2. Earth: Biological Resource for Aliens

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Witnesses to UFO landings have reported that the alien beings collect soil samples, plants, seeds, even animals. When the aliens turn their interest to humans, it is not to have a good chat with them, or to talk with them about the spiritual laws of the universe. Humans get abducted, a lot. These abductees, whenever they can remember what happened on board of the craft, sometimes by hypnosis, tell us that the aliens use them in many different ways. The aliens often complain that we, humans are destroying the Earth. They are very concerned about pollution and potential destruction of the Earth, but they never express their concern for humanity. They consider humans as mere objects of interest on the same level as animals and the other planetary resources. That is how they regard humans: a resource to be harvested to their liking.
In my opinion, the taking of humans is for three purposes. First, harvesting human biological tissues to be traded with other alien races. Second, for slave labor elsewhere in the universe. Third, the creation of hybrids meant to be put on Earth for direct control of humanity in the near future.

An Interesting Perspective

I am not really fond of channeling sources. I think that most of it are half trues and misinformation from lowly developed spirit beings, from the alien Controllers too, and some of it is from one’s own subconscious. But there are a few exceptions. One of them is Marshall Vian Summers. He wrote a lot of channeled material from higher spiritual sources that look genuine, in my opinion. One day he got contacted, not from his usual spiritual sources, but from an extraterrestrial group that had been monitoring what is going on on Earth in regards to the control, manipulation and exploitation of humanity on Earth by a Collective of aliens who are engaged in trade with other alien races. This benevolent extraterrestrial group gave him a total of only three messages intended to clarify this situation to humanity. Links to his books are available at the bottom of this chapter. I found them very insightful in regards to the entire UFO and alien phenomenon.

Marshall Vian Summers writes in The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, (p. 27) that the Collective aliens are here not only to get metal or mineral resources, but they are here primarily for biological resources:

“You are living in a world of tremendous natural diversity and biological resources. Those who are intervening in your world today are not interested in the resources that you hold most dear. They are interested in biological resources, particularly those resources that represent the building blocks of life—genetic agents, chlorophyll, blood and plasma. These are the things that are valuable and are greatly needed in a universe full of barren worlds. Some of this represents illegal trade, trade that is not allowed for ethical reasons, but trade that exists nonetheless.”

You have to understand that this includes the harvesting of human bodies.
In his second book, The Allies of Humanity Book Two, (p. 72-73) he had already explained this in a little bit more detail:

“We know from their transmissions, their communications with their bases within the world and their satellites beyond the world, that many of their “specimens,” as they refer to you, have either perished or had to be used for other reasons. However, we know from their earth transmissions that many people are disappearing. So it is not difficult for us to see the connection. In their attempt to breed a new leadership for humanity, a hybridized person, they need all of these biological resources that we are describing. What we are speaking of here is the most hidden and secret part of their agenda, the part that they will never reveal to you willingly, the part that you may never see without great assistance. This is the most secret of their activities. They sell biological products on what you would call a “black market” in the Universe. But the value of these products and the demand for them is indeed significant.”
“In most places where commerce has been established, such as in your vicinity, such trade is illegal, for it is considered to be morally and ethically reprehensible. But with so many technological societies existing in the Universe and biological resources such as exist in your world being as rare as they are, the demand for these fundamental elements is considerable.”
“Many technologically advancing nations have outstripped their own world’s biological resources to the extent that they must find them elsewhere, and they must trade and barter for them as one of their primary endeavors. This is not simply food products, minerals and metals and elements such as this. It is also the need for biological products such as we have described, which are abundant in your world and which are abundant within the human family.”

A lot has been written about the harvesting of human sperm and ova during abductions, usually equated with the production of human-alien hybrids. Ken Bakeman wrote in his book The Verges, that human biological material is also harvested for an alien, or galactic, market, with a rather doomsday reason for this:

“Our abductor seemed to be nervous. Sensing this, I dared to ask him why he was subjecting us to this process (he and some other boys were subjected to the extraction of semen by a device). Responding in a clipped mental message, he gave a shockingly simple answer. It was about profit. While he hurriedly put away his precious vials of human genetic material, he rambled on. The gist of what he was explaining seemed to be that he was a freelance operator who specialized in obtaining sperm and ova. The product would be sold to the highest bidder. There was currently a strong interest in Homo sapiens. Continuing, he said that Earth was in a restricted zone and the prices for human genetic samples were already high but because of speculation that the species would not be available in the near future the value of human sperm and ova had increased significantly. Its value had risen to an exorbitant level and was in high demand on the ‘black market’. The reason he was nervous was also simple. He was pushing the window on getting back to his drop-off vessel. He needed to rendezvous with this craft in only a few more minutes. If he didn’t return in time, it would take off without him, leaving him stranded on the surface of the planet until the next available Pickup. Trying to interpret his jittery thoughts, I pieced together that at first he had only planned to snag me, but later decided to include my friends. He muttered something to the effect of, “This is an expensive business. I had to pay a lot just to get to the planet, and finally I have my chance to make it worthwhile.” Apparently he thought that running a bit late would be worth the risk. After all, he netted four healthy human males in one fell swoop.”

Human Tissue Aboard Alien Ships

Over the many years of research on UFO abductions and in what abductees report, researchers have concluded that a part of the abductions, and especially in the case of animal and human mutilations, are done to obtain biological tissues for their nourishment. The Greys do not eat as we do. They don’t have a digestive tract. They bath in liquid in which abductees have seen organic tissues floating around. Their skin absorbs the nutrients they need. Some also say that the Grays can smear these nutrients onto their skin for absorption.
We know little about the Reptilians. Biological they similar to humans and do eat as we do. Simon Parks, the city council man from England, says that it is a cultural tradition among them to occasionally eat a human. A reptilian told Simon Parks, showing him a scene in his mind: “We feast on sacrificial flesh.” (YouTube video: Ammach Conference 2012 Simon Parkes Presentation )
In our Western culture we have been taught that we are the ultimate predator on this planet, but it time to realize that we are not. There are other (intelligent) beings that prey on humans. Not a pleasant idea to entertain!

Rumors have been going around that some of the crashed alien ships contained human body parts.
William Cooper, radio broadcaster and author of Behold a Pale Horse, p. 197:

“An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948, on a mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948, in White Sands Proving Ground. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two crafts. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles.”

Another account in which aliens were interested in human body parts:
Source: Stringfield, Leonard H., UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum, Status Report VI, July, 1991, pp 50-52.

Near Tong Li Sap, Cambodia
Date: April 1972 Time: afternoon
A platoon of US special operations soldiers came upon a group of humanoids that were apparently sorting human body parts into large bins and sealing them. A fire fight ensued in which several of the aliens were killed after it was learned that the light silver colored suits they were wearing were essentially “bullet proof.” All but one of the alien casualties resulted from “head shots.” As the soldiers pulled back several of the aliens quickly packed as much as they could. One pressed the side of a landed oval shaped craft nearby and a gangway slid down. They all scrambled into the opening, which disappeared as it closed. The hum from the craft increased as it rose and the “legs” pulled into the body. It then accelerated at fantastic speed and disappeared from sight. The body of a slain soldier began to decompose almost immediately after death. The military unit involved was then held incognito for debriefing for several days. The craft looked similar to the one observed by Zamora in New Mexico in 1964. It had the same arrow-like sign under semi-circle on its hull. The craft was polished, highly reflective, with a mirror-like surface. The symbol on the surface appeared to be sandblasted, as it was less reflective. The craft emitted a high-pitched hum but was otherwise nearly silent it its ascent. Legs appeared to be one contiguous piece with a body but withdrew into the orb during takeoff. It was spherical in shape; the craft was about 50 ft in diameter. The encounter and the description of the object were reported directly to civilians who identified themselves as representatives of the Majestic 12 group. The craft was later determined to have been from the HD Cassiopeia star system, 60 light years away.

The Allies of Humanity books by Marshall Vian Summers:
as PDF:
The Allies of Humanity, Book One
The Allies of Humanity, Book Two
The Allies of Humanity, Book Three
They are also available in hard copy on his website.


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