LFT: Brad

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The following email are from Brad in Arkansas:

April 11, 2013

Hi Dirk, I did get the LFT, thanks again.  It is thicker than mine was.  Where I used 5 mil, I am guessing you used either 8 or 10. I did indeed sense a change in the auric field, it was a feeling of an electromagnetic nature.  It seems to me to be the feeling-type of a tongue on a 9v battery.  The differences being, the battery is concentrated and localized and the interaction with the LFT was subtle, more natural and constant.  It was vibratory, and during meditation holding the device (left hand), I was able to see the living aura.  During meditation, it was as if the LFT came alive to weave a toroidal web to visually imprint the action of the beating of my heart.  I sensed a feeling of equilibrium and equanimity both during meditation and to a lesser extent, when not in hand.    However, when in deeper levels of stress (a state when my aura was not harmonic), the effects of the LFT were somewhat uncomfortable, including a dull nausea.  These effects were also increased when meditating.  I attribute this to the realignment of the auric field.  I keep the LFT on my desk, w/in three feet of my heart.  I also use it for equalizing any pollutant frequencies from the electronic devices (including computer and audio equipment) in use.   I have told a number of people about your discovery and referred them to your website.  In the spirit of you sharing this info, I have taken the 5 mil sheeting and made a few smaller ones that I have given out to friends.  If I get any word from them – I will report it to you.    Thanks again!



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