6. Why the Hybrids are Dangerous

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The topics of human-alien hybrids have been talked about by abductees for a long time. Initially it wasn’t quite understood why the aliens were doing this. Now we know that is the most important program to them in relation to Earth and humanity that has been going on for about a century. They are very secretive about it, but the entire abduction phenomenon is directly linked to this project.
What the Controllers are creating is a new species of humans, with some alien genes inserted into the DNA, which allow for strong psychic powers with which they can control humans directly and effectively. This project is almost finished, as abductees are now reporting hybrids that cannot be distinguished from normal humans. These hybrids are now trained to learn our human ways, and to mix with the general population. Some abductees have reported that they will be used in a kind of ‘crowd control’ in the near future when the Controllers will engage in open contact with humanity. Well, isn’t it always about control of humans?
The aliens have been giving some information to the abductees, often in the form of holographic projections and scenes that depict a nearby future in which the aliens will make open contact with humanity. When this happens, there will be, of course, some confusion and panic among the population. The aliens told the abductees that the abductees themselves, and the hybrids too, will be engaged in calming the population, and tell them that ‘everything is ok’, and that the aliens are benevolent. Maybe they will also guide humans to board the landed alien ships.
The hybrids themselves will be, and actually already are used for other purposes too as the late-stage-hybrids, who look human, are able to mix with the human population, and thus are able to carry out other projects in a  clandestine way. One should never forget that these hybrids are under the total control of the aliens. Their allegiance is to the alien Controllers, and not to humans.
In the long term, these human-looking hybrids will be placed permanently on the surface of Earth.
Not all hybrids are the same. They are not always happy with their situation, caught between two worlds. Some of them cannot handle the human emotions well, and occasionally turn violent towards the abductees.
Part of the Controller’s program of controlling humanity is to root out any opposition, and even any awareness of their plans for the future. For this purpose they are also creating hybrids that can mix well with the human population and seek out those who oppose the alien agenda, including psychic and spiritual people who are able to look beyond the deception, and…kill them. Their psychic powers are strong enough to do this.

First I will give the opinion of some researchers into the abduction and hybrid phenomenon, and then go to the danger that these hybrids represent.

The hybrids are not an ‘upgrade’ of humanity as some researchers claim. This hybrid program is not for the benefit of humanity, as David Jacobs, who has researched this phenomenon very well, states.
from The Threat, Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda By David M. Jacobs:

“As if to reaffirm their plan, when aliens talk about the future, they do not say what most abductees and researchers want them to say: “Soon we will be gone. Our program is at an end. Thank you for your help. Once we leave no one will be sure we were ever here.” This is never stated. The future for the aliens and hybrids is always a future on Earth where they will be integrated with humans. They offer no other possibility. There is yet another very disturbing aspect to the aliens’ view of the future. When they refer to the “humans,” they are talking about abductees. The future of, and with, nonabductees is rarely the subject of much conversation. They told Reshma Kamal that nonabductees will be kept as a small breeding population in case the hybridization program has unforeseen problems. Allison Reed was led to believe that nonabductees are expendable. The evidence seems to suggest that the future will be played out primarily with aliens, hybrids, and abductees. The nonabductees will have an inferior role, if any at all. The new order will be insectlike aliens in control, followed by other aliens, hybrids, abductees, and, finally, nonabductees.

As much as I want to be optimistic, I find little to fuel hope for the future. In a way, I wish I could be like the Positive researchers, existing in a naive but happy dreamland, awaiting the coming of the Benevolent Ones who will engulf us all in love and protection. The Positives’ beliefs, shrouded in their own form of spirituality, must be guided by a Utopian vision that is lacking in mine. The challenge of understanding UFO sightings that occupied so much of my time and attention when I first began my research is now a distant memory.

The flood of information coming from the abduction phenomenon caused me to have epiphanic shock, much like the abductees go through when they realize what has been happening to them. Now I have insight into alien actions and motivations. The mysteries of UFOs “chasing” cars, disappearing, leaving marks on people’s bodies, and so forth— all are routine elements of abduction activity. What researchers were hearing from those who had these experiences or even sighted low-level UFOs were merely fragments of memories, often distorted and always incomplete. With competent hypnosis, what I have heard from countless people who have been abducted and taken aboard UFOs were complex, matching, detailed accounts all leading to unavoidably distressing conclusions. When I first heard of certain alien procedures, they sounded irrational and illogical, but as I learned about alien goals, they have proven to be the opposite. Everything the aliens do is logical, rational, and goal-oriented. With the use of superior technology, both physical and biological, they are engaging in the systematic and clandestine physiological exploitation, and perhaps alteration, of human beings for the purposes of passing on their genetic capabilities to progeny who will integrate into the human society and, without doubt, control it. Their agenda is self-centered, not human-centered, as would be expected from a program that stresses reproduction. In the end it is possible that it will be of some benefit to us, but if we survive as a species, the price for this charity will be relinquishment of the freedom to dictate our own destiny and, most likely, our personal freedom as well. Through competent research, many of the abduction phenomenon’s challenges have been met, many of its mysteries solved. And one of its aspects has emerged with crystal clarity. The aliens have fooled us. They lulled us into an attitude of disbelief, and hence complacency, at the very beginning of our awareness of their presence. Thus, we were unable to understand the dimensions of the threat they pose and act to intervene. Now it may be too late. My own complacency is long gone, replaced by a sense of profound apprehension and even dread. We know what their behavior means, and now it is imperative to ask what the consequences of that behavior will be for future generations of human society. Perhaps, the answer to that question will not be found until they have completed their agenda, but I do not think that we will have to wait very long. It has taken us more than fifty years, but we have finally learned why the UFOs are here. We now know the alarming dimensions of the alien agenda and its goals. I could never have imagined it would turn out this way. I desperately wish it not to be true. I do not think about the future with much hope. When I was a child, I had a future with much hope. When I was a child, I had a future to look forward to. Now I fear for the future of my own children.”

Simon Parks, a British town official, who came forward with detailed information of his contacts with the alien Controllers, takes it even further:
from: Alien Abductee Simon Parkes Part 2 (at 27:45 min)

Simon Parks states very clearly that the overall agenda of the Controllers is to “repopulate the Earth with the hybrids. That’s the agenda. At a time when the Earth doesn’t have many humans on Earth…This has also begun, but not in a large way yet.”

Not all hybrids are dangerous. Some of them are now doing the abductions. Some of them are in charge of the hybrid children. The hybrids themselves have no choice but to do what the alien Controller tell them to do. The hybrids themselves are not always happy about it.
However I want to point out where the real danger of some of the (human-looking) hybrids is. Some of these are sent out into our human society and can be dangerous to us, because their strong psychic powers can easily overpower our mind. There is not much information about this kind of hybrid, although I have come across stories of people who have met ‘people’ who turned out to be ‘extraterrestrial’. It isn’t always clear if they were genuine human extraterrestrials of hybrids. The distinction is not that important, as both have strong psychic powers that we humans cannot match. That is where the dangers lies. The following two stories only give a hint of what is possible.

Ingo Swan was a psychic who was also was engaged in altered states of consciousness and did many psychic experiments, among which was remote viewing. At one time he was asked to remote view extraterrestrial information for a person who called himself Axelrod, who seemed to be engaged in the military or the intelligence agencies.
Ingo Swan had an interesting encounter with what he thought was an extraterrestrial woman. I think it is possible that she was an alien hybrid.
From Penetration by Ingo Swan, p.42-43

“During August and September 1976 I traveled several times between SRI and Los Angeles. I went to La-La Land to pursue yet another of the many kinds of studies I had undertaken hopefully to increase my understanding of higher human functions…
“I was also in touch with the marvelous researcher, Dr. Shafica Karagulla, and her research companion, Dr. Viola Neal, both of whom have passed on…
“Shafica was a neuropsychiatrist who had broken with mainstream psychiatry to establish the Higher Sense Perception Foundation, and had published in 1967 her famous book, Breakthrough to Creativity. Viola was a notable clairvoyant whose psychic mapping of human biofields and psychic diagnosis of diseases had been confirmed by doctors and in hospitals. Viola and Shafica were very kind to me in many ways. Their combined knowledge levels seemed extensive, even endless…
“Conrad drove us to very large Hollywood supermarket filled with, among other things, the lush produce of the San Fernando Valley farms and orchards. I had decided to start the meal with artichokes stuffed with crab and breadcrumbs, topped with cheese melted with a fine brandy. In order to reduce shopping time, I gave Conrad a list of other comestibles. He went in the direction of meats, and I went in the direction of the vegies. The supermarket had huge tables loaded with artichokes-At one of the artichoke tables was standing a ravishing woman. She was notable not so much for her excessive female physical endowments, but by the fact that they were barely covered. She was dressed in the briefest of halters of pink with big yellow polka dots. Beneath that were short-shorts so short they barely existed. Far beneath that she wore a pair of platform high-heels about eight inches high. She had volumes of gorgeous black hair, and her eyes were covered by purple sunglasses. She was absolutely awesome. I thought: “Good Heavens!!!” She was rummaging through the artichokes, and I wanted some, too. So I worked my way covertly and nonchalantly into her proximity so I could closer appreciate her near-naked breasts. To make this look natural, with my eyes barely on them, I fumbled some selected artichokes into a bag. And then! For absolutely no reason at all I experienced an electrifying wave of goose-bumps throughout my whole body. The hair on my arms practically stood at attention, and the hair on my neck definitely did. Without rime or reason or forethinking or anything at all I suddenly “knew” she was an alien, an extraterrestrial. My throat went dry. My hand’s started shaking. And so I decided to back off and start examining the oranges and grapefruits for the fruit aspic Conrad and I were going to try to achieve. To get to the oranges, I had to turn – and then! Way down the line-up of vegetable cases I recognized, of ALL astounding and possible things, ONE OF THE TWINS! HE was watching the woman. HE saw that I saw him, and then immediately arose in my mind an image of a white card: Please do not speak, and please act normal. Trying to gather my surprised wits, by now somewhat shattered, the silliest thought then occurred to me. Well, if one of the twins is HERE, of all places, then the other one must be, too. And sure enough, the other twin was at the opposite end of the vegetable line-up – and he was watching the woman, too. This time, both the twins were DRESSED IN BLACK! Not the infamous black suits worn by those who are said to warn those who have seen UFOs not to talk about them. Here were black jeans, black boots, and black tank-tops, looking like macho hoodlums of the L.A. variety. At this point, I realized that I was so me where I should not be, and I made a hasty and strategic retreat to the bread section on the other side of the store. By the time I reached the bread section, a considerable wave of TERROR had begun to make itself felt. Something here now needs to be clarified. If I hadn’t seen the twins, I might have attributed to my imagination something of the strange effect I experienced near the ultra-sensuous woman. But that was now not possible at all. The twins’ presence, coupled with my psychic alert, confirmed that the woman WAS an ET. I don’t quite remember how the rest of the shopping went. Conrad and I got our groceries checked out. On the way to the car, I explained that we would not attempt the orange aspic after all. Once in his car in the parking lot I asked him to wait a few moments. He asked what was wrong. I said “just wait.” Shortly, the female came out pushing a loaded grocery cart. “Study that one, and tell me what you think,” Conrad looked briefly at the woman – and then said the most remarkable thing. “Well, if you mean do I think she’s an extraterrestrial, yes,” said Conrad in a bored way. “We’ve got a lot of them here in La-La Land.” I didn’t ask him what he thought about the two who were observing her squeezing her fabulousness and groceries into a broken-down yellow Volkswagen. I sank down in Conrad’s car and urged him to make a quick departure. The dinner for Shafica and Viola was a complete success. Naturally, after plying them, and ourselves, with copious amounts of good wine, we told them that we had seen yet another ET down at the supermarket. This opened up rather inebriated discussions about the ET civilization which was busy infiltrating Earth. Shafica and Viola discussed all of these things in whispers – and the more serious they became the harder it was to hear them. Viola: “There are a lot of THEM, you know, and many are bio-androids.” Shafica: “They’re dangerous, you know, and they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies. Be careful, Ingo, be careful.” All of THIS information package – without ME ever mentioning the Axelrod event.

The twins Info Swan mentions are two military people connected with a mysterious contact person, called Mr. Axelrod. When Ingo Swan related the incident to him, Axelrod told him:
“OK. I feel obliged to tell you that she is very dangerous. If you ever see her again, especially if she approaches you, make every effort to put distance between you and her. But act natural, always do it naturally.”

The following story does not mention that the mysterious woman was alien or hybrid, but there are four characteristics that strongly point into this direction . Mrs. Cromartie fell into a daze. A daze, trance, or altered state of consciousness is always reported with alien abductions. Mrs. Cromartie had no choice but to obey the order to shoplift the dresses. Abductees also find themselves carrying out the orders given by aliens or hybrids, because the will of the abductees has been suspended. Also, the very first thing the mysterious woman asks is the time. Asking the time is a well known phenomenon in encounters with Men-in-Black, but also in close encounters when an alien exits a craft and asked for the time.
From The Mothman Prophecies By John A. Keel, p. 108:

“On October 23, 1971, the Washington Post published a strange “gas” story involving President Nixon’s maid. The story contains some of the elements we have been discussing here. Nixon Maid Stole In Trance, She Says
Miami, Oct. 22 (AP)—A part-time housekeeper at President Nixon’s Key Biscayne retreat has testified she was put in a hypnotic daze by a stranger who told her to shoplift four dresses. Shirley Cromartie, 32, and a mother of three, pleaded no contest Thursday and was given a suspended sentence after law enforcement officers and a psychiatrist testified they believed she was telling the truth. Mrs. Cromartie holds a security clearance to work in the Florida White House, according to testimony. She said a woman met her in a parking lot and asked the time, then ordered her to take the items and bring them to her. Mrs. Cromartie testified she fell into a daze when the young woman released a jasmine like scent from her left hand. “I just sort of lost my will … it was a terrifying experience,” she testified. Mrs. Cromartie joined the Key Biscayne White House housekeeping staff about a year ago, according to FBI Agent Leo Mc Clairen. He testified her background was impeccable. Dr. Albert Jaslow, a psychiatrist, said he examined her and found she could be hypnotized “quickly and easily” and believed she was telling the truth. “But it wasn’t the same when he hypnotized me,” Mrs. Cromartie said. “I couldn’t remember anything afterwards. Whatever that young woman did to me, it was like being in a sleepwalk, only awake.” There was no further comment on this strange incident. At the time I wondered if perhaps this was not some small demonstration for the benefit of President Nixon, similar to the power failures that seemed to follow President Johnson in 1967. (The lights failed wherever he went … from Washington to Johnson City, Texas, to Hawaii.)”

What the previous stories imply is that the human-looking hybrids, or human-looking aliens, are dangerous because an ordinary person cannot recognize them as such. It seems that they have to be very close to a human to be able to psychically manipulate them. Once in close proximity, they can have absolute control over a person. They can psychically, or telepathically (whatever the terminology) imprint thoughts and emotions into a person. They even can put a very realistic scene into his mind (one could say a holographic projection), so realistic that one thinks one is actually into a real landscape. They can hypnotize a person, or put him in a trance, give him instructions to carry out at once or at a later time. And probably much more, even to the detriment of that person.
In the next chapter I have included a story that happened to a friend of mine, that also shows how dangerous these hybrids or aliens can be when in close proximity to a person.

Raechel’s Eyes by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux is an interesting account of a young hybrid child (Raechel) that was placed in a shared apartment with a blind girl (Helen Littrell’s daughter), both attending college. It was an effort to see if a hybrid could learn human emotions and blend in with other people of her age. It didn’t last long as the hybrid girl couldn’t manage it, and her cover was blown when Helen accidentally discovered that Raechel wasn’t quite human.
In the book is an event that illustrates how powerful the psychic or mental abilities of a hybrid are. One day Helen was standing in the kitchen with Raechel, when she got drawn into the eyes of Raechel. (looking into the eyes of a hybrid or alien is always the prerequisite of control over the person) Helen suddenly found herself in another place with windows, rooms, corridors, and was shown an incubation chambers with hybrid fetuses. She also found herself suddenly back in the kitchen in the same position as she was before. It shows that a hybrid, or alien, can mentally project a scene into one’s mind, although it could also be possible that they can take you, in spirit, to an actual place. This second possibility applies that they can force you into an astral projection and visit other places they want to show you.
This event was recovered by hypnosis, as Helen had no conscious memory of it, showing that Raechel also could erase memories in people. A young man who had once danced with Raechel also had difficulty remembering the events of that evening.
Here is an extract from a hypnotic session to recover the memory of the event in the kitchen:

J: I want you to go back for a moment to when you were conversing with your eyes and hers. And I want you to be looking in her eyes again, into the slits of her eyes, and tell me how long the slits were. Did they go a little ways, or top to bottom, what did they look like?
H: I never saw anything like that… I felt as if… I felt as if I was being pulled in, but… but I wasn’t.
J: Let yourself be pulled in, whatever that means. Just let yourself be there. You’ll be safe. And tell me everything you’re feeling, and anything that’s happening. Just go into her eyes. UM… (long pause)… Deeper and deeper into her eyes.
H: Oh.. I’m seeing lights… Oh..
…. and I feel it’s like… like she wants me to go… to go wherever the lights are… but…
J: The kitchen is there.
H: The kitchen is there and I’m… and then, I am really afraid… Oh… oh, no… and then I step back and I grab the edge of the table, but I don’t know why I do that… what good will that do?
J: I want you to move back a few moments before you step back and grab the table. I want you to go back to the blue and green lights, and I want you to know that the kitchen will be there when you come back out. But I want you to stay as long as you actually stayed in the presence of the blue and green lights and tell me everything that happened.
H: (Very long pause)… Oh… it’s like I’m looking in a window. It’s not a square window. It’s longer than it is high… and there’s blue light outside, but there’s blue light in… there’s blue light outside… and a different light in. And now Raechel’s on the inside and she wants me to come through. And I tell her, (laughs) “Well, I don’t see a door.” She said, “There does not need to be one.” She said, “Just touch the window.” Oh, God… oh… and I do touch the window on the outside, and then I’m on the inside of it… Oh…. How did it feel going through it? .1i: Oh, it was so warm and felt good… but I was so afraid… and I felt so good, too… so warm… and then… uh… and then I saw more windows… it was like it was more hallways and more windows, and I told her I can’t do this. I can’t do this, Raechel. I have to… she said, well this is where I am going. I just wanted to, wanted to show you. But she said, I am not going now, and she said… but I did not want you to be afraid for me when I go… And I said well, I don’t know, do you just live where there’s windows, or what is this place?… and she said, well, I cannot tell you now, you have to go… you have to see the whole thing. But I cannot take you there now. I just want you to… I just want to let you know that it is warm and it is beautiful. And I said I have… I have to go back… I have to take care of Marisa. I have to take care of her… and then I was back outside the windows and my hand is on the table, and I’m thinking… where was I… what happened to me… what happened to me, and Raechel is still there where she was before, and she’s still… she’s still looking in my eyes, but…


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