6. The Benevolent Cosmic Beings

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In the previous articles I have shown that our solar system has been under the dominion of a large group of extraterrestrials who are here only for one purpose: mining of resources. This is not limited to physical substances like metals, minerals and crystals. Earth itself is a very rich source of biological material, and that includes humans. I have called this group of ETs the ET Traders.

If you have plowed through my previous articles, you might have become depressive because humanity has been and is not in a good position in relation to the activities of the ET Traders. You will probably asked: “Aren’t there any good ETs around?

First I have to mention that extraterrestrial beings are not always physical beings. Some of them live and work in ‘parallel’ realms that have a higher vibrational rate than the physical. These beings can shift ‘downwards’ and appear in our physical world for a short time. Our own Earth also have these realms where beings live and work. Humans are just one of the many races that exist in the multidimensional Earth and larger universe. Some of the other races, who are not here for the plundering, are not really concerned about humanity. But some races, physical and other-dimensional, do want to help, and are helping humanity to get out the domination and manipulation of the ET Traders. They have to be very careful because they are not welcome in the domain of the ET Traders.

In the first place, humanity must want to change its situation, otherwise any help is not going to be of any benefit. It has to become aware that it has been under domination and control of not only the ET Traders, but also of its own human leaders who sealed a pact with the ET Traders. The core issue is one of freedom, and being able to defend oneself against any exploitation.

However, those cosmic beings who are willing to help humanity to regain its independence, are limited in their efforts. Not only are they not welcome here, but in the cosmos, where there are aggressive and warlike races around, they have to be very careful themselves. Although benevolent extraterrestrials have been on Earth in the distant past, at present they have all left. But help to humanity is still being given, not by physical encounters but in other ways. As far as I see it, humanity is being helped in three ways.

Marshall Vian Summers in The Allies of Humanity, book 1 and 2 (highly recommended reading!), explains that a few physical extraterrestrial races are trying hard to make humanity conscious of what is really going on with the ET Traders presence on Earth, because they themselves had lost their freedom to the ET Traders’ Collectives in the past and they had a hard time regaining it. They have tried to make physical contact with us, but have thus far failed. Contact was then made on the spiritual level with the author. He explains their predicament (comments between brackets are mine): “In the Greater Community (of cosmic beings in the galaxy), there are many races who have achieved very high levels of maturity in their spiritual understanding and have achieved a state of freedom that humanity has not yet come even close to achieving. Unlike those who are visiting you (the ET Traders), these societies do not involve themselves in interplanetary trade to a very great degree, if at all. They are not involved in exploration. They are not resource explorers. They do not seek to gain alliances for political and economical advantage, except in certain situation for their own defense. They do not exploit other worlds. They do not seek to seduce young races who are emerging into the Greater Community. They do not engage in war. They are not part of the Collectives (=groups of ET Traders).   Your allies, whom we represent, demonstrate this establishment of free races. This freedom is very difficult to achieve and to maintain in the universe. To function successfully in the Greater Community, you must be self-sufficient. You must be united. And you must be very discreet.  Do you see these qualities demonstrated in the human family at this time? Are they demonstrated within you and in your relationships? We are imparting to you a greater Wisdom, a Wisdom that has been difficult for us to achieve, that we have achieved at great cost. Our ability to be here to assist humanity is a demonstration of this achievement. For unlike those intervening in your world at this time, we seek only to observe and to advise. Once our transmissions are complete, we will have to withdraw for our own safety. For we are here without any official permission from trading authorities, overseeing organizations, anything like this. If those who are intervening in your world were to discover us, we would surely perish.”

It is clear that these benevolent beings cannot physically help us, but they can also not chase away the ET Traders, because that would put them in a position in which they continuously have to protect us. That would not help humanity at all. Humanity has to learn to stand up for itself.

Another interesting source is Norm Paulsen in his book Christ Consciousness. He explains that there is a group of highly evolved cosmic beings who travel around the universe and create intelligent life forms on suitable planets. He call them the Builders, and they came to our solar system when it was still in its forming stage. From in its very beginning they have seeded the Earth with many life forms. Then, somewhere along the line, somewhere else in the universe, a part of the Builders went to explore a dark region of space that caused these explorers to become egotistic and war like. These Fallen Builders started to attack the spiritual Builders and eradicated planet after planet. Eventually, what remained of the spiritual Builders hid themselves in our solar system, and landed on planet Earth. They helped the already evolving humans in establishing advanced civilizations. However the Fallen Builders discovered their hiding place, and destroyed the civilizations here on Earth. When Norm Paulsen was contacted by the spiritual builders, they told him: “These evil beings have held possession of the earth for more than twelve thousand years. During this time the Forces of Darkness have systematically destroyed all records on this planet which speak of the Builders and the golden civilizations they manifested and dwelt in. This destruction includes buildings, statuary, libraries, temples and people. The spiritual path has been obliterated here on Earth.  Anyone who dares to follow the ancient pathway immediately becomes a target for the Forces of darkness. These dark spirits do not want to let the self-conscious human being evolve into Christ Consciousness on earth as preordained by divine law and guidelines.” The Spiritual Builders tell us that although they were driven out of our solar system more than twelve thousand years ago, they are now back and are trying to reclaim the Earth.

Although the Builders are giving their message to Norm Paulsen in a rather esoteric Christian way because of his own belief system, one can see that these Fallen Builders can easily be equated with what we know of the ET Traders. One also needs to understand that the technology of the Spiritual Builders is much more advanced than those of Fallen Builders. The Spiritual Builders’ spaceships are completely self-sufficient, and can easily shift into the higher dimensions and back, thereby traveling at speeds greater than light speed. The Spiritual Builders are also interested in helping humanity. For this purpose they have to come here via the higher dimensions and then materialize into the physical in order to interface with humans.

A third opportunity for help comes from the Earth itself, and not from extraterrestrial sources. The Earth in its totality does not only consist of the physical earth as we usually now it. The earth has several ‘parallel’ worlds, or dimensions, in which many different races of beings live. The dimensions always interconnect and are interdependent. Our physical world would not be as it us without the work of these more subtle beings in their realms. People are most familiar with what is termed ‘nature spirits’ although many often have a rather childish view of them. They are real beings with real substantial bodies, but of a higher vibration state of being. Those who reside in the dimensions just ‘above’ the physical can easily appear into our physical dimension for a short while, and thus become visible to us. They primarily work on the higher energetic fabric that is the foundation of our physical world. Beings in the higher dimensions work on more subtle energies that are necessary for the expression of conscious life forms on this planet. Access to these dimensions was once open to humans in ancient times, but it has been closed of for a long time because humans started to abuse these beings.

I urge to read the information about these beings available on the website Anglamarke . Guenn Eona Nimue had contact with these nature beings and other more evolved cosmic beings, some from extraterrestrial origin, her entire life. She explains: “It must be said that, for millennia, the High Nature Kingdoms have been closed off to humanity. From times of great antiquity, wizards, sorcerers and unprincipled ritualists have always sought to enslave the elemental peoples, most of whom were not accustomed to dealing with dishonesty and treachery.” But the primary reason for closing off the entrance to the higher dimensions was an invading ET force.

Guenn Eona Nimue also tells us that negative extraterrestrials came to Earth a long time ago, from the Pleiades and other neighboring star systems on a mission of conquest. When they took over the control of the Earth, human progress came to a halt, being controlled and dominated by the invading ETs. Seeing the devastating result of the takeover of humans, “our Nature Monitors (in the parallel dimensions) would not allow these monstrous invaders to defile and destroy their homelands. They closed off their dimensional portals and Faerie Pathways to all surface life, placing mighty Dragon Guardians along the borders of all their elemental realms to put an end to any thought of takeover.”

However, they are opening the portals to their realms again. “The Faerie peoples will now work with their human “equivalents” because of the breakthroughs achieved in Anglamarke and by many groups and individuals across the world. Mankind has been given another chance, though it will be their last , I fear. Land changes and vast loss of life can be averted through harmonious cooperation with the Elemental Kingdoms, but it must begin now. Light oriented groups that meditate together regularly and ask for help from the High Nature Kingdoms will receive that help.”

Similar to what the Builders told Norm Paulsen in the above, Guenn Eona Nimue tells us: “For many thousands of years metaphysical teachers standing in opposition to religious orthodoxy have been hunted down and silenced when they attempted to share their wisdom.” However change is on its way: “But now, because our world is entering her Age of Light and the fiercely yang religious structures are falling into decay, the resultant environment of spiritual expansion shall allow for the entry of higher truth. In these times the old matriarchs will emerge from their age-old hidden retreats to share their wisdom and to heal the planet of her pain. In light of this enormous change in planetary consciousness, consent has been given from source dimensions for the release of special material that will allow entry of all that is real and genuine knowledge, making visible once again, permanently in view, the transcendent never ending glory of the greater cosmos that has ever surrounded us.”

Also watch the TV documentary about the Carlos Diaz case:

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