The Controllers of Planet Earth and Humanity

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“They take, they don’t give”.
Ken Bakeman, abductee

The Controllers are a group of three races that control Earth and harvest the resources of this planet for trade with other alien races, aside from their own particular interests in both the planet and humanity. They have been in control of Earth and humanity for a long time, and are presently also involved in the creation of a humanoid hybrid race intended to be placed on Earth for a new kind of control of humanity in the near future. You can find more information about this in my other articles. They are all very secretive about what they are doing and what their plans are. Control of humanity is not a superficial undertaking but a very well planned, very extensive and effective program.
In contacts people have had with these particular kind of aliens, spirituality or anything that could benefit humanity is virtually absent. The Controllers are very evolved technically, and have great knowledge about human psychology, but it is clear that they are not spiritually evolved. The Mantis and the Reptilians are working together, but each have their own agenda. The Greys are the work force but are not liked by either Mantis or Reptilians.
In relation to the Earth, both Mantis and Reptilian groups have signed up for the same agenda, to populate the Earth with hybrids at a time when there are not that many humans left. However, at the same time each group is playing their own game. This looks simple but in reality there is a complex set of agenda’s going on between different alien races in regard to the Earth and humanity. We, humans, have not the ability to know for sure what is going on because our knowledge, technology and our minds are far behind those of the aliens. The alien races can manipulate space-time, have holographic technology and can make themselves invisible. We don’t. They know how to manipulate our mind. Over the years we do have put together bits and pieces to give us an idea of what is going on. Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have the means to defend ourselves over the ongoing agenda between the different competing alien races over what they claim is their property: Earth and humanity. However things are changing. Incoming cosmic energies are waking up humanity, and benevolent alien races are actively working to turn the tides in favor for humanity. However the question remains: is humanity going to go along with the program that is being pushed onto to them by the Controllers, or are humans going to stand up and defend their birth right as cosmic or divine beings, and fight for their freedom.

The Controllers are the alien races that abduct people. These abductions are complex events. It is important to understand that the abductees are controlled, manipulated, used and even programmed for many purposes. The following is an overview of what happens during an abduction:

  • paralysis of the body, transfer to a ship

  • removal of clothes during the entire event

  • physical examination

  • the so-called mind-scan, during which an alien probes the mind of the abductee, extensively for various purposes

  • egg and semen extraction, mechanically, sometimes by sexual interaction

  • implants inserted into the body

  • sometimes bodily tissue is taken

  • fetuses implanted or removed from women

    both men and women are show their hybrid children. Sometimes they are told to give these children ‘love’ and human caring.

  • interaction with adult hybrids, sometimes of sexual nature.

  • interaction with mind-controlled technology

  • abductees are put in a holographic scene to test their reactions

  • being shown possible future scenarios, often warnings about destruction of Earth

  • erasing memories of the abduction

  • implanting fake ‘screen’ memories

As you can see the aliens have extensive programs running, and humans are used, against their will or choice, as subjects.
It is time that we become fully aware of these beings and their insidious practices, to defend out precious free will and to determine our human destiny ourselves.

(sources used are at the end of this page)

The Reptilians

Our planet is under the dominion of the Reptilian group. They have claimed this planet as their own, and everything on it, and this includes humans.
The Reptilians are a dominant force in the Controllers group. They are military oriented, although there are also Reptilians which are very good at micro-surgery and implants, and other technology. We hear a lot about the Greys, but the Reptilians are the most important group, although they are very secretive.
Reptilians are large, about six to eight foot tall. They have four fingered claws with webbing. Sometimes external ribbing is visible on their chests and backs. They have smooth to rough appearing lizard-like scales instead of skin. Their skin color is greenish to brownish. They usually have a central ridge on top of their head.
In general they are fierce, strong warriors, structured in a military hierarchy. They have an extremely strong body. They are very oriented towards honor and performance, and have pride in what they do. Because they are very muscular, tall, and strong, they don’t need to have many weapons. They can control humans easily by their strong psychic abilities.
Simon Parkes says that there aren’t that many Reptilians around on this planet because they are physically so much stronger than humans. Their military structure is based on units of 111 officers and warriors plus 1 commander in one unit. Six of these units contain 666 officers and soldiers plus 6 commanders; this makes one parent unit of 672 individuals.
Within one race their physical appearance can be different dependent on the level of their caste system. It is said that the top level, their rulers, have rudimentary wings. This caste system also seem to reflect a genetic difference between each level.
Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, says the some of the reptilians have a third eye between the other two which opens from side to side instead of top down. It is the “fiery, red eye” in African tradition. From this can be flashed a red, laser-like beam, he says, which can knock a person down and paralyze them.

In relation to humans, Reptilians (in general) are deceptive, cunning, and hideous. They can psychically control humans in a very clandestine way. Although they don’t like humans, they use them for harvesting human emotional energy, and genetic hybridization with humans is also going on. They can be friendly while at the same time draining your energy. Some say that there are reptilian groups that are not hostile to humans. However being experts in psychic manipulation, the negative Reptilians can make themselves appear quite different than what their intentions are. They can also make you see them physically different. Reptilians can make us see them in a different bodily form. A person would initially see a beautiful women, or perhaps a military person, to find out later during the contact that the image changes into the reptilian real figure. It is our perception of them that they are able to change. Some people take this as a shape shifting ability, but that is not right. The Reptilian can not change his bodily form, but can manipulate our mind to see him in a different, usually a human bodily form.
John Carpenter, director of abduction research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said that he has been involved in 10 cases where experiences have described reptilian entities and he is aware of researchers in other parts of the country with similar cases. Abductees often have distinct claw like cuts and bruises on their bodies after their apparent abductions. he also states: “Perhaps the most frightening and most controversial part of these stories are claims that the creatures occasionally are reported to have sex with abductees.”

Many thousands of years ago, during the Atlantis period, humanity had a much higher spiritual level. However division set in and war broke out with world wide destruction. The Reptilians took advantage of this and managed to take control over the weakened remains of humanity, also genetically altering the human body, all for the purpose of making them docile servants. Simon Parkes says that the particular group of Reptilians that have lived here on Earth started to manipulate humans slowly about 120,000 years ago, but took full control over humanity about 15,000 years ago.

There are different races and classes of Reptilians. Some groups have been on Earth for a very long time, probably longer than humanity. Therefore they see humans as undesirable on this planet. They reside in underground caverns. Others are from other places in the universe. Some work together with the Mantis and the Greys.
A separate group are called Dracos or Draconians. Dracos are ten to twelve feet height and their skin appears as gray and mottled. Ken Bakeman has seen several Dracos with white skin, which he refers to as albino Dracos. Dracos, with atrophied wings, seem to be occupying leadership positions. Dracos are from Alpha Draconis, and they are very aggressive.
Ken Bakeman says: “But based on what I’ve been able to recall up to this point I know that there are several types — I suspect clans, because territoriality is a factor — of what generically and perhaps inappropriately have been called ‘Reptilian’ beings. There doesn’t appear to be a monolithic block or a specific species or genus in this regard. I’ve had personal encounters with some Reptilians that seem rather snake-like with long tails, others with an unmistakable bipedal dinosaurian configuration with a thick, tail that almost drags, some with toad-like skin and greenish-brown-tan camouflage patterning with little or no tail and some with a crocodile-like head, body and belly scute patterning and pigmentation and a medium-long tail. The skin pigmentation ranges from albino to cream-yellow to camouflage-like patterns to a drab shade of Army green usually with a lighter tone for the chest and belly. In short, what I have seen regarding Reptilians is a wide range of types that do not seem to fit into a single taxonomic identification. ”
Something that always pops up when talking about Reptilians is that one of their activities is the siphoning off of human emotional or life energy. Their lives seems to be partially dependent on this activity. In abduction or contact cases, Reptilians have been known to be physically abusive, even raping women. Probably, this is done to generate lots of life energy by the extreme emotional upset.
Simon Parkes states that the Reptilians (he also calls them Reptiles) have no emotions as we do, but they do have some sort of feelings. He says that the ‘wings’ (of those who have them) are more like spines. They can’t fly with them, but they can kind of flap them. He also states that ceremony and ritual is very important to them; they are a way of life to them. Their ceremonies can include the eating of human children.
Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, is of a similar opinion:

“It is said that these creatures (the Imanujela or Reptilians) feed on us human beings; that they, at one time, challenged God Himself to war, because they wanted full control of the universe. And God fought a terrible battle against them and He defeated them, injured them, and forced them to hide in cities underground. They hide in deep cavities underground, because they are always feeling cold. In these cavities, we are told, there are huge fires which are kept going by slaves, human, zombie-like slaves. And, it is further said that these Zuswazi, these Imbulu, or whatever you choose to call them, are not capable of eating solid food. They either eat human blood, or they eat that power, the energy that is generated when human beings, on the surface of the Earth, are fighting and killing each other in large numbers…Because the Imanujela like to inhale the energy that is generated by masses of people being terrified or being killed by other people. “

He also says that the Reptilians abduct children which are killed sacrificially. ( )

Reptilian beings are not often encountered, as the Greys do most of the work. When Reptilians are encountered they seem to be always from the warrior class. I never read an account of female Reptilians. I assume that it is primarily a select male warrior-like group of reptilians that is engaged the manipulation of humanity, in co-ordination with the Mantis, and the Greys as their work force.

Credo Mutwa tells us that according to the African myths, that the arrival of the Reptilians caused the downfall of humanity:

“These creatures then took away the great powers that human beings had: the power of speaking through the mind only the power of moving objects with their mind only the power of seeing into the future and into their past the power to travel, spiritually, to different worlds All of these great powers the Chitauli (another name for the Reptilians) took away from human beings and they gave human beings a new power, now, the power of speech.
But, human beings found, to their horror, that the power of speech divided human beings, instead of uniting them, because the Chitauli cunningly created different languages, and they caused a great quarrel between people.
Also, the Chitauli did something which has never been done before: they gave human beings people to rule over them, and they said, “These are your kings, these are your chiefs. They have our blood in them. They are our children, and you must listen to these people because they will speak on our behalf. If you don’t, we are going punish you very terribly.” Before the coming of the Chitauli, before the coming of the Imbulu creatures, human beings were spiritually one.
But when the Chitauli came, human beings became divided, both spiritually as well as by language. And then, human beings were given strange new feelings by the Chitauli. Human beings started to feel unsafe, and so they started making villages with very strong fences of wood around them. Human beings started becoming country makers. In other words, they started creating tribes and tribe lands, which had borders, which they defended against any possible enemy.
Human beings became ambitious and greedy and they wanted to acquire wealth in the form of cattle, and sea shells. And, another thing the Chitauli forced human beings to do, they forced human beings to mine into the Earth. The Chitauli activated human women and made them to discover minerals and metals of certain types. Women discovered copper; women discovered gold; women discovered silver. And, eventually, they were guided by the Chitauli to alloy these metals and to create new metals which had never existed in Nature before, metals such as bronze and brass and others. “

The world of the Reptilians and their relationship towards humans is a complicated thing. Aside from what has been mentioned in the above there is also a non-physical, astral or spiritual aspect to the situation of them here on Earth. Reptilians are also very active on the non-physical side of reality, what some call the astral planes, or the spiritual world. They are very knowledgeable about the soul aspects of beings. It has been noted by many healers that Reptilian souls are sometimes attached to human beings, especially if these are spiritually awakened. It is the task of the Reptilian soul to interfere with that person’s life so that person cannot manifest his spirituality or spiritual work here on Earth. It has also been noted that the Reptilian souls are kind of stuck in the astral world, because they have always lived as parasites, living of the life energy of physical beings, humans and other beings. These Reptilians souls do not or cannot evolve further in the spiritual worlds, and need a constant supply of energy that must come from the Earthly physical plane, that is from the emotions of human beings. For that purpose they have set up a system, both in the astral plane and on the physical plane to keep humanity in a constant state of wars, violence, and other ways of generating negative emotions and fear. It is an artificial energy matrix that operates from inside the Moon, and manipulating the minds of humans on this planet.
Simon Parkes mentions in his interview by a Polish woman mentions that the Reptilians are responsible for not allowing human souls, after death, to go back to the Source. Instead they have a system set up that bathed the human souls in an electromagnetic energy that makes the souls incarnate again and wiping the memory of that soul in the process. This is the reason why humans cannot remember anything of their lives before birth. Other alien races do not have this amnesia.
It should also be mentioned that according to some people, humans not only a source of life energy for the reptilians, but also a food source.

There are some abductees with stories of forceful sexual intercourse by  alien hybrids, especially by reptilian beings, and the manipulation of dreams and mental visual scenery that often go with it. James Bartley had written about these dark experiences usually shunned by other UFO or abduction researchers. Go to Introduction to James Bartley.

The Mantis

Simon Parkes says that the Mantis formed on planet Earth long before humans were here. In the universe the Mantis are decision makers. When there is a conflict the Mantis are able to analyze the situation and to cone to a decision in regards to the problem.
The Mantis are called this way because they resemble a praying mantis, or grasshopper insect. This does not mean that they evolved from insect beings. It is just a resemblance, because they are skinny with long limbs, and have ahead with big eyes. They have a small mouth and can only take in fluids.
The Mantis are naked, except for the masters and the Great One who wear purple cloaks. They vary in height. The medical personal are about 8 foot tall, the masters about 9 foot and the Great One is twelve foot tall.
In abductions, the Mantis beings examine abductees only infrequently and most often engage in staring procedures. When they communicate telepathically with humans, their talk is often more substantive and they are sometimes more forthcoming in the information they imparts. But generally they stands back, observe the abduction proceedings, and may issue directions to the taller beings.
The Mantis are able to look into the possible future of humans of interest and see if they pose a threat to their agenda. If so, they will take action to take action against that person.
Joshua Rhinehall (interview by Linda Moulton-Howe) feels that the Mantis are creating hybrids, that is, genetically manipulated human bodies capable of containing souls that are non-human. He says that these non-human souls are not meant to have a physical body, and what the Mantis are doing is not a good thing.
Simon Parkes says that the Mantis has ranks or classes. Medical personal are the lower class. Above them are the pilots of space craft. Above the pilots are the masters who coordinate everything. There are still higher classes above the masters. Simon Parkes met the ‘Great One’ who was overseeing all the Mantis, at least for the group that Simon Parks was involved with.
There are still higher classes above the masters. Simon Parkes met the ‘Great One’ who was overseeing all the Mantis. I assume that he meant all the Mantis that are engaged with the control of Earth.
When abductees encounter Mantis, the Mantis give the impression of being kind and loving, of being very ancient and wise. They might be so in regards to the abductee, but they are the ones in control of Earth and manipulate humanity in intrusive ways without its consent. It is a standard practice of the Controllers, Mantis, Reptilians and Greys, to project thoughts and ideas into the mind of the abductee for the purpose of control and mind manipulation, and not necessarily the truth. The reason why Mantis beings are often portrayed as friendly might lie in the fact that they look slender and fragile. A Reptilian is so strong and fierce, he doesn’t have to put up a friendly face towards a human.
Psychic Ellie Crystal once was in communication with a Mantis being, and she had this to say about it:

“In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I found myself enmeshed in ufology, working as a licensed hypnotherapist with allegedly alien abductees. During this time, I made a telepathic connection with an entity, a tall gray insectoid looking alien, who said his name was Solux, and came from the other side of the sun. He resembles the description of the praying mantis aliens, allegedly more evolved, very tall and keeper of knowledge. He said he came here from a distant galaxy on the other side of the sun where I was experiencing with him. His energy was powerful, yet compassionate, and all-knowing. I could feel his presence with me as I sat there gazing out at the countryside. Though he seemed harmless, and only spoke of the mission I had here to help consciousness evolve, I never really trusted him. After several conversations, I asked him to leave, and he did.”

Simon Parkes talks about a Mantis Control Ship, stationed outside the Earth, where Mantis beings (he calls them Mantid) are the ones in charge of everything. In the control room of another ship he saw Mantis beings engaged in ‘human time line interception and monitoring’. This means that they are coordinating the abductions. The Mantis are involved with humans, because the Mantis are trapped in the fourth dimension (at least the group Simon Parkes is involved with). As Earth and humanity soon is ‘ascending’ (or becoming higher in frequency), the Mantis, by connecting themselves with humans will be able to also raise their frequency. The Mantis are able to do this because they are now willing to leave behind their attitude in which they were stuck. The Reptilians, who are very involved with the control of humans, are not willing to give up their old habits, and they will remain stuck.

Upper Deck in the Mantis control room

Upper Deck in the Mantis control room

The Lower deck in the mantis control room

The Lower deck in the mantis control room

The Greys

Physical Characteristics: Their circulatory system has no blood but has a green viscous liquid. The fluid within the body was chloropyhyl based liquid which apparently dealt with photosynthesis or similar process. They have different internal organs, and something resembling a small heart. They don’t have a digestive tract. It is assumed that they absorb nutrients through the skin by bathing in a liquid that has organic materials in it. Excretion might also be through the skin. They don’t breath as they don’t have any lungs. The small mouth and nose often reported are not necessary and probably are remains left over from genetic manipulation of their species. They have small holes for ears, so they probably can hear. They don’t have genitalia, further evidence that they are actually cloned, or genetically created, without the need of sexual reproduction. The number of fingers vary from three to six, probably because there are many types of Greys. Usually no thumb, sometimes no palm.
It seems that all the Greys have been genetically bred for the task they have to perform.
Some people say that the large, all-black, slanted eyes are actually eye coverings, and that underneath these coverings they have round eyes.

The Greys are the lower, genetically engineered, class of workers for the Reptilians and the Mantis.

There are three main classes of Greys.

  • The small size Greys perform the routine work during the abductions. The shorter aliens bring abductees to the UFO, take their clothes off, escort them to the “examination” rooms, and even do some non-specialized procedures. Shorter aliens rarely engage in extended conversation, and what they do communicate is usually limited to palliatives and reassurances for the frightened abductee. This lower class of Greys has no or very little emotions, and they carry out their work often disregarding the emotional or physical pain abductees sometimes endure. It is believed that they do not have a soul, and are a sort of bio-androids.

  • The medium size Greys are involved in specific procedures like the so-called mind-scan (probing the mind of the abductee through gazing directly into his eyes), medical procedures, and inserting implants into the abductee’s body. This class of Greys is a bit taller.

  • The tall Greys supervise the entire abduction and procedures. They have much more emotion and calm down an abductee by projection a particular emotion into his mind. The tall Greys are often ‘felt’ to be male or female. They are more friendly, but again, they have to carry out their work and will keep the abductee under strict control. The tall Greys also operate the craft used in the abductions.

The Greys have a collective mind. According to some this collective mind is of a high order, and peaceful. There are many races with differences among them, but the collective mind is a steady feature among them. Simon Parkes mentions that with the Grey group that works for the Reptilians and Mantis, not all of the Greys have a soul. The Grey that is in charge of flying a craft does have a soul because that makes him much faster in response time, but those greys that operate the control do not have a soul. All of them are clones, but only the operator of the craft is supplied with a soul.
Greys have very strong psychic abilities. One example of these abilities quite often used is to make you see them in another form, which can be human (in order not to frighten you), and bird forms. They usually look into the eyes of humans in order to control them. During the so-called mind-scan they look into the eyes of an abductee at very close distance (mere inches), by which they can penetrate into the brain’s functions (and thus also control bodily functions), and into one’s mind. Mind manipulation of the abductee covers retrieval of memories, inducing emotions, and implanting hypnotic commands.

Simon Parkes says that the Greys (the ones with wrap around eyes, who work for the Mantis) are a subjugated species. These Greys don’t like their servitude and continuously try to sabotage or hold up the program of the Mantis. However they do have to obey the orders given to them. The Mantis, and also the Reptilians, despise the Greys.

There are other Grey races in the universe that are quite different from those that work for the Controllers.

From the study of many abductee reports, it is clear that the Greys abduct people over their entire lifetime. Most abductees can remember abduction since they were just a couple of years old. Although they are not always able to remember all the abduction events, their lives are profoundly influenced and changed by these repeated abductions, emotionally and psychologically. Most abductees suffers from often undefined post-traumatic stress. Abductions can leave a profound negative influence on one’s life.
Over and over again abductees describe the greys as emotionless and methodical, and seemingly show no sympathy or pity whatsoever toward human suffering or death, but merely look upon it with scientific ‘curiosity’. Some people say that the Greys are actually a friendly species, and have a wonderful mind, but that the lack of emotions and empathy is the cause of the suffering of the abductees during the abduction. This might also be due to the belief that the lowest class of Greys are actually bio-robots or androids.
Reptilians are often quoted as drawing life force from humans for their own sustenance. What is not that well known is that the Greys have technological apparatus to draw life force from their abductees. This technology draws of the life energy, stores it, and then it is given to the hybrid embryos. Jim Sparks mentions that some device would stimulate him sexually, after which it would draw off and stores this sexual energy. Reptilians are obvious parasitical entities, but Greys can also engage in parasitical activity.

Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, who was also abducted once, noticed the same thing:

“Because, sir, when I get caught by the Mantindane (=the Greys), you become so traumatized, your life becomes so changed, you become so embarrassed and ashamed of yourself, you develop a self-hatred which you cannot understand, and there are subtle changes in your life which make no sense to you…And, you develop a feeling that your life is no longer your own; and furthermore, you become compelled with a strange edge to move from place to place, to travel. You become worried about the future; you become worried about people…You develop an understanding of space, an understanding of time and creation which makes no sense to you as a human being – it is a state, after your terrible torture, after substances have been removed from you, some kind of exchange takes place where you suddenly know things that the Mantindane would know, which ordinary human beings do not know. “

This has been noted also in the Western world. Abductees, who are abducted a lot, often develop psychic abilities, and feelings and thoughts that are very different from normal humans.

The Hybrids

The hybrids are a genetically created mix of aliens and humans. Abductees have seen different stages of hybrids from very alien looking humanoids to very human looking humanoids. The end goal of the hybrid program is the creation of human-looking hybrids, at least for the Earth project. A hybrid that is indistinguishable from a normal human in outward appearance, but having very strong psychic abilities. These psychic abilities are very important because they are and will be used for the control of humanity at present and in the near future.
These hybrids often have psychological problems, not only because they are in between two worlds, but they have difficulty handling human emotions. Some abductees have reported that the more humanoid looking hybrids were emotionally and physically very abusive to them.
The hybrids all have psychic abilities with which they can control the brain and mind of a human. We cannot do this, and we don’t know how to prevent such a control. The hybrids also can project thoughts and images into one’s mind, as any alien can do. But they can use this to manipulate, control and abuse a person.

These hybrids are able to live in our society undetected. A hybrid can be standing next to you, and you wouldn’t know that he is actually an alien soul. Some abductees have seen a large amount of hybrids on ships, and in underground caverns. Why would the Controllers such a large amount of human looking hybrids? Simon Parkes said that they will be put on the Earth at a time when there aren’t many humans left (after catastrophes). He says that the hybridization program is primarily controlled by the Reptilians.
Ken Bakeman goes a step further when he states that during one his abduction, when he met an old looking Grey, with wrinkled skin, and a hybrid girl. he asked the Grey about their interest in humans:

“Resuming our conversation, I asked the old guy why he was studying humans. He told me that his research specialty was ‘borderline species’, such as humans, who had developed technology to a point where it was not only a threat to other species, but also a threat to themselves. Humans were regarded by more advanced races as highly problematic. Trying to explain this, the old being gave me an example of a beautiful flower garden that had been taken over by a single aggressive plant. The consensus between other beings was that my species was in need of ‘weeding’. It didn’t take me long to figure out what he was getting at. He meant the removal of human beings from Earth. This idea made me feel angry and depressed. I thought that it was extremely unfair to get rid of humans just because some of us did bad things. The old guy listened politely to my protest, but told me that the decision had already been made. It was irrevocable. The program to replace humans with another class of being was already well under way.”

It is an issue that always pops up with these aliens. They want humanity out of the way, and take over the earth for themselves. From their point of view it is the right thing to do…for their own interests of course.
Most people think that the Greys are creating the hybrids. However they are just the workers. The genetic engineering is orchestrated by the Mantis and reptilians. So why are they doing this?

It brings up the question of what souls inhabit these hybrid bodies. I see two possibilities, and both of them not good for humanity.

  • One: a large group of alien souls in human hybrid bodies, living on the surface of this planet. These hybrids will psychically control a reduced human population. The hybrids’ allegiance is to the alien controllers who still operate from their spacecraft.

  • Two: The aliens will continue to put alien souls in human hybrid bodies, while the human population is being ‘phased out’. It is possible that the goal of the Controller races is to eventually live on the surface of Earth in hybrid bodies that are able to host the alien souls. This would be a silent take over of the planet. Eventually human souls will not be able to incarnate on Earth again.

As the Reptilians are the master controllers of the hybridization program (according to Simon Parkes), I think a large part of the hybrid bodies are destined to be occupied by Reptilian souls. The reason for this is due to the many energetic changes that the earth and humanity is going through, the Reptilian, in physical bodies on Earth, and the Reptilians in their soul bodies on the astral plane are running out of life energy that they used to harvest from humans. Because they have become parasitical in nature, and cannot generate enough life force to sustain themselves (in physical bodies and in astral bodies), they are now faced with a huge problem. They will have to die in their physical and astral bodies, due to lack of life energy, and as a consequence they will have to incarnate in the only physical bodies around on this planet: human bodies. This is already going on. Because they do hate humans, they are now also very busy to create these hybrid bodies which will be easier for them to live in.
It has become more and more clear that the aliens taking over the free will of humanity, subjugating them not only on a physical level, but also on the soul level. It is a method that takes a lot of time, but is effective. It keeps humans in the dark of what is happening, and not physical force or war-like invasion is necessary.
According to several abductees and researchers that some races of Mantis, Reptilians and possibly others want to live in human bodies on the surface of this planet, and there is strife among them to gain their own territories on the surface of this planet. This looks far-fetched, but considering that the aliens are actively engaged in genetic engineering of physical bodies, that they can clone bodies, and that they can transfer souls from one body to another, what would stop them to transfer their own souls in genetically engineered human bodies that can live on this planet?

The creation of human clones and hybrids also goes hand in hand with the transfers of souls, human or alien. When one reads the abduction reports in which this is happening, the abductee is never asked if he wants to do this. The aliens decide, humans have no say in it. This is a violation of several spiritual laws.
The human clones are soul-less bodies stored in glass containers. Several abductees have seen their own cloned body in such a container. The question then arises, why are the aliens storing cloned bodies of abductees? In relation to the non-cooperation of an abductee, Karla Turner said that the aliens told her: “…She was told, ‘If you don’t cooperate, we’ll replace you with this and nobody will know the difference.’ ” This would imply that the alien have the ability, and are probably doing this, to replace a human person with a cloned body occupied by an alien soul. It doesn’t take much to imagine that this can be very useful for the aliens, to infiltrate certain agencies.

An example that the Greys interfere with even the incarnation off a human soul:
From the website:

“In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred L. Webre released on January 19, 2011, Suzanne Hansen, Founding Director of UFOCUS NZ Research Network (New Zealand) publicly revealed the unique and compelling history of how she first met the soul of her son aboard a Grey ET spacecraft when she was only 8 years old and her son appeared as a “Ball of Light.” In her interview, Ms. Hansen reveals that later in her life, after she was married and pregnant with her son, she was taken aboard a Grey ET spacecraft, where she met her son’s soul once more as “a Ball of Light.” On this occasion, her son’s Soul was inserted into her womb and her son’s body in a procedure by the Grey ETs, who also gave her deep information about the future positive social role her son would play on Earth.”

Positive for whom? Since the Greys control the life of not only the mother but also her son.

 Of course, there are  other races that work together with the Controller races mentioned in the above. But they are peripheral.


Linda Moulton Howe’s Big Picture

Anton Parks


David Chase: A Visual Guide to Alien Beings

Simon Parkes: Ammach interviews and Conference

Simon Parkes’ interview by a Polish woman


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