7. Integration of Humanity Into the ET Traders’ Community

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In my chapter of The Alien Abduction and Hybridization Program I talked about the Hybridization Program in which human-alien hybrids, who look very much like humans but have strong psychic powers, are being bred for the purpose of living on the surface of the planet and ruling humanity, but in service of the ET Traders.

Marshall Vian Summers mentioned this as one of the steps of seducing humanity into a hierarchical structure under the domination of the alien commercial network.

David Jacobs, in his book The Threat, came to the conclusion that (in relation to the hybrids) “All the evidence seems to suggest that integration into human society is the aliens’ ultimate control. And all their efforts and activities appear to be geared toward complete control of the humans on Earth.” The hybrids role is to make the acceptance of alien visitors more easy, to mingle with people, to calm people, and to facilitate the transition to the integration into the alien agenda.

Considering that at present humans are in such a mess on all fronts, humans will openly embrace the gifts of the aliens, like advanced medicine and healing, cleaning up the environment with all kinds of new technologies. The aliens will create a paradise on earth for the humans, and humans won’t know that they are being manipulated into a scheme in which they will loose their freedom.

One of David Jacobs’ connections, the abductee Allison Reed, told him the hybrids will look outwardly so much like a normal human that one cannot tell them apart. She was shown some scenes in the future in regards to these hybrids. “There is only one way to tell and that is that energy field, that energy field around them, but unless you see it, you’ll never know.” “But there’s going to be a few people that can see it and will know. This is crazy. The ones that can see it or can distinguish…those who can see the energy field and who can know the difference and have an uprising about it, would be subsequently terminated.” I have found similar statements in other accounts.

At present there are a few people who openly claim to be hybrids. Although they were born from human mothers, they claim that alien DNA was mixed with human DNA to produce the fetus. They are active,  in different ways, to ‘unite’ people, to call for a better world, and to show paintings and even sculptures of their alien contacts. They tour around the country and the world to give lectures and tell people about the aliens’ ‘good’ intentions. We will see more of this as time goes by.

I came upon the theme of Integration again when reading a book about aliens healing humans. When alien entities are healing humans they must be good beings? Well, not necessarily. I don’t say they are bad. One must look at it in a larger perspective.

The book is called Healing Entities and Aliens, written by Adrian Dvir. Born in Romania, but emigrated to Israel, he practiced spiritual healing with the help of human spirits and other spiritual beings, when an alien group came by and started doing healing as well. It is a very interesting book! The aliens he was in contact with were not physical. They were of slightly higher physicality, one can say of a higher dimension, and were not visible to human eye. On their plane of existence they set up a equivalent of a clinic in Dvir’s house. With their knowledge and equipment they treated the human patients through some interdimensional technology but also through Dvir’s own energy field. They gave him a lot of information on themselves and what they were doing. Basically most of them were alien doctors, nurses, technicians etc. who were involved in a larger program under the rule of a larger organization. For the aliens themselves this was an opportunity to learn about the biology and health/sickness of humanity, and developing technology to treat humans.  There were many kinds of aliens, from all over the galaxy and other galaxies coming and going to take this opportunity. These beings were not malevolent or had they any ulterior motifs. But they were part of a much larger organization which was directing this all. You have to understand the organization, the costs, the effort, the energy etc. involved to carry out such a program. There has to be a huge benefit to it, otherwise that alien organization would not go through such an expense. Interestingly, those medical aliens did talk about the rumors they were hearing about the upcoming Integration of humanity into the alien network. Then, one starts to understand that this healing have a certain purpose: when Integration is happening, the ET Traders will offer very effective cures for humans. Who will not go for that? Humanity will welcome them with open hands.

In the book, the aliens talk openly about the Integration: First there will be a massive landing to make the existence of aliens widely visible: “Aliens will make a massive landing accompanied by such a impressive phenomena that it will be very difficult for fanatic religious groups to oppose them. They will prefer to interpret the aliens’ coming as a miracle from God, or they will find some other mystical interpretation, such as the aliens being the messengers of God. They will prefer to go with the flow of events rather than oppose them. in my opinion, in the era following the landing of the aliens, new religions will develop. The massive landing of the aliens will happen after a world war or holocaust and the prevailing atmosphere following such an event will provide fertile ground for accepting a new reality.” ” They are planning a mass landing that will include teams dedicated to helping mankind in a number of ways, such as medical, sociological, and economic aid. Alien hospitals will be established.”

The aliens often mention The Council as the overseeing entity for which they work. It is interesting that Dvir called chapter 10 “The Council – A Corporation of Alien Civilizations”. When asking the aliens’ Communications Center for clarification of this council, they gave him a nice explanation of how the Earth is put under their surveillance, and how they work in the best interest of any race that incorporates into their structure. It seems that they only want the best for humanity.

But once again, when they put so much effort in helping humanity and to clean up the Earth, there has to be huge benefit in it for them. Because humanity is bound to the Earth, the aliens can tell us whatever they want, we are not able to check if what they are telling is is true or not. The aliens who come here, and this also applies to those visiting Dvir, believe it is in the best of interest for humanity. After all the aliens themselves grew up in this commercial enterprise, where one follows the orders of the council and works for the commercial interests. They don’t know about individual freedom, nor what the spiritual needs of humans are.

Dvir asks a visiting alien what he thinks of planet Earth, upon which the alien replies: “Our impression is that it is worth investigating and helping you. The Earth is on the right track. More and more civilizations are becoming convinced of the fact and are joining the effort to help Earth. These efforts will intensify as we near the I Hour.” “It stands for the Hour of Integration – that is, integration of civilization Earth into the community of advanced civilizations.” “A final decision hasn’t been made. We are proceeding cautiously and will not conduct a mass landing until conditions are optimal. Our concern is for the well-being of the population of Earth, and we are being thorough. We are in no hurry.”

Here is another interesting concept to ponder what it means to be integrated into the aliens network. Dvir asks if the Communications Center (which is a sophisticated computer providing telepathic communications among all of its members) is actively listening to all aliens’ thoughts. “Not to all. We could listen to all, but we don’t; it isn’t a regular practice. The nature of work in a team is such that aliens have no secrets. Everyone works toward a common goal and so there are no secrets or intrigues, as you would say. The concept of the right to privacy is seen completely differently among us. Telepathic abilities bring aliens closer to each other than is possible among humans. We work together and the Center is a tool and an expression of this outlook. It is a central element in our communications and a concentration of data similar to a nerve center. You could say that the Center is like a superbrain connected to the brains of all the aliens that work with us a team. I know that is difficult for you to absorb. All the brains of all the aliens are telepathically connected to each other and to the Center. The Center is a mechanical mechanism imitating a natural mechanism that exists in work teams. The Center is like the collective unconscious, only computerized.” “Everything is reported through the Center and stored into its memory bank.” (that includes all conversations).

Considering that the ET Traders want humanity to join their hierarchy, you might want to think twice if you want your brain to hooked up to their network.


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