The Intrusion of the Terrestrial Humanoids

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I have been interested in what is commonly called UFOs and extraterrestrials, or aliens, for over forty years. I am not an investigator though. I was curious what it was all about, but above all I wanted to understand who those extraterrestrials were and why they were here. There weren’t that many books available when I first got interested (I was living in Belgium at that time), but the stories of sightings and encounters were puzzling at the least. Not only that, but UFOs were not just about an unidentified flying object, but there were many aspects to it, even paranormal and psychic. I found myself calling it the UFO-phenomenon because when one takes all the details in account, it is a quite complex and confusing phenomenon that contradicts a straightforward extraterrestrial visitation by advanced intelligent beings.

Trying to understand a phenomenon, one starts to develop a theory. As one must be honest to oneself, all aspects of the phenomenon must be able to fit into the theory. That is where the problem begins. Most UFO researchers have a well established idea what UFO’s are about, and they ignore or reject any sighting or experience that does not fit with their understanding of the phenomenon. That is why the UFO community is not homogeneous, and various opinions are sometimes at odds with each other.

Throughout the years I have developed my own theories or understanding of what those UFOs and ufonauts (as we originally called them) might be. The more I read the more I had to adjust my understanding. However it never made complete sense, that is, when I had to take all aspects into account. Actually that is the hallmark of the phenomenon: it doesn’t make sense. Nevertheless people have real experiences, beyond any doubt. At one side there are landings of physical craft and encounters with alien looking beings, but at the other side there are psychic phenomena that are not that unusual with these UFO/alien sightings or contacts. The latter is often used as proof that the aliens are from another dimension. However that does not need to be so, as physical beings might also have the means to shift to another dimension in order to travel, or maybe for other purposes, and then shift back into the physical realm. What we look upon as paranormal or psychic is probably just another set of physical laws that mainstream science hasn’t explored yet.

Originally it was thought that UFOs and their occupants came from other planets in the universe. The assumption that physical extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth in their spaceships has some problems. These beings must have developed according to the atmospheric and biological conditions on their planet. They are uniquely adapted to their sun’s light and radiation, to the magnetosphere of their planet, to the atmospheric pressure and chemical composition, and to the planet’s biosphere and gravity. That means, when they visit another planet, they cannot just get out of their vehicle and walk around because all the conditions mentioned above are going to be different. Not to mention the all the microbes to which they are not immune. I was long puzzled by the fact that in UFO/alien sightings and encounters, these beings walk around their landed vehicle, stroll around the landscape, or enter people’s houses when abducting humans, all without the need for a spacesuit. It doesn’t make sense.

However, it does make sense if they are from this planet (yes Earth)! It was first proposed that the extraterrestrials had underground bases from which to operate. There are indeed several detailed accounts of people who have been taken to large caves, with rooms, and hangars containing flying saucers. That still leaves the problem of being able to live on and in this planet. In other words, the most reported aliens, the Greys, the Reptilians, the Mantis, and the human-looking Tall Blondes, all of them are perfectly adapted to Earth’s gravity, atmosphere, light, radiation, and microbes.

I do not exclude that they all originally might have come from somewhere else in the universe in a distant past (as humans might have been too), but they sure are not ‘visiting’ us from another planet. We can safely assume that they are native to this planet, that is, they have been around here for a very long time. The Reptilians have said it more than once that they were here before humans, and that they consider this planet theirs.

From the many sources that I have read, there are more than the above four intelligent species on this planet. In our modern culture we have been so indoctrinated that we are the only intelligent species on this planet (and in the universe, although they are starting to pull back on this one now). Every culture has numerous stories of encounters with a multitude of strange beings. Earth has always harbored many intelligent beings.

One may ask “Well where are they, I don’t see any.” Well, look around the internet. There are websites where people submit their encounters/experiences with strange beings. Actually these encounters have been going on throughout the centuries and have never stopped. People still see them occasionally, but most people don’t dare to talk about it. The internet does offer anonymity, and now their sightings are pouring in. The descriptions of these beings are the same as those of past centuries, beings that our modern culture conveniently dismissed as ‘just folktales or fairytales’. Lately I have read a lot of sightings of the so-called mothman in the Chicago area. It is called a mothman, when it is dark, black, has bat-like wings, red glowing eyes. Well, I have read the same description of beings people were encountering in the past in Belgium and Holland, but the catholics or protestants called them the devil. Names differ according to ones cultural background, but the descriptions are the same.

There other reasons why the extraterrestrial theory does not hold. A flying saucer lands, and a little ET walks around scooping up dirt. To a simple mind it makes sense: a visiting ET needs a soil sample. But stepping outside his vehicle exposing himself to Earth’s microbes and atmosphere etc.? We have a robotic Mars-rover that does the same thing plus analyzing it at the spot. Those ET’s don’t have one?

Or, the alien beings are larger than their vehicle is high. Or the beings are accompanied by what looks like an extremely crude robot.

And in almost every encounter the aliens look different. Except for those people who have been abducted their entire life by the Greys, and even with that, there are a lot of differences. If the ‘visitors’ are from other planets, then there are an awful lot of extraterrestrials ‘visiting’ this planet.

It doesn’t make sense.

ETs have sex with their human abductees, and this is not a rarity. What is the chance of an alien from another planet being compatible with a human?

Then we have the Greys (so popular now) who continue to suck sperm from their male abductees for their genetic engineering program. Originally they said that they needed it because their race was dying out. Now we are hearing that they need it to produce hybrids. There are about 250 million sperm cells in one ejaculation, and they can be stored in a cooler for some time. So why do they keep abducting and gathering sperm (also eggs from woman)? Actually sperm taking requires only a few seconds, so what else are those aliens doing to the abductees, as abductions often last for hours, and the abductee only remembers bits and pieces?

What I never could comprehend was that human women were artificially impregnated by the Greys, and then after some weeks or months, the took the fetus out. Well, they also have to take out the placenta to which the fetus is connected, don’t they? Then they put the fetus (no placenta mentioned) in liquid vats for the rest of the ‘pregnancy’ (as some abductees were shown). How can the fetus get nourishment? It has to get it through the umbilical cord,  that never gets mentioned. They just float around in that liquid. Is that abduction scenario a real physical event, and if it is, are the abductees shown the real thing or only a projected event, something like a hologram?

I wonder if the abduction scenario is actually an illusionary projection. Not that the abduction is not real, a scenario that has been implanted into the mind of the person lying in bed. Ask yourself, why do supposedly technologically advanced extraterrestrials need to put needles in the abductees abdomen (sometimes experienced as very painful), or even their forehead? Without anesthesia! Why scoop out little pieces of flesh out of one’s leg? Our own surgeons can do better, and we can take a DNA sample simply with a cotton swab. Are the abductees shown some imagery (which they experience as real) that conforms with their own understanding of what ETs might do, while the aliens are actually doing something else that the abductees are not allowed to know?

There is one thing I have always noticed with the abduction stories: the abductees never question what they experience, or what they are shown. Only a handful of abductees were suspicious or were convinced that what they were shown or what they were told by their abductors, was not the truth. That by itself should raise a red flag for the rest of the abductions.

This seems to be the key in the entire UFO phenomenon, or with the so-called extraterrestrials: they are actually terrestrial beings. Some call them cryptoterrestrials (because of their strangeness), intraterrestrials (because they live inside the Earth), but I like to call them Terrestrial Humanoids.

So maybe we should start any explanation of the UFO phenomenon from a totally different angle. I do not exclude any extraterrestrial beings who come here in their spacecraft, be it physical or via other dimensions. I think this really goes on, separately or may connected to the dealing of the Terrestrial Humanoids. It is the involvement of the Terrestrial Humanoids with humanity that we call the UFO phenomenon.

When you look at the many contemporary stories of encounters with strange, humanoid, seemingly intelligent beings of all kinds, similar encounters reported in the many centuries past, all over the world, and even archaeological evidence, then it becomes very clear that Earth has always harbored many kinds of intelligent beings. We, humans, presently think we are the only ones on this planet, but reality tells us otherwise. Humans are now the predominant species, but other intelligent beings live here as well.

I have written an article about other intelligent beings, Physical Evidence of Humanoid Beings, at least those of which there is some physical evidence. Neanderthals (we know now that they were as intelligent as Homo Sapiens) might have survived and are now living in very remote regions. they are often confused with the more ape-like Bigfoot. The Kyshtym being in Russia was alive when found. It was a tiny humanoid being. In Chili equally tiny beings must live based on the complete skeletons of two of them that were found. In Peru two different mid-size mummies of humanoid beings were found. They look human but are not Homo Sapiens. There is the famous Starchild skull, of which DNA analysis shows that it was not entirely human. The Sealand skull is very different from a human skull. The Novo Selo skull is most likely from a werewolf, also called wolfman, a being which is still frequently seen, especially here in the USA. There also skulls with horns, bulbous skulls, and the now famous elongated skull beings (see my article of Elongated Skulls from Ancient Races on Earth) which lived among us not that long ago. Some say that there are still a few around. I have also posted a story of an entire group of very weird small beings that had contacted a man in my own town for about two years (The Hermits of Hickory Hollow). The way their body forms were shaped borders on the incredible. I think we know very little about the wide variety of possible body forms of bipedal beings with at least some form of intelligence, and which are able to live here on this planet or inside of it.

I haven’t even mentioned the now famous Greys, Reptilians and Mantis beings. Or those who look very human, but are not Homo Sapiens, like the Tall Blondes, some purported Hybrids.

Is planet Earth a humanoid zoo, and we humans are just one of the many races?

Why have we come to believe that we, humans, are the only intelligent beings on this planet. For that we have to look at ourselves, or who Homo Sapiens really is. Homo Sapiens has been around for a few millions of years. However we shared the planet with other archaic humans like Neanderthals and Denisovans, and a couple of others. Some hominids too. We are told that they all died out. Recently it was suggested that the Neanderthals disappeared because they were peaceful, and were removed by Homo Sapiens who were expanding their territory. Well, if you look at the recent track record of humans, you will understand that we are an aggressive and violent species. We like to discover, explore and exploit new territories, wiping out the native population in the process. And, look at the many wars that we have been waging among ourselves over the past millennia.

Could it be that Homo Sapiens was very successful in establishing itself on this planet at the expense of all the other intelligent beings around? Neanderthals and the different hominids species were driven to extremely remote regions, where they were able to survive in very small numbers. We now call them Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the like. Maybe other intelligent beings were driven to the brink of extinction and had to hide in deep forests or underground.

We also have a reputation to mistreat smaller beings. When Africa was first colonized by Europeans, they encountered tribes of small humans. Almost a million of the well known Pygmees were killed (Wikipedia). Some were put into slavery or suffered discrimination. There was an even shorter race that decided early on to hide and disappear because of their mistreatment. They have never been seen again. Another example of mistreatment is the so-called dwarf tossing (Wikipedia).

Do you get the picture?

The picture that starts to emerge is that Terrestrial Humanoids were peaceful, but short in numbers, some were small in stature, and they were just not able to withstand the aggressiveness of the ever increasing population of Homo Sapiens. Over time, they had to yield, and flee to remote regions or to go underground. It is a topic in itself that I cannot go into here, but Earth is honeycombed with natural caves, many are human made caves, tunnels and underground cities from the remote past. That is where many of the Terrestrial Humanoids found refuge. They had to keep their new home a secret as they did not want humans to find out where they were and are still living. They do come out at times, mostly at night, when it is safe. Occasionally they are seen or they interact with humans.

What is most important about these beings is that in general they do not like humans at all. Mostly, when they are spotted they are able to disappear, but there are plenty of stories of people who have been attacked by strange looking creatures who are strong enough to retaliate, like the wolfman. Bigfoot also is known to have big temper when someone enters his territory.

As the human population is continuing to grow and we continue to cut forest and inhabit new swaths of lands (just think about the Amazon rainforest that is almost gone), I think the Terrestrial Humanoids are tired of being hunted. They also don’t like the rapidly increasing pollution of the Earth, and the disappearance of numerous animal and plant species.

So they had to do something about it. I think we should seriously worry about this, because their actions are not good for humanity. This brings us back to the UFO phenomenon that has all the hallmarks of a very well thought out plan of deception with actions that stretch from mind manipulation to horrible forms of mutilation.

We have to look beyond the surface of the UFO phenomenon, and start realizing that we have made an adversary that is striking back. We see, time and time again, that they are not nice to us. One can debate if they are justified or not, but a plan has been set into motion, and we better wake up. It is more than time to pay attention to what is around us, and have respect for all the living creatures on Earth, be it plant, animal or terrestrial humanoids.

When we start to look at the UFO phenomenon from the point of view of the Terrestrial Humanoids then it starts to make sense. But a lot of people are going to have to make a radical turn in their belief systems. The Greys, for example, have become very popular, despite their actions. Abductees are now calling themselves experiencers. It sounds nicer. Some contactees have started making sculptures and paintings of the many supposedly extraterrestrial races and beings, especially hybrids, who all look so lovely. Not to mention to numerous channelings with members of the Ashtar Command or any other galactic federation. The truth is quite different.

If we accept that there is a group of Terrestrial Humanoids that have banded together to execute a long term program to counteract the presence of the aggressive humans, then the UFO phenomenon starts to make sense. As I have mentioned before, I do not exclude that at the same time there are extraterrestrial beings coming to this planet for their own particular reasons, but we are leaving this option aside in this article.

The group I am talking about are the Greys, Reptilians, Mantis and Tall Blondes. They have always been seen throughout the ages, but people didn’t quite understand who these beings were. Encounters usually were not pleasant. The reason for this is that, at least in my opinion, these terrestrials are of a lower evolution, with quite a different morality than ours. Yes, they have some advanced technology but they are still quite vulnerable. Greys and Mantis are frail in constitution. Reptilians are very strong and can rip you apart in a minute, and so are the Bigfoot races, but they are small in numbers. If one of them would attack a human, he would reveal the presence of his group in the neighborhood, and humans would launch a posse to exterminate them.

Both the frail and strong Terrestrials want to keep their presence and underground homes a secret from the humans. But humans have always known of their existence but their nature was always elusive and their underground homes impenetrable. They have one big advantage over us that they have been using for millennia: they have strong psychic gifts, and their technology is also used and controlled by their minds. In the old records you can find that the ‘elves’ found pleasure in making an unsuspected person get lost in an otherwise familiar area. Bigfoot is known to project fear and even loud sounds in someone’s head (as if a very large being is trashing around their tent for example). Their psychic talent is the key to the entire UFO phenomenon of the last century.

Being able to control the brain and thus the mind of humans is a very big advantage for them. Especially because humans themselves do not have this ability, and they are not aware that they are being manipulated this way, nor that there are other beings who are doing this to them.

It all started with the industrial revolution. It seems that the Terrestrial Humanoids started to realize that humanity was entering into a whole new phase of their evolution, and that the usually low key manipulation was not going to be sufficient anymore. So they were launching a new, large scale and long term project that would allow them to interact (=manipulate) extensively with humans at their own terms, disguising themselves now as extraterrestrials coming from outside the planet. This way humans would not suspect that they were actually from this planet around us, or below our feet.

It runs like a red threat through the UFO phenomenon. The ‘ETs’ show up, interact and disappear in very short ‘visits’. Elusive as ever before. ‘Aliens’ never talk much, and if they do it is superficial, and often it doesn’t make sense. They do their best to be seen, in their spaceships, metallic or with very bright flashing lights, taking soil samples, waving at us, and abducting humans over and over again, performing all those ‘medical’ tasks, showing hybrid babies and children. However there is no open contact, no official landings, no establishing of ET embassies, no exchange of anything. Just flying around and manipulating humanity. All of it has the ear marks of being staged, the landings, the contacts, their appearance, the abductions, the messages being given. It is being staged, it is being controlled, it has purpose.

It is all about manipulation, visually and psychically (of our minds). They have been very successful at it for many centuries, so why are they now engaged in such an intensive program? Aside from the industrial revolution, humans are spreading all over the globe in a rapid pace, cutting down forests, mining, and building more and more houses. There are not that many places left for the Terrestrial Humanoids to hide. Even underground. We have developed immense nuclear powdered tunneling machines that have been tunneling underground for decades, building large numbers of underground military bases, and it is rumored even cities. It is without a doubt that the military around the world know very well about the Terrestrial Humanoids living underground. According to some sources the military has even been in conflicts with them, and have taken over some of their subterranean dwellings. Living underground is not safe anymore for the Terrestrial Humanoids.

So, where else can they go?

As I have mentioned before, the whole abduction scenario for the purpose of harvesting sperm and eggs for their hybridization program, and the showing of hybrid children, might be just a show, a projected illusion to prevent us from seeing what they are really doing or intending. Maybe they really have a hybridization program, but what the abductees are being shown is not the real thing. As secretive as they are, the terrestrial Humanoids might not want to show us how they are really doing it. They are really good at putting up smoke screens.

If the hybridization program is real it would bring a solution for their problems, although not necessarily in the way we are being told or shown. There is a lot of talk about the hybridization program which is said to be almost at the end, as the latest hybrids are very human looking from the outside, and can move around among us, unrecognized. However nobody is asking the question what souls are in these hybrid bodies? The answer is simple, the souls of the Greys, Reptilians and Mantis. Maybe not all of them want to migrate into a human looking body, but the purpose is to allow at least part of them to live on the surface, among humans, and in line with their reputation, be undetected, unknown to ordinary people, and at the same time also be able to directly mind manipulate the humans around them.

From their own sparse communication (during abductions), it seems that they are expecting a complete meltdown of our society by catastrophic or artificially induced natural disasters, reducing the human population by about ninety percent. That would allow them to fully take over the surface of the planet, and establish their own societies while corralling the remaining, and struggling for survival, humans in reservations.

The Terrestrial Humanoids feel justified in taking this action, as humans are abusing and polluting the planet beyond repair without any respect for other living beings. Unless we wake up and change things around, but that doesn’t seem to happen because of an old established and powerful group of people that is only interested in money and power.

What we are looking at, with the UFO phenomenon, is a grand scale intervention in human affairs. The Terrestrial Humanoids have always manipulated human society to some degree. In the past these beings were called elves, gnomes, devils etc., which were living, can it be otherwise, in hills, mountains, underground caves. They would abduct humans, appear and disappear, fly around in aerial vehicles, just the same as the ‘aliens’ do now. Researchers have pointed out that Mary apparitions have the same characteristics as what we find with UFOs, including the manipulation of the mind of the visionaries. They seem to have been behind the establishment or manipulation of religions, and even wars. One wonders why they are so engaged with the human race. One could argue that they just want to have fun with humans. Another reason might be, although difficult to accept for many, that some of these beings also feed of our emotional energy. Religions are based on their followers giving away their own energy through prayer and religious practices. With Mary (or other religious) apparitions there is a massive release of energy by the awestruck followers. Wars also create a lot of energy release through fear and suffering. Fear is a constant theme with alien abductions.

Have you ever thought about why humanity keeps fighting wars and killing their own kind? It does not benefit us in any way.

The traditional religions are waning fast. In their place we now have the extraterrestrial visitor’s religion. A lot of people now believe in the existence of extraterrestrial visitation. A lot of energy is now poured into the ET religion. People now look up to the sky, in the hope, not to see Mary, but to see a UFO. They congregate not in a church, but in UFO conferences. Religious sects have now become UFO sects. In other words, the ‘extraterrestrials’ have become the new religion.

It is amazing how they can manipulate our mind and belief systems. When abductions stories were first researched, it was clear that abductees went through a very traumatic experience. Over the years that changed, that is, their perception of it. They started to say that the abductors were not that bad, they even found them friendly and lovely. They start calling themselves ‘experiencers’ because it sounded better than the term ‘abductees’. When they were shown their hybrid children, they started feeling a close bond with them. Take note that a few abductees have remarked that their feeling of love towards the abducting aliens and to the hybrids were artificially induced by the aliens themselves. It has become increasingly clear that the whole process of ‘alien’-human contact is completely controlled by the ‘alien’ beings themselves.

When you look at the actions of the ‘aliens’ or Terrestrial Humanoids, it is everything but positive for us, humans. They violate our privacy, they abduct, they perform ‘medical’ procedures on the abductees, cause psychological traumas, leave physical scars and marks on their body. What they also abduct is animals, and after they mutilate them, they drop them back to earth. Mutilation is not the proper word, as they selectively cut out certain parts of the animal, while the animal is alive. Isn’t that called torture? Why would they do that? I can only see one reason. This is torture that release large amount of energy from the animal. The aliens don’t need the meat, as the animal is discarded after they are done. Some abductees have clearly stated that the aliens have technology that can harvest energy from living beings, and they can pass it around among them to experience. The cow mutilations have gained the most publicity, but almost any kind of mammal have been found mutilated in this way, all over the world. These animal mutilations are often not talked about because of the gruesome implications. Even less mentioned are the human mutilations. Yes, humans have been found ‘mutilated’ with the same kind of tissues removed as with the animals, also when alive.

It is clear that at least some of the Terrestrial Humanoids do not care at all about the well being of humans. In close encounters witnesses have had radiation and burn marks on their skin, conjunctivitis or other eye problems, even temporary blindness. Physical injuries are not uncommon with UFO encounters.

They also abduct people and never bring them back. People disappear in very mysterious circumstances. David Paulides has written several books about many, many cases of baffling disappearances of people, primarily in USA national forests. However, this goes on all over the world. One example that some disappearances of people have to do with Terrestrial Humanoids is shown in a story of Indonesian disappearances talked about by Alan Lamers on Whitley Striebers’ website Unknown Country (this is a transcription of the radio interview on YouTube). Five people went for a three day hike into the mountains, and didn’t come back. After a month of searching they found only one person alive. He was severely traumatized and couldn’t remember much about what happened. He kept talking about the small beings they had seen. During that month he was kept alive when he was lost in the jungle. What happened to the others is not known. It looks to me that he was kept alive to send us humans a clear message: do not to go into that region of the jungle because it their home. By the way the Indonesians know about these beings and that when you encounter them, you disappear. Apparently these beings don’t mind killing people.

It also begs the question why they only let one person return. What happened to the other four? Were they indeed killed? Maybe we should also ask: did they eat them? Is it possible that some Terrestrial Humanoids do eat humans? Why not? Humans do not need to be the top of the food chain in this planet. What happens to all those thousands of people that disappear, not only in jungles or forest, but also from our midst (we are only talking about those disappearing in very mysterious circumstances)? It is quite possible that some Terrestrial Humanoids are picking up humans for food. So maybe you should think twice when seeing that UFO.

Another example of the uncaring morality of some of the terrestrial Humanoids can be found in the Story of the Hermits of Hickory Hollow on my website, that I mentioned before. At the end of the contact period, the beings caused a fire in the garage where all the clay sculptures of them were stored. After it became clear that the witness couldn’t help them, they wanted to erase all evidence of their contact. If the witness hadn’t found the fire in time, their house might have burned up too. The beings themselves seemed to have been very nice because they wanted something from the person, but their priority or morality might not have been the same as those of humans. Once they didn’t get what they wanted, their niceties were gone.

I mentioned before that the Terrestrial Humanoids (at least some of them) have technology with which they have a big advantage over humans. This technology is different than what we have. They know how to manipulate space/time and matter too. Their vehicles are quite different than the nuts-and-bolts vehicles we have. With their vehicles they can phase out of this physical dimension, and thus disappear in an instant, and phase in again and appear out of nowhere. That is why the term ‘flying’ in Unidentified Flying Object is a misnomer. The vehicles don’t fly in the sense we understand. They move through space/time from one location to another using very different physical principles.

With some abductions, the abductees first notice the presence of aliens in his room, and the next memory is being on a spaceship or a place underground. It is possible that the abductee was made unconscious when transported by alien vehicle. However there is also the possibility that the aliens use a direct transportation from bedroom to destination by means of the space/time manipulating technology. I always found it strange that most abductees remember being taken out of their bedroom, floating or walking by themselves toward the spaceship, but never remember how they entered the vehicle. They find themselves suddenly inside. It is quite possible that the spaceship itself is actually a kind of space/time vehicle that does not need entering via a ladder or door, but that is more like entering another dimension.

This way it is easy for them to move around our atmosphere, and even underwater, hover over a certain place and pickup up a human at their digression. Nothing we, ordinary humans, can do about. The feeling of powerlessness is abundant in UFO encounters and alien abductions or alien contacts. Only the military is catching up in picking up the electromagnetic frequency of their craft, and they have the technology now to counteract the presence of these vehicles to a certain degree. However the military is not concerned about protecting ordinary people.

It also seems that some of the craft can make themselves invisible, by putting a kind of holographic cloak around them. Witnesses have heard the humming of these craft above their house but were unable to see the craft. There is also the case of the multiple sightings of the so-called dragon-fly drones well researched by Linda Moulton-Howe.

With close encounters witnesses often find themselves ‘paralyzed’, that is unable to move. They almost always feel a shift in consciousness. This suggests that the Terrestrial Humanoids have technology with which they can exert direct control over the body and brain of humans, at least at a short distance. Again this is at our disadvantage.

It is also seems that they can directly influence our perception of what is going on. A witness sees a flying saucer, but the person next to him does not. Some landings are staged, that is, they are or holograms or projections into the mind of the witness. With abductions it is sometimes reported that the ‘alien’ appears first like a normal human to lessen the fear factor, and then drops this image when the abductee has been acclimatized. False or screen memories are now well known among abductees, what shows that the Terrestrial Humanoids have full control over an abductees brain or mind. There are also indications that they put post-hypnotic suggestions in the mind of abductees, or shall we say that the abductees have been programmed?

All this is just example how deeply the Terrestrial Humanoids can exert control over humans. After more than half a century of UFO research, a lot of people are still fixated on lights in the sky, or the abduction phenomenon, and the wonderful hybrids that going to solve our problems. I think it is more than time to pay attention to the nature of these beings, and why they keep meddling, influencing and controlling not only individual humans, but also humanity at large in a way that is largely negative and even deadly for humans. Yes, this sounds like an alarm bell and most people don’t like to be woken up from the deep sleep they are in. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider these beings to be malevolent. They too are expressions of the Divine, and they have to right to exist, even on this planet that we share with them. Basically it is about respect, both ways. Humanity has to first become aware first (again) of their existence on this planet, and then to respect them for who they are, and not to hunt and kill them out of our own fear for what we don’t understand. The Terrestrial Humans equally have to respect us humans, and not to intrude into our lives and manipulate us as they are doing now quite extensively.

In other words, it is about education and a direct dialogue. That will be for the next generations, if that will ever happen.