The Hyperdimensional World View of Burkhart Heim

This article is for people who are interested in a physics theory that also includes other dimensions. I made some correlations with more esoteric views about the universe and spiritual worlds.



The Metron and the Universe

Amount of Metrons through Time

The Spherical Trinity of the Universe

Dimensional Space

Metronic Lattice and Hyperstructures

Interactions, Forces, and Fields

Dynamic Structures of Elementary Particles

Physical Particles, Interactions or Hermetry Forms

Mind and Matter


Recently, I discovered the works of Burkhart Heim, a German scientist, who, although he made a breakthrough in theoretical science, is almost unknown. He succeeded where all other quantum theorists failed: a successful unified field theory. The problem is, his mathematics are so comprehensive and difficult that few scientists can understand it. So, he is basically ignored. There are not that many texts in the English language dealing with his theory. What I found I distilled to the basic concepts of his world view in a language that is accessible to the ordinary person. The mathematics are beyond my understanding, but I find his views on dimensions and the nature of reality and the cosmos really interesting.

Burkhard Heim was born in 1925 in Potsdam, Germany, and died in 2001. In 1945, he was engaged in experiments with explosives. An accident in a laboratory caused him the loss of both hands. He also was virtually blind and had only a weak sense of hearing. After his accident, he was able to memorize everything he heard. He became involved in theoretical physics, and he developed an original mathematics of 6-dimensional, then 12-dimensional cosmology. Mathematics was the basis and led to the discovery of the different dimensions and his view of both the small quantum world and the large cosmological world. He derived a unique formula for the masses of all elementary particles, data that can only be acquired through costly experiments with particle accelerators. This led to the first steps of a unified theory, and he published many scientific papers which eventually led to Heim’s quantum field theory in physics.

The Metron and the Universe

A continuous universe means that one can divide distance, length or space continuously into ever smaller units indefinitely. Point A to point B is one continuous distance. The same for time. Time slides forward continuously. In quantum theory (quantum means the minimum amount of any physical entity), the universe is not continuous, because, when you start dividing length, you will ultimately arrive at a certain length beyond which classical ideas about gravity and space-time cease to be valid, and quantum effects dominate. This is called the Planck length, which is 1.6×10−35 meters. The Planck length is believed to be the shortest meaningful length, the limiting distance below which the very notions of space and length cease to exist.

If you imagine yourself very small, and standing on that quantum length, then you will see that the rope is not continuous, but consists of numerous pieces of this minimum length, all next to each other. That minimum length is called quanta, hence quantum theory. Length (and thus space) is not continuous, but a sum of these minimum lengths. Time also happens in successive minimum time intervals. Heim stated that there was not only a minimum size for length, but also for surface, and that this surface is the basis for everything. He called this basic, quantized minimal surface the Metron. The Metron is approximately the size of the Planck length squared (6.15 × 10-70m2). This is the size that the Metron has today, as the Metron has decreased in size since the beginning of the universe. Here we have to use our imagination as it gets really interesting.

Amount of Metrons through Time

A lot of scientists believe in the Big Bang theory. The model describes how the universe expanded from a very high density and high temperature state. Physicists are undecided whether this means the universe began from a singularity (is a location in space-time where the gravitational field of a celestial body becomes infinite), or that current knowledge is insufficient to describe the universe at that time.

Heim did not accept singularity. He said that the universe started with the smallest possible volume, namely a volume being proportional to the Planck length cubed. Because of the quantization of area and volume, a singularity in space cannot develop. At the very beginning there is a single metron only, covering the primeval universe, assumed to be spherical.

The beginning of the universe is defined by the arising of time. From the moment time arose, the volume of the universe increases as the number of metrons increases. At the same time the size of the metrons decreases and the metron’s size has now reached the Planck length squared (10-70m2). I find this concept interesting because it reflects the Gnostic idea that God, or the Divine, at one time started to divide itself into numerous ‘sparks’ that entered the darkness of space. The Gnostics did not see a division between God and the created universe. All men and all living creatures are part of God. All together they form God itself. According to Heim, the universe is extremely old, more than 10100 years. Matter as we know it, appeared in the universe relatively recent, about 14 to 20 billion years ago. The appearance of matter did not occur in one single explosion, but, put figuratively, almost concurrently “as a kind of firework” all over the universe as soon as the number of metrons was big enough and their areas small enough (as soon as it had about double the value of today’s metron’s surface).

Heim thought that we a very large universe with a very low the expansion rate. Heim’s equations also led to the concept of a universe consisting of three concentric spheres.

The Spherical Trinity of the Universe

Based on a particular mathematical equation, which had three possible solutions, Heim said: “We can understand these three solutions only this way: there is a proto-universe, which is enclosed by an elementary surface, and there are two further solutions, which form concentric spheres within this proto-universe. That is, we must have a total of three such original proto-spheres. What this means, I believe, goes beyond our power to imagine, so we simply cannot say. We can only say that a structure might have existed in the universe at time zero. Whereas these other two spheres that are smaller than probably mean that these spheres exist within other areas of the actual R6, so that in practice, they only partially interact with R3.”

“Here, we are at the limit of physics, beyond which we cannot state anything further. But one thing is certain: if this universe actualizes, the expansion process starts. These spheres enter time and their surfaces split. More and more metrons are created, which at the same time become smaller and smaller. But there remains this sequence of three structures which are arranged in a temporal sequence and are only separated from each other by a very small elementary time which you can define here as well. Now this is getting smaller and smaller and smaller, and at the same time the number is becoming larger and larger.

Related to our time measure, these successively following structures constitute a now. The now, or the instant, thus is not simply a cut, but in practice actually an elementary time interval, which encompasses these three structures. That is also possible in the present, and here one has a beginning.”

“So at the beginning of the world there is a cosmogonic trinity of spheres consisting of 3 primal spheres. At the time zero this large trinity of spheres from cosmogony appears which enters temporality. And when after the expiry of the world era, the aeon, it, exits temporality again, it merges into an eschatological trinity, whereby “eschatological” refers to the exit out of temporality. That is this small trinity of spheres. Thus, due to the mirror symmetrical projections of the trinity of spheres an asymmetry is created. That is the explanation for the so-called “time arrow”. The direction is always from the relative past into the relative future.”

Dimensional Space

Heim started out with the three-dimensional world of our universe when he made his mathematical equations to figure out a unification theory of all known forces.

A world is symbolized with R, with a superscript number to denote the amount of dimensions. Coordinates in those dimensions are written as X with a subscript number.

We are all familiar with the 3 dimensions of space and 1 time dimension. This world Heim calls R4.

He discovered that a unification theory could only be done when adding two more dimensions. A 6-dimensional world (R6) is needed for a unification of gravitation and electromagnetic theory. This 6-dimensional world comprises the four known fundamental interactions or forces:

  • gravity
  • electromagnetism
  • the weak force (interaction between sub-atomic particles that causes radioactive decay)
  • the strong force (The strong nuclear force holds most ordinary matter together)

However, to explain the interaction between particles, 8 dimensions (R8) are required. R8 gives rise to 2 additional interactions or forces to the four mentioned above, so we have now six fundamental interactions or forces. All these interactions or forces represent physical fields that are carrying energy.

Eventually Heim extended the world to 12 dimensions.


Heim based everything on mathematics, so the additional dimensions are to be understood in a mathematical sense. However, mathematics have to be interpreted to make sense in the real world. Heim was well aware that these mathematical dimensions also represented real dimensional ‘worlds’ or levels of existence that were necessary to explain the physical world.

Let’s look at it in more detail.


The 4-Dimensional World

R4 is the world people are most familiar with. It has four dimensions:

  • R3 : 3 space dimensions (X1,X2,X3) and
  • T1 : 1 time dimension(X4)


The 6-Dimensional World

R6 is the six dimensional world which is necessary for the unification of the four elementary forces. In 6 dimensions you can describe the dynamic structure of elementary particles. The result was that man and matter must exist in a 6-dimensional universe, so this is a mandatory physical necessity.

R6 has six coordinates:

  • R3 : 3 space (X1,X2,X3)
  • T1 : 1 time (X4) and
  • S2 : 2 organizational coordinates (X5, X6)
    • X5, is a form giving cause. It is called entelechial (=governing the actualization of a form-giving cause). This force creates organizational structures. It is inverse to entropy, and hence the reasons why biological life can develop.
    • X6, is called aeonic. It is steering these structures toward a dynamically stable state. It is a time coordinate in S.
    • S is called a transcoordinate, as it transcends space and time. It always occurs as a pair. X5 and X6 must be present simultaneously.

This means that the physical world (with its four dimensions) is giving form by an invisible dimension.

Scientists often talk about entropy. Entropy means that the universe is getting more and more into disorder until a thermodynamic equilibrium is reached. That is in contradiction to what we observe around us, because scientists do not want to deal with life energy. Life energy continuously orders matter into structures and forms, such as crystalline rocks, singular or clustered crystals of various kinds, cells, plants and animals, and human beings. What we call life force acts as neg-entropy, creating order out of disorder. In this sense, the invisible life force that creates forms and structures and guides it toward stable entities can be equaled with Heims two higher dimensions S2, with the 2 organizational coordinates X5and X6.

Some people have equated this form-giving S dimension to the astral world/dimension in the esoteric doctrines. The astral world is indeed a world where the mind gives form. The environment the souls live in is usually shaped in accordance with the earthy world they had once lived in. However, many variations in those forms occur according to their creativity. Interestingly, the human etheric body (etheric is a lower astral level) is said to look like a matrix of lines, channels, vortexes etc. which make up an energetic blueprint of many intricate structures. The physical body is the seen as an entity in which all the atoms and molecules arrange themselves according to this etheric matrix.


The 8-Dimensional World

Heim went further, and found that an 8-dimensional world R8 is necessary to understand the interactions between the particles that constitute matter. Another two dimensions are needed. These dimensions are an information space.

R8 has eight dimensions:

  • R3 : 3 space (X1,X2,X3)
  • T1 : 1 time (X4)
  • S2 : 2 organizational dimensions (X5, X6) and
  • Ι2 : 2 informational dimensions (X7 X8).

I is also called a transcoordinate, as it transcends space and time. It also must occurs as a pair. X5 and X6 must be present simultaneously.

This means that the structured and ordered world we live in is the result of information, or ‘programs’, that determines the life forms, structures and beings according to certain information data present at this level or dimension. We live in a world of organizational structures that are in permanent actualization. The complete information pattern of any creature or process can be found back in the higher information fields X7 and X8.

Just as the organizational dimension is equaled with the astral world, the informational Dimension I can be compared with the mental world of the esoteric doctrines. The mental world is a dimension of ideas, concepts, abstract things, and mathematics.

Dowsers have often asked where there information comes from? They surmise an information field, that contains all information about everything, and where one can tap into and obtain the information desired. This information field is also known by alternative healers.

The 12-Dimensional World

Eventually Heim had to add four more dimensions, G4, so we actually live in a 12-dimensional universe R12. The dimensions 9 to 12 are necessary for mathematical reasons. However, they are completely inaccessible for descriptive purposes. We cannot interpret them as we don’t know what is going on there.

R12 has twelve coordinates:

  • R3 : 3 space (X1,X2,X3)
  • T1 : 1 time (X4)
  • S2 : 2 organizational coordinates (X5, X6)
  • Ι2 : 2 informational coordinates (X7, X8) and
  • G4: X9, X10, X11, X12 are dimensions which define spaces in which the concept of energy doesn’t exist anymore, but in which volumes can be created. Heim said: “What you actually see is highly symmetric but non-temporal structures that interfere with every random period of the spatial cosmos via information coordinates and can change something that’s present, past or future, irrespective of whether it’s referred to us humans.”

From the G4 area, the actual regulation and control of the cosmos comes forth.

From the esoteric doctrines, we could see the G4 area as the spiritual world above the mental world. In this physical world reside the spiritual part of man, that reincarnates in this world, but in itself it always remains the same. From here the divine spirit of man guides its journey through the many worlds of the universe for the purpose of enjoyment and learning.

Metronic Lattice and Hyperstructures

If you have delved into alternative physics and dowsing, you are probably aware of the world energy grids, such as the Hartman and Curry grid, and other energy grid that are structured based on geometric forms such as the Platonic solids. You might even be familiar of the Vector Equilibrium which is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos, based on the tetrahedron.

Space is not an empty vacuum, but it is structured.


Heim said that the whole universe comprises a grid of Metrons or a metronic lattice. Space itself is ascribed a structural potential, meaning that qualities of space itself appear as geometric structures. (remember the S dimensions which forms and structures). Geometry itself is actually the underlying principle and the cause of all physical interactions.

Empty space is a uniform grid. It is void of physical events, but it has inherent potentiality for physical events to happen.

In order for an event to happen, a distortion of space is necessary. In this sense, Heim’s theory is a geometric dynamic theory. This means that space is filled with geometric forms and structures that act in dynamic ways. For matter to be existing, as we are used to conceiving it, a distortion of space must occur. A change in the higher dimensional coordinates happens first, which then has an impact on the 4-dimensional spacetime geometry, resulting in some kind of physical phenomenon. In Heim’s terms, at least one of the two transcoordinate groups S2 or I2 must be present in order to steer physical processes in the physical world R4.

Interactions, Forces, and Fields

As we have mentioned earlier, in order to unify the four known interactions or forces (gravity, electromagnetism, the weak force and the nuclear force), Heim expanded the R4 world to 6 dimensions, and to explain the interactions between particles to 8 dimensions. In this process, he found that to the four well-known forces or interactions, there are two additional gravitational-like interactions:

  • the quintessence interaction, a weak repulsive gravitational-like interaction (possibly dark energy). It is responsible for the observed expansion of the universe. This is also called the vacuum field.

  • the gravitophoton interaction, that enables the conversion of electromagnetic radiation into a gravitational like field. It consists of two gravitophotons (negative and positive).

The interpretation of the physical equations for the gravitophoton field leads to the conclusion that this field can be used to both accelerate a material body and to cause a transition of a material body into some kind of parallel space, possibly allowing superluminal speed.

Especially the latter is interesting because it allows for a direct transformation of an electromagnetic field into a gravitational field. The result is a propulsion that can be used for (space) vehicles. At the same time, its mass is reduced and superluminal velocities are possible.

In Heim’s Theory an object can be subjected to electromagnetic radiation which transform directly in gravity fields. This would allow for a propulsion drive. At the same its mass diminishes and the object can disappear from this physical dimension.

UFOs (you can call them space vehicles, or anti-gravity craft) are often seen to appear out of nowhere and disappearing in a blink of an eye. It seems as if someone, out there or down here, already knows the higher dimensional physics.

Dynamic Structures of Elementary Particles

The physical world as most people are familiar with is made out of matter. What is matter? Physics tells us that atoms are the building blocks of matter. Atoms themselves are made of a nucleus (protons and neutrons) and orbiting electrons. Via quantum theory, protons and neutrons were found to contain quarks. Ultimately, the division of particles led to fundamental particles, such as quarks, whose substructure remains unknown.

Most people think that all these particles are solid objects. However, since the Thomas Young’s double-slit experiment we know that light can be considered both a particle and a wave. This shows that light is actually neither a particle nor a wave, but only exhibits wave or particle properties, depending on the experiment being performed. If you consider matter solid, then that solidity is only a property of matter. The French physicist Louis de Broglie showed that wave-particle duality was not merely an aberrant behavior of light, but rather was a fundamental principle exhibited by both radiation and all particles of matter. Hence, in quantum physics, a particle can also be seen as a pure energy wave-package.


Heim saw the nature of matter, or subatomic particles, differently. He saw elementary particles are geometrical entities that possess an internal dynamic structure which is changing cyclically in time. Elementary particles possess an internal spatial structure, but are elementary in a sense that they are not composed of subparticles. Elementary particles are also not point entities (as in some physics theories), but they consist of Metrons.

As an example, the classical radius of the electron is about 3×10-15m, and it has a metron size of about 10-70m2. Thus, about 1041 metrons are needed to cover the surface of the electron. With so many metrons, an electron therefore must be a highly complex geometrical quantity.

Physical Particles, Interactions or Hermetry Forms

We have seen that there are 12 dimensions that interface with each other to make the world we live in. Sometimes, forces in higher dimensions are necessary for physical manifestations or events. If we leave out the highest 4 dimensions, the G4, because we don’t know much at all about them, then we can base our present knowledge of physics on an 8-dimensional world.

We have seen that an 8-dimensional world contains four subspaces:

R8: R3,(three physical dimensions), T1(one time dimension), S2 (two form-giving dimensions), and I2 (two information dimensions).

Heim said that there are 12 physically meaningful combinations of these four subspaces in R8, describing either physical particles or interactions (H stand for Hermetry Form). For example, the strong or nuclear force that holds the nucleus of an atom together is a combination of energies of the information dimension I2, the time dimension T1 and the physical dimension R3.

The 12 combinations:

the four known physical interactions:

  • the strong force H2 ( I2 ,T1 , R3)
  • the electromagnetic force H9 (S2 ,T1 , R3) field (particle) with electric charge and mass
  • the weak force H6 ( I2 ,T1)*H7 (S2 ,T1)
  • the gravitational force H8 (S2 ,R3) neutral field (particle) with mass

the four types of known virtual particles:

  • gluons H1 (I2 ,T1)
  • photons H5 ( I2 , S2 ,T1)
  • bosons H3 ( I2 , S2 ,T1 , R3) W+_ bosons and H4 ( I2, S2 , R3) Z0 boson
  • gravitons H12 (S2 ) graviton

plus two interactions (fields) that have not been known before, described by hermetry forms H10 and H11:

  • the probability field H10 ( I2 ), contains only the space I2 (is a gravitational-like field)
  • the gravito-photon  H11 ( I2, S2), contains both types of I2 and S2 (is a gravitational-like field)

The particles can be divided in four groups:

  • Electrically charged particles have R3 (X1, X2, X3), T1(X4) and I2(X5, X6) coordinates.
  • Neutral particles have R3 (X1, X2, X3), T1(X4) and I2(X5 only, no X6 which is a time coordinate)
  • Quanta without rest mass, such as photons have T1 (X4) and I2 (X6 only, no X5 which is a space coordinate). Only when a photon enters into interaction with mass are all 6 coordinates (X1 to X6) needed to describe the process. Thus, the dualism between wave and particle is given expression here.

  • Quanta which depends only on the coordinates I2 (X5 and X6), the gravitons. These are the quanta of gravity.

Mind and Matter

According to Heim the existence of highly organized creatures in an evolutionary process only taking place in space and time is not comprehensible. Because based on chaos, the organization structures observed would not stand a chance to develop.

Heim: “Yes. One thing that already points in that direction is that the whole living nature is morphologically based on only a few construction patterns. The animalic world of heterotrophic creatures – i.e. creatures taking in food from the outside and that have a colon, heart, blood circulation –you’ll find everywhere. Outer skin, sensory organs – it’s always the same structures. Especially when you look at creatures living on land. They all have central control centers, nervous systems somewhere. It’s always the same principle that is repeated because it has proved well. Already the tribolits of the Cambrium where equipped with that. There wasn’t much experimentation there neither. Actually, everything was already there.”

“It appears to me as if everything is sensibly controlled with a view to a long-term result. But if you ask me from where all this is controlled, I assume I couldn’t talk to all those (scientific) gentlemen.”

Heim also remarked that DNA, which was present from in the very beginning of life on this planet, had to be intelligently constructed, because proteins by themselves could not have formed it.