3. Animal Mutilations

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As some alien groups come here to trade with the Controllers of Earth, it is natural to assume that they gather biological specimens like plants and animals. They pick up a lot of animals, even pets like cats and dogs, for whatever reason.
It becomes a whole different story when animals get picked up, stripped of tissues and organs and the rest of the body is just dropped back to the surface. This has long baffled researchers about the reason behind this gruesome act, what is now believed to be done by the so-called Grays.

Animal mutilations didn’t get much attention in the past, but have been well documented and researched since. It has been well documented by Linda Mouton Howe in her books An Alien Harvest, and Glimpses of Other Realities Volumes I and II. A must read on this topic. It is very clear that somebody swoops down from the sky, picks up an animal, no matter how heavy (even moose), surgically removes tissue and then drops down the remains wherever they please, usually but not necessarily in the same area. This has been going on for decades, world wide, and they are doing it with impunity. Not only cows, but many other animals, like horses, sheep and even wild animals have been found with cut out ears, eyes, lips, jaws, rectum, genitals and interior organs.
Animal mutilations always show the same pattern. Cuts have been made with some type of laser device, with surgical precision. All bodies have been drained of blood, but blood is never found at the scene. There is no blood with the carcass, no torn or ripped flesh that would show animal predators, and no animal or human footprints are around the carcass. The area around the carcass, when initially found, does not seem to show any sign of a human presence which would normally be required to accomplish the task of mutilating the animal. Not even the slightest trace of blood in or around the body. The blood was removed entirely without the collapse of the veins. This suggests the removal of the blood as being pumped out while the animal is still alive in a manner unknown, especially in the field, or countryside, removed from the use of sophisticated equipment. An eye, an ear, the tongue removed; the lips, utters (if female) sex organs, anus cored out to the intestinal tract; and glandular and body fluids gone. The removal is done with such laser-like precision with cauterization along all of the cuts suggesting a heat source such as a laser cut. Also puzzling is that these carcasses are never touched by animal predators.
Local law enforcement is always baffled, and tries to explain these mysterious cases are the result of satanic cults or animal predators. Animal mutilations are found world wide. Sometimes unexplained lights have been seen in the region, and some people have witnessed a cow being taken up in a light beam to a hovering ship. Some of the animals have been dropped from high altitude and fall wherever they come down, sometimes in unlikely places.
These animal mutilations are a gruesome act, by beings who have no compassion or any good feelings towards these animals. They also don’t care that we find them, as they drop of the dead animals in places where we find them soon after. Sometimes it is not only one animal that has been butchered, but an entire group of them.
There are also a lot of reports from various locations of half cats. Cat owners find their half their pet a short distance from their home, sometimes even on their front lawn, the other half missing.
It is obvious they are not experimenting, they are harvesting animals body parts.
Marshall Vian Summers says that the Allies of Humanity told him that these particular aliens (which I call the Controllers) are harvesting animal body parts for an extraterrestrial black market. What would stop them to do the same with humans?

Surgical Removal of Tissue on Live Animals

What I want to point out to you in this article is that these animals were alive when their body parts were removed, as has been shown from forensic scientists who have examined the mutilations!
Here is one example:
From Dead Cows I’ve Known – Part 3 By Ted Oliphant III

On February 6, 1997 I got a call from Geraldine Police dispatcher Corey Dobson. He told me he’d just heard about a new case near Crossville and gave me the directions to the crime scene. By the time I got there, the Crossville Police Chief, Ron West, and Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department Assistant Chief Deputy, Dale Orr, had already left the scene.
The farmer took me to the crime scene, explaining that he’d heard a helicopter over his pasture the previous evening, but he hadn’t thought anything about it until he found his calf dead. I asked him how knew it was hovering over his pasture? He replied, “I used to fly choppers invite Nam, and I know what a hovering helicopter sounds like.”
I decided not to argue with him, and inspected the victim. This cross-bred beef calf was lying on its right side, with an enormous circle of hide missing from its back, neck and rib cage, and much muscle was missing. The esophagus was exposed and an eight inch length of it was missing. It appeared to have been snipped cleanly by a pair of scissors, and there was foam at the end of each side. There was still color in the animal’s blue eyes, and they were just beginning to get cloudy.
This animal was alive when it was cut, and it hadn’t been dead long. I looked closely at the cuts on the animal and found no blood on the hide or ground. The farmer told me that the police who had just been there told him it was the work of predators. They had offered that explanation before they looked at the animal! When they did inspect it, they just said the same thing, “Yeah, that look’s like predators all right, go ahead and bury it.” They didn’t even file an incident/offense report.

In the following report the witness is watching a cow being raised up to a alien craft and mutilated alive!

from: Glimpses of Other Realities by Linda Moulton Howe, Volume ii, p.167-168
Extract from a report by witness Timothy Fint in Portland, Oregon:

“This thing went down the hill a little bit off to my left and hovered above the brownish-red cow. The cow was still eating and didn’t even know that the domed thing was there, I guess. All of a sudden, this light beam came down from the blue base of a round, lighted object in the sky, a kind of milky white light that 1 could see right through. And it came down and surrounded the cow, and the cow started to levitate. The cow went stiff and its head popped up and its eyes were wide open and its tongue was sticking out. And it went up.
“The craft was about twenty-five feet up in the air above the cow. The cow went up with its feet down and its left side to me and touched the right side of its face to something at the top of the beam. I heard this high-pitched zinging sound. It was like the sound of a power saw cutting wood, but very high-pitched. ZING, ZING, ZING. And the cow let out this bloodcurdling scream.
“This cow was screaming, screaming and screaming! Then she was lowered inside the light and turned upside down because the feet was pointing up. Now the right side was facing me and the cow went up again and I heard the zinging sound again on the cow’s right shoulder. The cow is not bleeding or anything.
“I could clearly see that the right side of the cow’s face was gone. There was no ear, no eye and the tongue had been removed and it was down to the bone on the jaw. The meat had been removed right down to the bone.
“By this time, I’m terrified. It’s like, ‘Why am I here? Why am I seeing this? Why am. I being showed this?’ I’m in a panic state and just want to get out of there. I just want to turn and run, but I can’t move. I don’t want this craft to hurt this cow anymore, so I think I yell at this craft at the top of my lungs, ‘Stop it!’ And at that moment, it just dropped the cow to the ground. It landed on its legs and I heard this cracking sound like the legs was being broken and the cow just flops over and lays there. The light is still down on it. Then the light goes up to the blue base and it’s just hovering there above the cow. It was like one of those laser swords you see on Star Wars. Like you turn it on and it comes out. Well, when you turn it off, it moves back in. Basically, that was the effect of the beam going into the blue base of the craft.

In Houston, Texas, on May 1973, Judy Doraty had a UFO encounter that left her ill and unable to account for a period of time. In 1980, she was hypnotically regressed by Dr. Leo Sprinkle from the University of Wyoming. During her abduction she witnessed a calf being beamed up into a ship. When she found herself inside the ship too, she witnessed the calf being cut up, alive.

DORATY: It’s taken into some sort of chamber. It’s a little round, tiny room. And I get nauseated at watching how they excise parts. It’s done very quickly, but the calf doesn’t die immediately. For some reason, the calf’s heart isn’t taken. I don’t know. It seems like it’s still living and that upset me very much. (Sighs.) And then I can see the calf being lowered, like it’s being dropped back down and when it’s on the ground it’s dead. I can see that it’s not moving. But I feel very sick to my stomach at what I witnessed. (Long pause.) And then I can see different sections.

SPRINKLE: OK, let yourself relax. Let yourself see the sections. Describe what happens next.

DORATY: They work very quickly. For so me reason, it has to be done right away. They take the probes and insert them in the different areas. It made me nauseous, but the way they did it, it was like precision, like they were very snappy about their movements and knew exactly what they were doing.

In a video interview at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles  2016, Linda Moulton Howe mentioned a cattle mutilation in Colorado. There were absolutely no tracks around the cow, and the cow had no broken bones (the aliens often drop the animals from high up). It was obvious that the cow had been laid down slowly, but also that there were no signs that of any struggle. Several parts of her body had been removed, but the ground was undisturbed. However the cow was not dead at the time of the surgical removal of the tissues. The strange thing about this case was that the head was lying in an 8″ deep hole. It became obvious to the sheriff and Linda that at the time of the mutilation, the body of the cow was paralyzed or was made completely immovable, while only the head was able to move. From the sheer pain of the repeated mutilation, the cow had moved her head around so frantically that its head had dug the 8″ deep hole!



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