Do the Akashic Records Exist?

If you are spiritual seeker, you certainly have heard of the Akashic Records. These cosmic memories in the aether are said to contain the entire history, in every detail, of all humanity, and of everything that happened on this planet, even of the entire universe. Any authors have written about it, describing the nature of the records, how to find them and some have even written down extensive information from humanity’s past. You will find stories from Atlantis and Lemuria, an the unknown years of the life of Jesus. These are popular themes that have people for many decades.

The origin of the concept of Akashic Records is often attributed to Hindu or Buddhist scriptures. More esoteric people know that descriptions and stories can be found within the movement of Theosophy.

It is a fascinating subject. The Akashic records are a wonderful mine to be explored for those who have the spiritual abilities to access them. Nowadays it is easy to find people on the internet who will tell you how to do, for the right price of course.

But … is it all true? I originally just wanted to know where the term Akashic Records came from. What I found was a historical thread that would tell me a quite different story than what is generally taken for granted.

If you want to find out what Akashic Records are all about, read my article Do the Akashic Records exist?

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