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Ancient Aluminum Artifact, or Alien Debris in El Dorado, Arkansas, USA?

In my article of  artifact in El Dorado, Arkansas, USA I gave a couple of examples of finds of aluminum and other unusual metals in objects that are very, very old. They point to an ancient worldwide civilization that had … Continue reading

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Treasures tend to Disappear

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, a province on the southwestern coast of India. The temple had different vaults. They have all been opened in the past, but one vault, whose doors are closed, is … Continue reading

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The Longyou Caves or Grottoes

Man has always made caves, underground shelters, storage rooms, escape tunnels and so on. Mining has also created a lot of artificial caves. Some really old caves are rather mysterious. The underground cities in Turkey, for example, are truly enigmatic … Continue reading

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The Northern Pyramid of Zawyet El Aryan: Signs of Ancient Atlantean Technology

In my opinion, the pyramids, in Egypt and elsewhere, were not made to be tombs for megalomaniac kings or queens. There is just no evidence for it. It is just a theory to which archaeologist cling. Some people have suggested … Continue reading

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Signs of Advanced Ancient Technology

I have seen many videos and pictures of ancient monuments and stone blocks that have been cut, worked, drilled, and moved by technology that surpasses much of what we have today. It is obvious that at one point in time … Continue reading

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The Face on Mars

back to Cosmic Beings: Other Topics A couple of spiritual experiences I had in regard to the Face of Mars, and some ruins. NASA Pictures of the Face Being on Mars, Seeing the Face My Drawing of the Face Two … Continue reading

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The Oldest Ouroboros Depiction

The image of Ouroboros, the serpent that bites its own tail, is well known in hermetic literature and especially in alchemy. It is generally used to express the idea of renewal, death and rebirth, and the process of cycles in … Continue reading

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