The Red Glowing Eyes of Bigfoot or Sasquatch

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…I could hear it’s footsteps, they sounded like a heavy wide object was been plopped on the ground and in the darkness I could see these glowing red eyes…”

… a 12 foot tall fur-covered animal with glowing, red eyes,…”

…It scared me — it scared me a lot. What really attracted me was the eyes on it, big red eyes. It just stood there. It didn’t move… it was seven to eight feet tall, about 300 to 400 pounds, and it had thick, short, brown, coarse hair. On the head, longer hair…”

(I am using the term Bigfoot here for all species of these surviving hominids)

In order to understand why Bigfoot is so often seen with red glowing yes, we will have to explain some other connections that are often neglected.

A friend of mine once told me an encounter he had with a strange being that stood along the side of a road at night. He had no idea what it might have been, but his description is that of a Bigfoot. What really intrigued me was that the being had red glowing eyes. Because my friend tried to interpret what he was seeing, he thought that the strange being was wearing red goggles. It always puzzled me why it had red glowing eyes. Red glowing eyes are often reported with a number of so-called cryptid beings. The famous mothman has red glowing eyes. How is it possible that eyes can emit red light? Why would Bigfoot sometimes show red glowing eyes, while most of the time he is seen with normal, or even black eyes?

Let me also mention here that my friend strongly felt that the strange being was a kind of ‘sentry’ who stood watch to protect an area where other (alien) beings were carrying out some project. Later on we will see that the ‘sentry’ part is also an important feature with Bigfoot.

When one starts researching the nature of Bigfoot, one has to pay attention to a lot of details that are often reported by the witnesses but also often neglected by Bigfoot researchers who have preconceived ideas. One really has to put aside any presumption that Bigfoot is just a rare species of animal, or just an ordinary pre-human species that has managed to survive in remote regions of the Earth. Although this last presumption is correct, there is a lot more to Bigfoot that one has to take into account.

Bigfoot is indeed a hominid of the gorilla type. That means that is has the very strong built of a gorilla: thick bones, very strong muscles, a head that sits on the shoulder (no neck to speak off). Lloyd Peye has given a good overview of four types of Bigfoot, one of which is very human looking and is probably a surviving Neanderthal species.

In all likelihood, the more aggressive humans (Homo Sapiens) displaced the Bigfoot species to very remote areas. Although Bigfoot is now living in hiding, chance encounters are not that rare as one might think. Bigfoot moves around in the mountains and forest, but has been encountered in caves and underground tunnels too. Bigfoot eyes are different than those of humans; they have night vision, and this allows them to move around underground without the need for illumination. This brings us to the existence of vast underground tunnel, cave systems, and cities, remnants of the past Atlantean civilizations. Some of these are still used by various intelligent beings, some of them have been living underground for a long time, some of them are extraterrestrials who have underground bases. Why does this relate to Bigfoot? Because where Bigfoot is seen, flying saucers are seen and their occupants, mostly the Greys (who work for the Mantis, Reptilians and the so-called Nordic Hybrids. Those who have been in close contact with Bigfoot always report that Bigfoot is connected with those aliens (I am using the term ‘aliens’, as the Greys and Reptilians are mostly underground inhabitants of the Earth).

This is an important observation. Although the Bigfoot species live in remote areas, in family settings, they are under the control and are used by the aliens. With those aliens we always run into the concept of genetic manipulation.

Over the past decades we have been well informed by abductees and contactees that the alien group, which now controls our planet, is heavily engaged in creating human-alien hybrids, which are meant to be put on the surface of this planet at the present and in the near future.

Bigfoot’s close association with these aliens also raises the question if they were also genetically ‘tweaked’ to serve certain purposes of the aliens. Here we come back to the statement of my friend that the Bigfoot he saw was a ‘sentry’. Native Indians also are of the opinion that Bigfoot is sued as guardians of entrances to tunnels, cave systems and underground bases used by the aliens. Bigfoot is extremely strong and can be ferocious and deadly to humans if these humans don’t head the warning to stay away from certain areas.

Bigfoot is used by those aliens to guard not only underground entrances but also ‘areas of operation’, that is, when the aliens set down their flying saucer for whatever they have to do on the surface. Linda Moulton Howe, in Glimpses of Other Realities, mentions a case in Mount Vernon, Missouri (July 1983) in which Ron and Paula Watson watched through binoculars, a landed craft with two small humanoids bringing a paralyzed cow inside. Next to the landed craft stood both a lizard man (on the left), and a Bigfoot (on the right).


Because Bigfoot frequently uses the underground system, their eyes might have been genetically altered to allow them the necessary night vision, so they can move around in the dark without the need for carrying a torch or light.

This leads us to the ‘red eye’ phenomenon. Why would Bigfoot eyes light up with a red glow? This might have to do with the psychological impact on humans. How would you feel when you encountered a large, heavy hairy Bigfoot at night who is staring at you with eerie red glowing eyes?

How is it possible that eyes can emit a red light?I found the answer to that in the e-book Infraworld (page 198-199) by Alexander R. Putney (website Human Resonance)

Putney has written several texts explaining the importance of the plasma state of matter/energy in certain phenomena in our physical world. Ionizing radiation can induce plasma states which can emit light. The aurora borealis is an example where the inflow of high energy particles ionize the atmosphere and create the well-known light displays. These are mostly green but also can be red when the radiation is very intense. Putney states that the red glowing eyes that Bigfoot sometimes displays at night is a particular bio-electric effect.

Eyes are lenses that focus light on the back of the inner eye ball where special light-sensitive receptors convert the photons into electrical signals which then get transmitted by nerves to the brain. Scientists have now discovered that the human body emits light (or photons). The human body emits these biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum and are detectable via very sensitive instruments. The biophotons are used by the cells of many living organisms to communicate with other cells, and it facilitates energy/information transfer that is several orders of magnitude faster than chemical diffusion.

Our eyes too can emit photons, or light, which is also very weak in intensity. This was published in the Journal of Brain Research in Jan. 19 2011, showing that the mammalian eye exhibits a spontaneous and visible light-induced ultraweak photon emission. (Spontaneous and visible light-induced ultraweak photon emission from rat eyes.)

Now, Putney says that when the body is electrically stimulated in a particular way, the normal process of converting light to electrical current is reversed, so that the induced electrical current in the body will force the retinal ganglion cells in the eyes to convert the electrical current into light. Thus the eyes are sending out light rays which are then focused by the eye-lens. This way the eyes of Bigfoot are seen glowing with a reddish light, although in a minority of the cases the color can be orange, yellow or green.

So the key to this red glowing eye feature of Bigfoot is the appropriate electrification of his body. This is done by the technology aboard the ships of the aliens who control and use Bigfoot. When necessary they emit a particular plasma beam to the Bigfoot (and probably to other strange creatures they control). This plasma beam is pulsed in a particular way to create the desired effect.

So here you have it. Whenever you see a creature in the dark with (red) glowing eyes, there is an alien ship hovering nearby, and they don’t want you to come closer and investigate what they are doing. So, turn around and go the other way.