6. Mysterious Disappearances of People

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Many people have and still are disappearing every year world wide. There aren’t any reliable statistics, because there is no overall tracking system. Below are some figures to give an idea.
In the USA about 900,000 people go missing a year, that is about 2,300 a day. Mostly children. According to the FBI just over 100,000 people have gone missing and never been found in the USA since 1975 – 2008. That is around 3000 people a year.
250,000 people are reported missing in the UK each year. The number of people who have been missing for more than a year is at least 16,000 and could be as many as 20,000.
35,000 people are reported missing each year in Australia. Of the estimated 35,000 people who are reported missing in Australia, more than 95 per cent are located within a short period of time (usually one week). However there remains a significant number, more than 1,600, who are listed as long-term missing, that is, missing for more than six months.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Web site states that nearly 800,000 children disappear every year in the United States. While 99 percent of those children are found, the one percent who are not represent 5,000 to 10,000 children.
Some of these disappearances happen in very strange circumstances, sometimes seemingly impossible. Somebody who started paying attention to those cases is David Paulides. David Paulides is a writer, researcher, and investigative journalist notable primarily for his authorship on two subjects: the Bigfoot mystery, and the subject of mysterious disappearances in national parks. Paulides has drawn significant national attention and has been featured on numerous radio shows as well as television interviews and prime time newscasts.
David Paulides focused on disappearances of people from National Parks in the USA which happened under very strange circumstances. He since has broadened his research to other locations and other countries. He meticulously studied each case, and pointed out the strange and unusual characteristics in which the disappearance happened. Sometimes the person was found later, alive; sometimes dead; sometimes the person was never found. He wrote several books detailing each case. He also points out that some of these strange characteristics are present in many of these cases. Each case has to be looked at by itself, but there some common characteristics that point clearly to a non-human factor.
An example of these strange disappearances is a case of a 7 year old child that disappeared close to his home in Arizona, and was found two days later 20 miles (distance in a straight line) away in the desert. In spite of the open spaces with only scrub bushes and and small brushes blood hounds couldn’t find a scent, airplanes couldn’t spot him. Night temperatures went down to 14ºF. Searchers estimated that must have walked some 50 miles, mostly in circles. Nevertheless he was found in good condition, not even dehydrated. There was no water in that desert area. And it was below freezing at night. He did not have hypothermia. It is just one of the many examples where children are found at very large distance for their age, always in good condition. Sometimes they are even warm when found, in spite of cold temperatures, and almost always they are found dazed, in trance or asleep. It is obvious that these children and sometimes adult have been picked up and held in a warm place all that time, and even nourished, after which they have been put back on the surface with memory loss and in an altered state of mind. Some people have shown up dead, and some have been missing ever since.
In my opinion it is very clear that the strange characteristics showing up in these disappearances are the same as those that are reported by abductees, and usually performed by the Gray aliens.
Here are the characteristics that show up again and again in the cases David Paulides have studied, with my opinion that these were performed by the Grays:

*Blood hounds and tracking dogs cannot pick up a scent of the missing person. They run around in a circle, or just lay down. This would be explained when knowing that the Grays pick up a person, or animal from the ground straight up by an energy beam.
*The missing person was separated from a group, trailing behind or ahead of the group, sometimes left the group or family for only a short distance, and disappeared without a trace. No yelling, screaming or calling for help. Picked up by this energy beam would also explain this.
*When the person is found dead, often days later, he usually is missing some of his cloths, even in cold weather, sometimes a shirt was inside out. Shoes are often missing or found at a distance. Some were found with no cloths at all. Coroners consistently can’t find a cause of death. Abductees have also reported that they were returned to their bedroom with their cloths inside out. Many abduction reports state that when the abductee is on board the ship he is almost always naked. In other words, the Grays strip the abductee from his cloths before they start their procedures on the person. When they have to return the person they have to dress him again, and here they sometimes make mistakes. Considering they don’t have an opposable thumb, it might be too difficult for them to put the shoes back on the dead body before they drop it back to earth, especially if the person is a hiker and had hiking boots with long laces. In some cases they just don’t bother and throw the booths, and cloths, away at other places in the woods where they are never found.
*Some of the people were found at very difficult to access places in the woods. Especially in the case of very little children who have been found many miles away from the place of disappearance, and even high up a mountain. The distance and elevation is sometimes unbelievable if not impossible for the age of the child. This would be explainable if the Grays had put them there by the same energy beam from a hovering ship.
*Same explanation for the fact that some children were found many days after their disappearance after a rainy period or a storm, and they were nor wet, nor cold, and in good health. It is obvious they were all that time in a warm, dry place.
*When people are found, dead or alive, they are often found in an area that had been searched before. Again this can be explained if the person, after being abducted by the Grays, has spent time in their ship, and then, after a number of days, is dropped off at a location that had been searched before.
*None of the people that were found alive after their disappearance, sometimes after many days, remembered where they had been all that time. The missing memory is a hallmark of UFO abductions, where it is usually, but erroneously, called ‘missing time’. It is not time that is missing. It has been reported many times that the Grays are able to erase the memory of abductees, although sometimes memory flashes do bleed through over time.

These are a couple of general characteristics. If you want to know the details read David Paulides books.They can be ordered from his website CanAmProject. His books are called:
Missing 411- The Devil’s in the Detail
Missing 411-North America and Beyond
Missing 411-Western U.S. Edition
Missing 411-Eastern U.S.
There are also several interviews with David Paulides on YouTube.

When people, especially small children disappear from their home, while family members are present in the same house without noticing anything, it gets really puzzling, because there are no sign of foul play. David Paulides gives a case where a four year old boy disappeared from a house that had an alarm that did not go off. Children also disappear from inside a car. In one incident there were no handles inside the car to open the doors. That reminds me of a story I once read of a man and woman in Japan who were sleeping in a sleeping compartment on a train. When the man woke up, his wife was missing. The windows of (all) the compartments had metal bars, and the door of their compartment was still locked.

I think it is very clear that the Grays are responsible for a lot of human disappearances, far more than ever expected. I am not talking here about the abductions of people who are returned by the Grays or other alien beings, with or without memory of what happened. There seem to be a lot of people disappearing never to be seen again, all over the world. If we only take into account those cases that are marked by strange circumstances that match the typical abductions by ETs, then this still accounts for a lot of people.
It is not important to figure out the numbers, but it is important to realize that people are being taken by alien races and never returned. What happens to these people? I can only imagine two reasons: they harvest the body for organs to be traded on the galactic black market, or they are traded as slaves for work elsewhere in the galaxy. Does that seem far fetched? Don’t humans do the same? On this planet there is a black market in human organs, and people are still abducted and sold as slaves, especially in the past but also in the present, by our fellow humans. We call them criminals, so why is it not possible that some aliens are criminals too?


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