The Danger of Alien Hybrids Among Us

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“After taking care of business, I walked back out to the main room. Resuming our conversation, I asked the old guy why he was studying humans. He told me that his research specialty was borderline species, such as humans, who had developed technology to a point where it was not only a threat to other species, but also a threat to themselves. Humans were regarded by more advanced races as highly problematic. Trying to explain this, the old being gave me an example of a beautiful flower garden that had been taken over by a single aggressive plant. The consensus between other beings was that my species was in need of ‘weeding’. It didn’t take me long to figure out what he was getting at. He meant the removal of human beings from Earth. This idea made me feel angry and depressed. I thought that it was extremely unfair to get rid of humans just because some of us did bad things. The old guy listened politely to my protest, but told me that the decision had already been made. It was irrevocable. The program to replace humans with another class of being was already well under way.”

from The Verges, A Chronicle of Alien Encounters, book 1, by Ken Bakeman (page 91)

This article was inspired by a new book by David M. Jacobs, Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, (2015). This book and his previous one, The Threat, are really a must-read if you are interested in who the alien groups is that is interfering with mankind, and what their intentions are. In his new book he has focused more on the recent development of the placement of what he calls hubrids in our midst. Jacobs uses the term hubrids for alien hybrids who look completely human and are the end product of their hybridization program. It is an area of ‘ufology’ that not many want to go into, because it shows that there is an insidious program going on that does not look well for humanity. Many people still want to believe that the aliens are here to solve all our problems. However the evidence leads into the opposite direction. People who sound the alarm are usually not welcome.

Although this article wants to point out the dangers of hubrids for humanity, they are only one of several methods to gain complete control over humanity.

If you have read my other articles about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, you know that there is an alien group presently involved with our planet and humanity (I call this group the ET Traders). It is part of a galactic trading organization that has control over this solar system and planet Earth for the purpose of mining its resources, and this includes biological material. This has been going on for thousands of years. For about the last hundred years a new program was initiated to create human-looking hybrids to be placed on Earth. From their point of view it is the right action to take, as the primitive human natives are heavily polluting the biological resources on Earth, and they are also becoming increasingly aware of an all pervasive alien manipulation of human society and more importantly of the human mind.

In my article Why The Aliens Are Not Our Best Friends I devoted a chapter about Why the Hybrids are Dangerous. In it I quoted UFO researcher David Jacobs who pointed out that the aliens involved with planet Earth are not here for our best interest, and that the hybrids they are creating are part of a program to completely control humanity. This control implies a stealth takeover of our entire society and transformation into a rigid hierarchical structure where individual freedom is taken away, and every person is forced into complete obedience. In other words, the same hierarchical structure the aliens themselves live in.

It is important to understand who the aliens are (the group that is controlling Earth) in order to see where the danger lies for humanity. After all, contact with extraterrestrials is not the problem. The problem is that they work on a different level than most people would expect. The aliens do not engage in a violent or forceful takeover of the planet. That is counter productive. There will also not be an aggressive invasion and imposition by force or weapons. The tactic they are using (yes, they are already in the final phase) is by mind control.

A standard procedure during alien abductions is the so-called mind-scan, where a Gray, or less frequently, a Mantis goes into the brain/mind of the abductee and by this method has complete control over the abductee. This method is used to scan recent memories of the abductee, to control bodily function, to erase memory of the abduction event, to create emotions, thoughts and visuals in his mind. They can also plant post-hypnotic suggestions in the abductee’s mind. When the abductee is back into human society, he can carry out instructions left into his subconscious. That is a very powerful way to control a person’s life.

UFO researchers have investigated a lot of abductees who have reported all the different procedures they underwent by the aliens. Those abductees are usually ordinary people in terms of their position in society. However, considering the purpose of the alien programs to control human society, it is logical to assume that they also abduct and hypnotically program very prominent people of our society too. Just think about it, is it a coincidence that over the last decades there is a rapid development going on to take away individual rights and freedom, to monitor every single person on the planet in real time, and to go after anybody who doesn’t agree with the official version of government?

In the alien society there is no personal freedom, as every single alien being is controlled by the one above him. If a task is given it must be carried out. Abductees often report they have no choice in what the aliens tell them to do. If they resist they will be forced until they comply. Although physical force is sometimes used, it is rare. As the aliens and the hybrids are all strongly psychic, they have complete control control over the abductees brain and mind, and force is often applied by psychic control. We humans, have no defense against their psychic powers. Here lies the danger we are facing. As the hubrids are now being placed into human society, they have psychic control over any human being, and we are not even aware of it. One can be standing next to you and you wouldn’t even know it. The implications of this are frightening.

I should say a little word about the nature of the aliens and hybrids. Although I have written a lot about the danger of their presence here on Earth, in regards to humanity, they are not evil as some people think. They have claimed possession over this solar system and planet Earth for its resources. Humanity is regarded as an inferior species. They are of the opinion that they have the right to control and manipulate humanity in the way they see fit. They see their own hierarchical system, total obedience, and lack of privacy (because they are all telepathic) as a well oiled machine. Everyone has its place in that hierarchy, and as long as they carry out their task, everything is fine. Emotions are rare among them (at least with Mantis, Greys and reptilians), and is seen as a disturbing influence. They were probably bred out of their races. This is also the reason why, in spite of their self-proclaimed superiority, they are also afraid of humans, because humans are very emotional, which makes them also prone to violence. Free will is also undesired as it creates unpredictability. Aliens want a very predictable, organized society. No room for individual decisions or creativity. This is also the big difference between them and humans. We are tremendous creators. We have the ability to imagine and create it into reality. Alien society is practically void of imagination and creation. From what we know of the abductees accounts is that they have no arts, no music, no paintings, no decorations, no books etc. From the many contacts of the abductees with the hybrids, who are more talkative than the Greys and Mantis, it seems that the hybrids are often seen very bored and unhappy with the environment they grew up in. Some of them really long for a life on Earth.

The hybridization of Greys with humans (there are very few accounts of Reptilians with humans) was a long process. David Jacobs in his book The Threat (recommended reading!) classified the hybrids in three categories: the first stage looks very much like the Greys, the middle stage is half Grey and half human, the late stage is very human human looking but still with noticable differences.

In Jacob’s new book, Walking Among Us (2015), he changed his classification a little bit, and added the term hubrid for a hybrid that is completely human looking, but has the strong psychic abilities of the aliens. These hubrids are presently been inserted into our human society. They live among us, move about unrecognized and can and do control humans psychically. They have a specific mission to fulfill, what is usually not talked about by the aliens. However the abductees strongly feel that with their psychic powers they will eventually control humanity and steer it into the direction the aliens have planned for us.

From the conversations between the abductees and the hybrids and hubrids, it is clear that the latter two do not fully comprehend the purpose for which they were (genetically) created. It is like in our own military structure: information is disseminated according to the level you work on. The lower ranks are only informed about their task, duties and projects to fulfill. Only the higher levels know more about what is going on, and only the highest level has all the information. The entire project of subjugating humanity, in many different ways, is (as far as we know) orchestrated by the Mantis. Orders flow down the ranks. The lowest level of hybrids and hubrids are the least informed. These beings, although they have an alien soul, are more like you and I. They are simple beings carrying out orders, trying to learn as much as possible about what human life is about, then trying to blend in and stay amongst humans on the surface of the planet. Especially the hubrids, being very much human-like, have to deal with everything that implies to be human, including emotions, which seems to be suppressed in them as much as possible.

Hubrids are a new kind of human species. They have a human body, tweaked with alien genes that gives them very strong psychic powers and control over humans, but they have an alien soul. Some people might find it exciting that these hubrids are now walking among us. However one has to understand that their allegiance is to the aliens only. The hubrids are kept under constant watch and control of the higher ranking aliens themselves. Although they have a little more freedom here on Earth, they are part of the alien hierarchical control structure, and they have to carry out orders from their superiors. What are and what will be these orders? Some abductees have caught some glimpses of what this will be. They speak of an upcoming event, called the Change, during which the aliens of their ships will show themselves openly. One of the tasks of the hubrids, is being able to move unnoticed in our human society where they will psychically control individual humans but also entire human groups and crowds, apparently to calm them down, but possibly to make them accept the alien presence.

One also have to understand how far their psychic control of humans can go. As I have mentioned, aliens, hybrids and hubrids have complete control over humans. Their psychic ability allows them to control the bodies and minds of humans. They can project all sensory impressions into a human mind: taste, smell, hearing, vision, feeling. When they do this, it is experienced as absolutely real by the human. A hubrid can induce such a visual impression into a human’s mind that the human thinks he is in an entirely different landscape. He will take this for real, because it look that real to him. I have read several accounts of abductees or other humans who have had this experience imposed onto them by hybrids onboard craft or on Earth. We humans have no defense against this. Herein lies a great danger to humans, now that the hubrids are being deployed amongst our midst.

Isn’t it logical to assume that when hubrids, as a new human race, becomes the dominant force on this planet, against which humans have no defense, that they will ‘phase out’ humans who are trashing planet Earth and who are seen as the property of the aliens for endless exploitation? Probably, humans will end up in very small numbers corralled in preservations to keep as stock for genetic material. I know, it all seems far fetched at the moment, but consider that we humans are a very young species in the universe and are not very well developed in regard to other alien species. A lot of people take our tremendous technological achievements as a sign of our superiority over nature. But technology for alien races is merely a tool. They work primarily with mind abilities, like telepathy, the control of mind over material objects, and control over other races through the mind, sometimes augmented by mind-interfaced technologies. We humans, have only scratched the surface in this regard. The general population is completely ignorant about all of this. We are completely vulnerable against such an intrusion.

Jim Sparks, in his book The Keepers (page 37), explains how he was forced to learn an alien alphabet projected on a screen. What is interesting is that this alien technology had complete control over him: “Something was becoming apparent to me that may have already occurred to the reader, who is not under so much stress. The screens I was working with were part of a larger machine that could read my thoughts, anticipate my reactions, punish and reward. It had the ability to record my emotions, invade every private thought mercilessly. I felt I was being used just as callously.” Some alien races have no problem forcing humans into compliance. They don’t need to use physical force, it is all done by mind/brain manipulation.

The following are a couple of examples from different sources that give a more clear picture about the extent of mind control by the aliens, hybrids and hubrids, and its dangers. It is not for nothing that the aliens have put so much effort, energy and time in creating these hubrids and make them blend in with human society.

In Why the Hybrids are Dangerous, I gave an extract from the book Raechel’s Eyes by by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux. Raechel was a late stage hybrid who spend some time at a college with a near-blind roommate (Helen Littrel’s daughter). Raechel was able to erase memories in people she had met. What is really interesting is that one day when Raechel and Helen Littrell were in the kitchen, Helen found herself suddenly in a completely different environment, with rooms, hallways and windows, a place where Raechel was from. Then she found herself back into the kitchen. This is a clear example of how these beings can project a realistic ‘holographic’ projection (by lack of better words) into one’s brain. It is so realistic that both of them can move around inside the hologram. Because humans don’t even know that their mind can be altered this way, they are not aware that a hologram is being projected into their mind.

This ability can be used to visually show a human certain information the alien or hybrid wants to talk about, as in Littrell’s case. However it can also be used for other purposes. In The Project at Earth, by Earth Sister (Nancy ES Malacaria), page 60-61, there is an example of the aliens using this ability for testing purposes. In this case, the person, Nancy, was told ahead that it would be a test. Even so, the projected event was so real that she became desperate.

In the afternoon, Nancy took David to the doctor to get his ears checked and I was in the house alone. I was in the dining room when I felt the now-familiar sensation of the new beings. Then I heard Einstein by telepathy, say, “Are you ready for your first test?”

Nervously, I asked, “What is this test about?”

Einstein replied, “I would prefer that it be a surprise.” I said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

I began to hear and feel a deep telepathic rumble in my chest. Then it spread throughout my whole body. It started mildly, and continued to increase in every way, and soon it seemed like the house was shaking.
I reasoned with my growing fear that this test was just a telepathic sensation in my body and mind, but it kept getting stronger. My teeth were chattering and my face and body were jiggling and wobbling. It increased even more, and then, to my utter horror, the whole house began actually shaking!
Pictures fell off the walls, and everything on the desk and tables was jumping and sliding. Books and knickknacks were falling and sliding on the floors. Glass was crashing and plaster was splitting. Mickey, our parakeet, was flapping his wings, swinging back and forth in his cage on its hook. I was shaking so hard I could barely see. It was an earthquake! I could not stand up any longer!
I staggered to the open screened window, fell down to my knees and groped onto the sill and saw outside. I was about to cry out desperately to our neighbors who were in their yard just the other side of our driveway, but I saw they were just raking and pruning their garden, obviously unaware of any catastrophic earthquake.
Then I knew, as if the last thread that tied me to reality formed a tunnel through my terror, that I was actually okay and this was all being staged just for me alone.
Suddenly it stopped. All was still and calm, and I looked up. Everything in the whole house was back in perfect order. I pulled myself up to my feet and looked around. I couldn’t believe it. I knew Einstein [the name she gave to the alien] was right there. I was very upset and I asked him by telepathy, “What is the reason for this type of test?”

Einstein replied, “It was to measure your tolerance level to our telepathy, and I think we can adjust you to us now. You did very well, much better than expected. You could have handled even more.”

I realized Zar [another alien] was also present when he said to me, “Yes, you did very well,” then to Einstein also, “but it was not a true test of tolerance because you were pre-warned and prepared.”

Defensively I said, “I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Zar replied, “That doesn’t matter in this type of manual test because you knew ‘something’ was going to happen.”

One wonders why they are doing these ‘tests’ on humans. They never explain that. It would imply that they are ‘testing’ this without telling humans about it. Humans might find themselves in an altered reality experience. Reality itself remains the same, but the experience is altered because of the projected sensory impressions, and visionary and auditory ‘holograms’. it all happens inside the brain, but one is not aware that is a projection. Playing with our fears this way makes one wonder that the aliens will also use our fears against us.


The following account shows how strong the psychic force of a hybrid/hubrid can be in regard to controlling humans. In I Forgot What I wasn’t Supposed to Remember, by K. Wilson, is visited by a pair of hybrids she hasn’t seen before. They look all human and have very strong psychic powers they use against her.

The next thing I knew, the two Beings were both in my bedroom with me. They had come through the closed window. When I realized they were in my room, I raised my hand toward our alarm panel and tried to set off the alarm at the panel in our bedroom, but this Blonde Being was so mentally powerful, I could not do it. I frantically walked out of the bedroom toward our garage thinking I could set off the alarm at that panel instead. However, as I looked at the alarm panel, the Blonde Being looked at me and telepathically said, “You know you can ‘t do it. “His consciousness — his essence — was literally inside of my mind. I took my car keys  off the key holder and turned around. I had my hand on the door that led into the garage, and suddenly I was in the garage with him. Since the alarm did not go off, I suspect he may have taken me through] the closed garage door, just as these two Beings had come through the closed window in my bedroom. I tried to fight him in the garage, but his mental power was too strong for me. I was able to move around and I tried to run, but my memory ended at that instant.
My next memory was of being outside next to a construction site. (There was a lot of construction occurring in our neighborhood at the time.) The “human, but not human” man with the dark hair was walking toward me and he was very angry with me. He telepathically forced me to experience the feeling that he was much more mentally powerful than I was, and he wanted to make certain I knew it. It felt as though he was threatening me. When he reached me he looked at me forcefully and telepathically said, “You didn’t see anything — you can’t see anything. You just forget what you think you see because you don ‘t see anything — it’s not really there! “Then he told me that he could kill me anytime he wanted to. The last thing I heard from his mind was when he asked me “Which way do you want to die?”
These Hybrids possess the most extreme telepathic abilities of any Hybrid I have ever encountered. I do not remember what it was that I was not supposed to have seen, unless I was not supposed to remember him. Their degree of mental power is frightening to contemplate. I do not know if they used a device that enhanced their telepathic abilities, but if they were using such a device, I did not see it. Probably the most frightening aspect about these Beings is, if the Blonde Hybrid simply put on a pair of sunglasses, they could both pass as humans. No one would ever know they were alien Beings.


It really gets very dangerous when this ability is used to cause harm to humans. They can use a projected ‘hologram’ in combination with the taking over of our will power to drive a person to suicide or to a fatal accident. This seems far fetched, but consider that the aliens consider us as in inferior species, and their program is geared to a complete takeover and manipulation of humanity. Anything or anyone in their way will be removed. This becomes quite clear in a case mentioned in   David M. Jacobs’ book, Walking Among Us, where a hybrid was teaching Betsey, an abductee (who had also been trained to mentally control humans) to not only project a scene into an abducted person’s head, but to also make him jump of a cliff!

Page 216-218:

A week later while onboard, Betsey was given a more difficult task. She had to convince an abductee to jump off a cliff. Chatty [a hybrid that was working with her] was waiting for her. He was happy and excited to be with her again, They went into a room where another male hybrid waited. Soon, a different hybrid brought in a naked human in his thirties with a beard and moustache.

It’s a large room…. C is telling me not to worry, everything will go fine. We are ready and prepared for this.

Okay. What is the bearded man doing?

Just standing. I’m going over and staring at him. I’m making him think things…. I’m putting images in his mind of some kind—a bridge or high place, I think…. I’m trying to get him to believe he’s actually there. This is not an easy thing to do. He can still see the room around him. I have to convince him not to look at that, only think about this image. It’s a little like a tug of war at first. He’s seeing the room, I’m pulling him to see my image, he’s pulling back to the room, etc. C is helping now, though. He’s telling me I need to forget about the room. My thoughts of the room help him to pull back to it.

So he has been monitoring you during this?

Yeah, he knows what I’m doing and thinking. He’s telling me the guy is too aware. I need to take him to a deeper level. I’m kind of saying I’ve never done that. I’m not sure I can. He’s telling me to relax, take him to a deeper level, then reintroduce the image.

So he’s sort of instructing you, rather than just telling you to do it.

Yeah, he’s giving me the steps, kind of, but not the how. I think I know how, though; the knowledge is just there. This guy is pretty easy to take deeper. I’m getting the impression (not words) that this is why he was chosen to be the target for this. As he goes kind of deeper; I’m sensing a whole different side to his mind … hard to explain. It’s kind of like I haven’t ever had access to this part before. C is saying, “It’s easier to do some things here.” And I’m putting the image of that bridge or whatever it is back in his mind. It’s sort of a scene of like a long footbridge with no railings. It’s made out of metal, almost like a catwalk kind of thing, but not a grate on the bottom. It’s over some canyon or something. It’s high up. We’re supposed to be standing on one side and looking at it stretch out before us.
The room is gone now; it’s not even a factor It’s like we’re there at this scene, although I still know I’m not really. I don’t think [the human] knows that, though. I’m feeling a certain amount of fear from him. He’s afraid of the height. C is telling me to now have him walk across the bridge. The guy is afraid, doesn’t want to. I don’t want to force him. C is telling me I must. I have to learn this task. I’m pushing the guy to begin walking. I can feel his fear—it’s very real. He thinks he’s going to slip and fall off, killing himself. I’m forcing him to move his feet one after another slowly. I’m not supposed to reassure him. He’s supposed to be afraid and reluctant and I’m supposed to force [him]. This is awful to remember, but at the time it wasn’t really affecting me that much. I have to make sure he’s envisioning his feet landing safely on the bridge with every step. I can’t let him fall or think he’s fallen. This is important.

You force him, while at the same time keeping him safe?

Yeah. There is something about, “If he believes he’s fallen, he may damage himself. No damage is to come to him.” I’m getting the idea (this might be wrong) that if he thinks he’s fallen, he might throw himself down to the floor and injure himself. Anyway, I get him to the other side okay. I can feel his relief, then I’m having him sit down. He’s sitting on a seat (I know this), but he thinks he’s sitting looking down into the canyon or whatever it is. I’m waiting. This has to be coordinated and controlled. C is telling me to begin. This is awful.

Betsey coordinated her actions with Chatty, who in turn coordinated with others, although Betsey was not aware of the others until later. Chatty told her that she had to control the situation completely. Any emotions the man had would interfere with her ability to manipulate him. Chatty also told her the previous task had been preparation for this next important one.

This is my task—to see if I can take total control. He’s helping me to get into the right mind-set, sort of. It’s almost like steeling yourself to do something difficult, but that you must do. And then he’s telling me to begin and I’m pushing [the man] to jump off the cliff. This is something he is horribly against. He’s terrified, but I can’t let up at all. I have to control him completely even through his horror and fear. God, this is just awful.

But before, they said not to let him fall.

But at the time, I’m not really feeling any emotions at all about it. Before was not controlled and coordinated. This is, he won’t be hurt, but he doesn’t know this. I’m not sure I am completely aware of it either. I am on some level, but I’m also very much “in the moment” as it’s going on. I’m mentally pushing this guy and he is resisting me, but I can feel I have the upper hand in it. I’ve got the control over him. I finally just feel him completely submit to my will and slide off into the cliff.
Almost instantly, I’m in the room again. The bearded guy is on the floor by my feet (I’m on a cube seat). There are three small grays around him. They are helping him up and he’s still got a fearful look on his face, but he’s “out of it” too. They’re walking him out of the room. C is telling me I did very well. He’s excited. He’s saying this marks a new level in my training. Now we can move forward. He wants me to be aware [of] (feel?) that connection between us. I need to give myself over to him completely so that it will strengthen and be more complete. He’s telling me that we will become like one person. What one thinks, the other will know. I cannot learn the tasks in the future until this happens.”

Hubrids, once integrated into our society, can move around without being detected, while they can use their psychic ability to control selected humans of groups of humans in in many different ways, and on every level of our society. We, humans, are and will be unaware of their psychic control, and be let into the direction the aliens want. This can be the instilling of positive and loving feeling towards the aliens and hybrids/hubrids when they openly make contact, but they can also remove (=murder) by psychic projection anyone who opposes them.

In The Threat, by David Jacobs, abductee Allison reed talks about a projected scene in which the aliens were showing her the planned future of hubrids living together with humans. Humans would not be bale to tell the difference between a hubrid and a human. However there is a difference in the aura, or energy field of the body: “There’s only one way to tell and that is that energy field, that energy field around them but unless you can see it, you’ll never know.” … “But I can’t see it. I can’t see it on anybody. But there’s going to be a few people that can see it and will know. This is crazy. The ones that can see it or can distinguish … those who can see the energy field and can know the difference and would have an uprising about it, then would be subsequently terminated. So there’s a power thing. I don’t feel experiment. I kind of feel this is not only going genetically and for that purpose, I feel there’s a political power or motivation as well in the underlying scheme of things…”.

Also it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to make already enthusiastic people to be beamed up into their spaceships. What will happen to these people once aboard, you can guess yourself.

The alien group that controls Earth, and has implemented the hybridization program and the placement of hubrids on the surface of the planet, have absolutely no problem with violating our privacy on any level, the psychic control of our body, emotions, thoughts and mind, and even erasing our physical existence from this planet, from individuals to larger groups. The future of humanity does not look bright, unless we become aware of their presence, abilities and tactics, and if we can find a way to counteract it.