8. What Will You Do When the Saucers Land?

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If a car stops along the road, and the driver, a complete stranger to you, asks you to step into the car and he will drive you to Paradise Island at the other end of the world, at no charge, would you go along with him? Of course not.
Why are so many people willing to just step on board of a space craft to flee the problems of the Earth, in the hope that the ETs are trustworthy and will bring them to Planet Paradise.
You have to be pretty naive to trust any being that comes down and promises you to bring you to a better place in the universe. As we humans, are earth-bound, we have no way to verify if these beings are trustworthy, or why they would offer us a ride. We have seen that they do not care about the well-being of humanity. They are here to gather resources, it is a business venture. So why are the aliens telling us that they will pick up many people in the nearby future, supposedly just before a world cataclysm, but possibly also when the faked Return of Christ will be played out.

The following story happened to a friend of mine, who I know very well, a long time ago, and shows that this kind of invitation to go (willingly) on board of a flying saucer is not something that will only happen in the future. This happened in the 1970’s when I was still living in Belgium. In the 1970’s we knew very little about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

My friend had started a New Age circle where people came to lectures and classes (in the city of Mechelen). He met a lot of unusual people, but one them was really strange. He was a middle aged, muscular man who was running a body building center in the city. He claimed to be able to help my friend with his back problems. My friend had a lot of pain in his back and was open to new healing methods. When the man came by my friend’s apartment he brought his daughter with him, a young woman with an equally well set body. She would give him the treatment. My friend lay on his stomach and she worked his back. My friend’s wife was also in the room and saw the hands of the daughter moving above my friend’s back going up and down the spine, with particular movements. Her hands never touching his body, although my friend afterward claimed that he had felt her hands the entire session. Most amazing of it all was that my friend’s spine used to be seriously “twisted and out of line” (subluxations as they are called it in chiropractic), as had been shown previously in x-rays. After the treatment his spine was completely straight. It was a miracle. After the treatment they sat down and started to talk about alternative subjects. Then the man told that he and his daughter were actually from the constellation of Orion. He had come to Earth in a flying saucer. He described briefly how their flying saucer worked and that they used magnetic fields in space for acceleration. Sometimes he would leave his job for a couple of weeks and take off in the flying saucer. While on Earth, they utilized the energy of the stars to charge themselves. When my friend asked what they do when it is cloudy, he answered that they are able to make a hole in the clouds with their mind power. He also claimed to be more than three hundred years old. There were others like him around and living among humans. They would wear a T-shirt with the name Orion to recognize each other. My friend had seen enough crazy people in the new age movement to not believe this unexpected revelation. He started to ask him trick question on which he failed to give the right answer. He also invited my friend and his wife for a trip in their flying saucer. All they had to do was to stand out in the garden at a specific night, and they would be beamed aboard. My friend politely escorted him out. Just before they left the man said that if my friend needed any further help he just had to think of him. He would receive this message mentally and they would come over again. When they were gone, my friend’s wife told her husband that during the conversation the man, who had been sitting next to her in the sofa, had psychically opened the top of her head and he had psychically entered her. She refuses to give me any further explanation of what happened next. It had obviously scared her a lot. My friend never saw him anymore as he did not wish to meet those people again.

My friend was obviously not ready to deal with such unusual people. It is remarkable that his back was straightened out in a way unknown to us, and his wife had that most unusual, psychic experience.
At that time I didn’t quite know what to think about it. What would have happened if my fiend would have accepted the invitation and was beamed aboard? I am certain that he would never have been brought back. The Orion man was living clandestine life among us humans. If he would have brought my friend back, the possibility would exist that my friend would talk about this, and eventually this would be investigated by the authorities. Also consider that the Orion constellation is a place where the Controller races are from. My friend would have ended up as just one of the many people that go missing every year.
So, think twice when you get such an invitation, or when the aliens land in their ships when the time arrives of open contact.

The aliens have been telling the abductees for a while that there will be an open contact event in the near future, when many spaceships will come down (not necessarily land), and beam people up who are willing to be rescued from predicted global catastrophes (whether they will happen or not). Other people, like New Agers and spiritual people, will go willingly because they long to make contact with what they believe are benevolent extraterrestrials. And, if it is being played out in coordination with a faked Return of Christ, then a lot of religious people are going to see this as their last chance to ascend to heaven and get a body of immortality. I think that is why all these cloned bodies, stored in glass cylinders, are for. When the aliens transfer the soul of a number of people, beamed aboard, into the much younger cloned copies of themselves, and put back on Earth, then this will be seen as proof of their religious beliefs. A large amount of religious people are going to wait in line to ‘ascend’.
The problem with humanity is that most people are driven by their emotions and ideologies. They don’t think, don’t do any research, and don’t have a common sense either.
Do you really think that the aliens came here from far away places in the galaxy, with very expensive space ships, built out of difficult to get materials, that took a lot of energy to construct, to ‘rescue’ the primitive humans on this planet from natural disasters, or to transfer them to other planets, all for free, out of the goodness of their heart?
It looks more that they are planning to stock up their biological resources big time. They won’t have to do it by force. People will go willingly.


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