1. The Alien Controllers of Planet Earth

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It is said that the government does not want to disclose the extraterrestrial existence and presence on this Earth because it is of the opinion that the general population cannot handle it. I think that is not the reason why. The real reason is that the general population cannot handle why the aliens are here. When one studies the actions of the aliens, or what they are really doing on planet Earth and to humanity, then it becomes all too clear that their motives are not in the best interest of humanity, at all.
I have studied the UFO phenomenon and the alien presence on Earth all my life, and the following is my opinion of why the aliens are here. Few UFO researches dared to go into an area of Ufology that many are afraid off. Many people will have difficulty to accept it, but facts don’t lie. The facts themselves are mostly covered up by our governments, not out of malice but because the realization these aliens are not benevolent, and this might be too upsetting for many people. I am sure that the military powers are very busy monitoring the alien activity and developing methods to defend humanity. In the mean while I think it is necessary for at least those in the UFO field or those who are interested in the existence of extraterrestrials that they start exploring the really dark side of certain alien races.

What would you think about someone who takes you out of your house at night, against your will. Somebody who takes you to another place, straps you to a table and performs ‘medical’ procedures on your body. Such a person would be called a criminal, at least, or even a dangerously mentally disturbed person, to be locked away for life in a prison or mental institute. So, why is it that in the New Age arena so many people believe that the aliens are benevolent, that they are here to help humanity, that they are highly spiritual evolved, and to be welcomed with open arms? At the same time abductions by aliens are still going on, and according to some, even more than ever.
This article is for those who already have a fair knowledge about the UFO phenomenon and the dubious nature of the extraterrestrials that are involved with this planet and humanity. Many people are convinced that aliens are here to save the Earth and solve humanity’s problems, and that they are all positive, benevolent and spirituality highly developed. Believing the aliens have our best interest at heart is not only a superficial attitude but also a dangerous one. Preconceptions and beliefs do not match up with the actions of the aliens. Those extraterrestrials that are here and interacting with humanity are technologically sophisticated but not evolved at all in any spiritual, moral or ethical sense. When one studies what the aliens are really doing, one discovers that their actions are centered around their own self-interest, with disastrous consequences for humanity.
No, there is or will be an alien invasion as it is portrayed in movies. The aliens have been here for a long time already, and they are not interested in a war-like take-over or occupation of the planet. They already have controlled this planet for many thousands of years. They use much subtler and effective methods to exert their control: mind manipulation and deception. A lot of people do not want to hear that humanity is being ruled, dominated and controlled by alien races. It is not pleasant to realize that we do not have our destiny in our own hand, and that the future does not not look bright. This is similar to the movie The Matrix. Waking up out of an artificial reality, and finding oneself in the real reality that is everything but pleasant, can be a shocker, and many people will tend to go back into the Matrix, pretending that everything is OK. However for those who are spirituality awakened, one has to go with what is really happening, analyze the situation, and then go from there.
First we have to define what we understand by aliens. In this article the term ‘aliens’ refers to a large group of extraterrestrials that I have called ‘the ET Traders’ in my other articles. These are physical non-human beings of a great variety that have come to this solar system and Earth for one purpose: to harvest resources. When a race of beings develops a technological society, it needs materials for its technology, biological resources, and other needs. A growing population with a growing technology will soon outrun the available resources on their own planet and solar system. Thus, they will venture into space to find more resources. This way trade with other alien races is born, other races having other resources. It is similar to the Europeans who ventured out to other continents. Different European countries laid claim on different sections of the other continents, harvesting the resources, and trading them with other European nations. It is the same with alien races. Therefore I call them the ET Traders.
There is one small group (I call them the Controllers, some call them the Watchers) that has laid claim on this solar system, and Earth, and all the other alien races and groups trade with this controlling group. These Controllers allow members of this alien guild of traders to come to Earth and take what they have bargained for. This is strictly controlled, and no others are allowed; certainly no one who would help humanity against the Controllers. As far as I understand it, the small group of Controllers consists of the Mantis group (insect looking beings) at the top, the Reptilian group in the middle and the Grey group at the bottom of their hierarchy.
Simon Parks, a British city councilman, who came forward with his many contacts with this group of controlling aliens in the Ammach interviews and Conference, talks about a Mantis Control Ship (pay attention to the word ‘control’!) where mantis beings were the ones in charge. They fly the ship. In the control room of this ship he saw mantis beings engaged in ‘human time line interception and monitoring’. They are coordinating the abductions. The Reptilians are the executive force, military oriented. They also act as body guards. The Grays are the low level work force. They have to obey orders and carry them out. However Simon Parks says that there is a difference between the lower level cloned Grays and the taller grays who have much more ‘humanity’ in them and are more developed in their emotions.
At present, we also have to include the human-looking hybrids, as they are playing more and more prominent roles during abductions, and they are now also integrating in our society. These hybrids, which are now completely human-looking, work for the Controllers and against humanity.
For a long time I didn’t understand why the Grays and Reptilians, when seen inside one’s home, or outside on the surface of this planet were not wearing helmets. If they were true aliens they would not be able to breathe our atmosphere or be resistant to our microbes. Now I understand that the Grays were especially created (genetically) to be able to work in our environment. They don’t breathe as they don’t have lungs, and they also don’t eat as we do. They absorb nutrients through the skin. The Grays do not reproduce sexually; they have to be genetically engineered and the fetuses grown in vessels with a special liquid. Some Gray groups live and work in underground structures, as do certain reptilian races who have adapt to our our environment. There are also Grays and Reptilian races that come from elsewhere in the universe. The Mantis might be similar to the Grays in regard to their physical make-up.
All the other kinds of alien races are members of the trade guild that are here to do business. Are these aliens benevolent or malevolent? We often tend to see things black and white, not allowing for the many shades of gray in between. You really have to look at the many different actions of the aliens, because they are very good in presenting themselves very different from what they truly are and do. The mistake many people make, is to look at the entire alien issue from the human point of view. You have to learn to see things from the aliens’ perspective. Imagine that you are one of them. You are part of a very strict hierarchical society where you are given a task to fulfill. You have little or no personal freedom, and your actions are monitored, even your thoughts. You have to maintain firm control over the human population on that planet in order to continue the ongoing harvesting of Earth resources. By all means possible, don’t let humanity become aware of why you are there! Overall the aliens are not malevolent, with some exceptions. They have a task to fulfill here, and they will make sure it will be carried out. When they deal with humans, during abductions for example, the Greys, and now also the human-looking hybrids, they have to put the abducted human through a series of procedures in a very well determined way. When the human cooperates they will be friendly, although mostly being indifferent. But when the human does not cooperate they will be disciplinary, forceful and at times even violent. When the procedures cause physical pain to the human, they can be totally indifferent to it. Overall the Controllers don’t care about the emotional or psychological well-being of the abductee, because the human is a mere subject to their program. There are reports of aliens who have prevented car accidents or have cured their abductees from serious diseases. However this is not a sign of benevolence. An abductee is a life long investment. Most abductees are regularly abducted, controlled and used for specific purposes their entire life. The aliens want these people to be in good health, and when necessary they will interfere to improve their health or life until they are no longer needed.
Yes, it is all about control of humanity!
An example of this control we find in Karla Turner’s book Taken:

“One abduction during this time was very singular, as Angie recalled going to an underground facility that her uniformed human escort said was in northern Arizona. He told her there were other stations around the world, including bases in New Mexico, the North Pole, and Africa. When Angie asked who was in charge of the “High Shelf” operation, another of the men, a “blond humanoid” replied that his kind “control everything.” “What about the Grays and the other aliens?” she asked, thinking of the several different types she had encountered. “Are they involved, too?” “By degrees,” he answered. “What about all these humans?” she persisted, “these military people?” “We control them,” the blond smiled.”

The other races are not necessarily like the Controllers, and some have shown to be more benevolent to the human they engaged with. These races are here because they need something of this planet, but they are not engaged in controlling humanity. Others are completely indifferent to what happens to humanity. In all the information that is available, it shows again and again, that the Controllers absolutely do not care about the well-being of humanity. Along with the Earth, the plants and the animals, humans are a biological resource for them.
We also have to include the abductees themselves as being part of the Controller’s program. The human abductees are mainly used for the alien’s genetic program; this is the creation of human-looking hybrids. The abductees are always controlled and mind-manipulated, not only during the abductions, but also in how they present their own experiences and what the purported intentions of the aliens are, toward the rest of humanity. The Controllers like that the abductees write books about their experiences in which the aliens are portrayed in a positive light.
The Controllers grip on humanity is extensive and effective. I have written about it in my other articles. Here I will go into the often neglected and dark region of the alien presence on this planet.

Before we go on to the next chapter, here is an example of the absolute control the alien Controllers have over humans. Jim Sparks, an abductee, had to learn an alien alphabet. From his experiences it is obvious that the purpose was not the learning of the alphabet itself, but an effort to see how difficult or easy it would be to break his resistance and to go along with the orders given to him. Clearly the aliens are only interested in every possible way they can make us do their bidding. Jim Sparks is just one example, you can find similar scenarios with other abductees. As it is so often the case with abductees, Jim Sparks has a rather positive view of his abductors, in spite of what he has gone through. The following are a couple of extracts from his book.

from The Keepers, by Jim Sparks:
Again, the letter “A” appeared and this time the air pressure changed in the room. It pushed against my head and my ears, becoming quite painful. My heart pounded again. I could taste fear again — body fear, fear of more pain that might come. Everything tightened and I was quite uncomfortable. I sensed that this discomfort would continue unless I cooperated, unless I drew that alien “A” on the screen. Still, I can be a stubborn man. “No!” I said. “What kind of stupid school is this? I don’t know who you are, or why I’m here, and I’m not going to write your damn letter!” The alien “A” reappeared. FOOOMP! The air pressure increased, upping my discomfort and anxiety. I knew that unless I obeyed, it would go up again. I was still angry though — and maybe something about wanting to remember these experiences made me hang onto that pain. “No!” I said, “I won’t do it.” I could bear only so much, though. After the next level of agony, it felt as though I were about to die. I cried out, “I don’t want to die!” I looked down at the table screen. With my right forefinger I traced the first stroke for their version of the letter A. Instantly the air pressure dropped. Quickly, my heart rate dropped down toward normal. The anxiety and the fear faded. Moreover, I felt euphoric. The contrast was remarkable. A very pleasant sensation flooded me. The message was plain — “cooperate and feel good; refuse and receive pain.” (p. 20-21)

Something was becoming apparent to me that may have already occurred to the reader, who is not under so much stress. The screens I was working with were part of a larger machine that could read my thoughts, anticipate my reactions, punish and reward. It had the ability to record my emotions, invading every private thought mercilessly. I felt I was being used just as callously. (p. 37)

Suddenly, a three-dimensional image sprang before me. I saw, in this video-like image, my brother in a hospital room, clutching his heart, his face red, clearly at death’s door. The implication was clear. I had to draw that symbol, or my brother would die. (p. 59)

Then, instead of answering any questions, they made their presentation again, though this time in written form, in their language. I watched it and found that, again, I could comprehend it, and it all underlined their message: “WE’VE BEEN AROUND FOR A WHILE. WE’VE BEEN WORKING ON YOUR PERSONAL FAMILY LINE. WE KNOW YOU WELL. HUMANS ARE OURS. (p. 99)


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