Alien Abduction and Hybridization Program

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In my article of The Allies of Humanity we saw that the ET Visitors have four programs going in an effort to force humanity under their control. Here we will have a look at Abduction and Hybridization program. Abduction of humans have been going on for many thousands of years. the Hybridization program is recent, about a hundred years.

The following information is based on observations, and the reports of abductees, and even of what the aliens themselves have told the abductees. It is just a summary, you find plenty of details in the available publications.


Since their arrival in our solar system many thousands of years ago, the ET visitors have been exploiting this planet in many ways. They are here to take the resources of this planet and transport them to the planets of home basis in space of the different races.

Abductions of humans have several functions. There might be more reasons for the abductions than what we presently know, because the Visitors are very secretive.

They are certainly not experimenting. These races are very advanced technologically. The ones that come here are very specialized in what they are doing. they know what they are doing, they are very good at it, and it is a very cut and dry job. It is mostly the worker class that has been bred for this purpose that come down to earth and do the collecting of resources, be it minerals, plants, animals or humans. The also process these resources on their ships or bases.

Abductions of humans have multiple reasons. When we talk about abduction, we mean temporary abductions. The abductees are brought back to Earth. It has come to the attention of certain abductees and researchers that there are permanent abductions of people. People who do not come back. It has been suggested that their number might be quite high. What happens to those people we don’t know, although their is some evidence that at least some of these people are just cut up for body parts to be sold or traded on a kind of cosmic black market. It sounds horrible, but like I said, there is some evidence, look at the human mutilations cases.

By the way abductions are not solely performed by the Gray looking entities. Many other different looking aliens, from small to large have been reported and described. There are some very good drawings in Linda Moulton Howe’s book Glimpses of other realities, Volume I: facts and Eyewitnesses.


What are we seeing with the ‘regular’ abductions? For a long time researchers thought the Grays were experimenting on people. But a closer look contradicts this. Everything that happens with abductions is done very professionally, precise and for a specific purpose. The main purpose is the Hybridization Program, of which later more. The insertion of implants are often mentioned. originally thought to be a tracking device, it seems to have other purposes. They can be put anywhere in the body, and at hey are of different kinds. They are probably meant to monitor and control thoughts and emotions, monitor bodily activity or changes. Nobody really knows for sure, but it seems to be widely done and important to the aliens.

Harvesting Human Energy

There have been several reports that during the abductions the Visitors are harvesting human energy. They seem to have a way to tap into our emotional energies, and somehow to store it. This is the used to be sold or traded as they also seem to have a way to experience these ‘bottled’ energies themselves. As the Visitors seem to have little emotion life themselves, they use this to enjoy the human emotions. It has been noted for a long time that the aliens know very well how to manipulate life energy in humans. They can perform miraculous healings, but they can also siphon our our life energy, and some abductees feel severely drained afterwards.

Mind Scan

Another procedure during the abductions is the so-called ‘mind scan’. A Gray holds his head very close to the head of the abductee and peers into his eyes. The abductee then feels that the Gray is probing his mind for the purpose of retrieving information. They look in what the abductee has been doing in the past, but it is also said that they look for and transfer memories from the abductee, and then store these memories. At a later time these memories are then downloaded into the mind of the hybrids. Sometimes the hybrids themselves will peer into the eyes of the abductees and directly download the memories.

Mind scan is also used to psychologically manipulate the abductee. The aliens can induce thoughts and emotions in the abductee. They can induce visual images and scenery. They can induce calmness, fear, loss of consciousness. They can induce amnesia (of the abduction event). A lot of abductees feel that their minds have been programmed.

They can induce physical responses, especially the arousal of sexual feelings. This is used for the release of sperm they collect, but also to force sexual intercourse between abductees, or between an abuctee and a hybrid.

Collection of Sperm and Eggs

From in the beginning, researchers found that the main activity during abductions was the collection of sperm and eggs. Women were impregnated and fetuses removed.

Sexual Intercourse

Abductees are not only put on tables to collect sperm and eggs. Abductees have been forced to have sexual intercourse with other abductees and sometimes with hybrids. Apparently this happens when physical stimulation to retrieve sperm doesn’t work. Although the sexual intercourse is sometimes allowed to happen all the way, sometimes it is interrupted at the time of ejaculation, and the sperm collected. the whole thing is not about sexuality but about reproduction, plain and simple.

Interaction with Hybrids

Some abductees are brought together with hybrids for the purpose of social interaction. The purpose here is to instruct the hybrids in how to relate to humans.

The Hybridization Program

It has become well established now, that abductees, especially women, have a live long history of abductions, staring in their early childhood, and increasing when puberty arrives. Many women abductees reports multiple pregnancies by the alien procedures and premature removal of fetuses. They often end up with hysterectomies, and remarks by their doctors of internal scarring, and signs of tubular pregnancies. It seems that the other activities during abductions, which we have mentioned in the above, are part of the overall ‘treatment’ of the abductees, because this often a life long program.

Originally it was thought that the aliens, the Grays, were experimenting with human DNA in an effort to make their own species reproduce again. In the mean it has become known that this is not true, and that they have been running a Hybridization Program for maybe a hundred years for a very specific purpose: the creation of human looking hybrid with a small amount of alien DNA. These end product is a very human looking being but with strong mental capacities.

The Hybridization Program has taken a long time but it is in the latest phase, and almost complete. The process consists of joining the human sperm and egg together with some alien DNA, incubate it in a human host, remove it a a while later and continue the incubation in their own laboratories. The first generation of hybrids look very much like the Grays, but with slight differences. The process is repeated, but this time with the addition of DNA from the Hybrid. When the second generation of hybrid is born, the process is again repeated but with DNA from the second generation of hybrid. And so on. After a couple of generations, they end up with a very human looking hybrid. The addition of the alien DNA seem to be for the purpose of making these hybrid very strong in their mental capabilities. Abductees report that these late stage hybrids can strongly control the mind of the abductees. These hybrids have been reported to be nice and pleasant but also to be very manipulative and even cruel. Hybrids seem to feel superior to humans, and imposing. But they are also afraid of the potential violent nature of humans, and they will use fear to intimidate. The late stage hybrids can also reproduce with humans.

The hybrids themselves do have their problems though. It is reported that they are not happy, being under the constant control of the Visitors. They don’t have a live of their own. Their emotional life is very limited, and they cannot handle strong emotions. They don’t have family ties or bonding.

During abductions, these hybrids are brought into contact with the abductees in order to teach them to relate to humans. Some of the late stage hybrids are being brought to earth, for a very limited period of time, to again interact with the abductees. They are also being taught to start acting independently from the otherwise constant alien control.

So what is the purpose of these end product hybrids? They have been clearly bred to be human, and to be able to live on our planet and breath our atmosphere. At the same time, they have one advantage over humans, and that is their strong mental or psychic powers. They can control the mind of humans easily. Considering the fact that the (many races of the) Visitors have been using this planet mine its resources, including life forms, for many centuries, and that they don’t want mankind to continue to mess up this planet (what is happening on a large scale for the last hundred years), they will intervene and force humanity under their control.

Many times, the aliens have shown (mostly in images) the abductees that humans are destroying the planet, and the aliens do not want this. The Visitors see themselves justified to stop this destruction by eliminating a large part of the human population, and to bring the rest under strict control. They aliens are convinced that they are doing mankind a favor, but in essence they just don’t care about us intelligent beings. They look upon us a just another wild animal species. They envision a future of peace and harmony without wars and conflicts, and a restoration of the earthy paradise, that they then can continue to mine for their own profits. For them, humanity is a nuisance and has to be brought under their control.

Because most of the alien races cannot breathe our atmosphere or prevent contamination from Earth’s microbes, they are planning to put a new control agency in place that will consist over these human hybrids. The human hybrids will be our new masters. Their human nature will allow them to interact with humans and control us, but their allegiance is to their alien masters. The hybrids’ mind is also linked and under control of the Visitors.

Unless we humans stand up for ourselves!

Another development: now there are a few people who claim to be hybrids and are proud of it. When you look carefully about what they saying and doing, it is obvious that they totally promote the alien agenda and are gaining and increased acceptance from mostly spiritually oriented people. They are paving the way for the presence of hybrids in our human society. I don’t want to give names here, but you can find them on the web.

I would also like to mention some features of the abductions of Jim Sparks (from his book The keepers). Jim Sparks is one of those people who have had life long abductions. But he seems to be one of the few abductees who is able to consciously recall almost all his abductions, and what transpired during these events (another one is Kay Wilson). It seems he was allowed to remember almost everything because the abductors want to show that what they do is for the benefit of humanity. But again, there seemingly altruistic motives are in sharp contrast with their actions.

He was taken many times to a class room type situation and forced to learn and alien symbolic alphabet. Because he was initially stubborn, he was tie and time again forced to comply. “It was worse than being told by a teacher what to do. It was a strange omnipresent intimidation by a force with no compassion or understanding of my feelings”. “The screens I was working with were part of a larger machine that could read my thoughts, anticipate my reactions, punish and reward. It had the ability to record my emotions, invading every private thought mercilessly. I felt I was being used just as callously.” Eventually he submitted to the process. To me it is obvious that the whole process was not for Jim Sparks to learn the alphabet, but to break his will and make him submit to their demands. Once that happened, he was allowed to walk a little bit around the ship on his own. One time when he was really stubborn, the aliens showed him an image of his brother in a hospital room at death’s door. “The implication was clear. I had to draw that symbol, or my brother would die. The pain I was experiencing was one thing, but the thought of harm coming to my brother was more than I could bear. I broke down and copied that symbol.”  This is another example how they regard and treat humans. The Grays who are doing this work are just the worker class, they are supervised and given orders by other races. At a later time they said: “We have been around for a while, we have been working on your personal family line. We know you well. Humans are ours.”

At another time he met with a group of reptilian looking beings, who expressed their concern about the environment, pollution and overpopulation. yes, it is time for humans to take better care of this planet, but all those ET races did not spend so much energy and effort to come here to help humanity, but to subdue humanity, because the ET Visitors want to continue to harvest all the Earth’s resources, and that includes humans too.


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