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General Spirituality

Life After Death: What happens when the physical body dies and the soul enters the hereafter?

The Afterlife: A Wider Perspective of Near-Death Experiences: An in-depth exploration of the many characteristics of near-death experiences in the light of esoteric teachings about consciousness and spiritual topics.

Enlightenment: it is time to question the old doctrines about enlightenment, and to start analyzing what this state of consciousness really is, and how it manifests in different people.
Beyond Enlightenment: In most meditation system enlightenment is seen as the end goal. However it is possible to even further develop and bring the Divine down all the way into the physical.

Gnosticism, Answers To Who We Are: An overview of Gnosticism, and a view of life at the time of Jesus Christ, shared by many religious groups in those ancient times, trying to understand what life is about and who we are.

Do the Akashic Records Exist? : The belief in Akashic Records is widespread mainly due to Theosophical writings. But is there any truth to it? What are its origins?

The Hymn of the Pearl: is an ancient Gnostic text that clearly explains, in story form, who you are. This is one of my favorite texts.

Being a Center of Consciousness: an exploration into three spiritual experiences.

The Spiritual Layers of Man: Answers to questions about who you are as a multi-layered entity existing in a multi-layered World.

The Individuation Process: summary of the writings of Carl Gustav Jung regarding the Individuation Process, a psychological/spiritual process we all go through in this life to reach realization of our complete Self.

God, Who or What is It?: One could write a book about the concepts and experiences people have about God. This article gives you a short overview about who or what God, or the Divine, is, based on people who have experienced the Divine, or God, each in their own way.

Dream World: an article about the importance of taking dreams seriously, the kind of dreams, dream symbols and dream work.

Fear is the only Darkness: why fear and love are the basis of our existence. The need to give up fear in order to experience love.

Spirits: A Cause of Mental and Physical Illness?: It is an idea that many people are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with: might mental and physical illness be caused by spirits, disincarnate entities of various kinds?

The Best Protection You Can Get: the best protection is the cultivation of your awareness of your divine essence.

Protection Prayer: A prayer for protection based on the book of Shakuntala Modi.

Cutting Energy Cords: what are the energy cord connections we have with other people, and how to cut them when they are unwanted or harmful.

The Pitfall of Emotions: a translated text from a book by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. It is a teaching from the historical Jesus who appeared at the couple while in Damascus, Syria.

Reports of a Traveler in the Astral World: a review of the book by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. It describes Daniel’s experiences in the astral world and the teachings of his guide.

The Oldest Ouroboros Depiction: An intriguing display of the ouroboros serpent on the second golden shrine of Tutankhamun.

Kabbalistic Tree of Life: why I think it is incomplete, and the more complete New Tree of Life. Also, a geometrical and mathematical exploration of the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

The Final Journey: an excerpt of the book Multidimensional Man, by Jurgen Ziewe. The excerpt gives an excellent overview of what the astral or spiritual realms are, how they relate to the consciousness of their inhabitants, and how we all create our own worlds.

The Tombs: An Adepts’ Solemn Message: a chapter from Paul Brunton’s book A Search in Secret Egypt. The danger of opening spirit protected tombs; and the mystery of entombed but living Masters or Adepts in Egypt.

Subtle Energies

The Bee Machine, or Electrotherapy Teslatron: My experiences with an unusual healing device, based on Tesla technology, superluminal shock waves, which also makes visible the aura or prana energies from the body’s meridians.

Karl von Reichenbach:

The Odic Energy of Life: A summary of the experiments of Karl von Reichenbach who discovered that a subtle energy pervades all things and beings, which can be felt and seen by sensitive people. He called this energy Od.

Somnambulism and Cramps: A summary of the book Somnambulism and Cramps by Karl von Reichenbach, detailing the many aspects of sleep-walking and the somnambulistic state.

The Energetic Landscape of Earth: an overview of Richard Leviton’ visions of the parallel reality of energetic structures, energy lines and cosmic beings here on Earth, shaping a reality that not only influences our consciousness, but with which we can interact.

The Change in the Matrix of the Earth: An overview of the changes that are happening in the energy systems, or grids of planet Earth, and its importance of their connection with the consciousness of humanity.

Coordinate Points, World Grids, Portals and Dimensions: Based on quotes from the channeled entity called Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts), I explore his concept of coordinate points and their relation to world grids, portals, dimensions, and mathematical structures.

Powerful Earth and Cosmic Energies: A couple of stories of people who accidentally released powerful earth and cosmic energies.

Anomalous Showers of Stones, Water and Other Objects: An investigation in the mystery of the appearance of stones, water and other objects out of nowhere, outside and inside houses and buildings.

The Atlantean Ring and Bar: The Atlantean Ring and the lesser known Atlantean Bar are intriguing energy objects which can be used for healing.


The Visionary Experiences of Hungarian Shaman Joska Soos de Sovar: The Hungarian Shaman Joska Soos was the first to bring forward the existence of light-sound beings, of which he made numerous paintings and drawings. The existence of these beings was a secret among shamans. Includes a biography of Joska Soos, many of his paintings and drawings, his teachings, and sound recordings.
The Medicine Wheel: an exploration into to the different sections of the medicine wheel based on my esoteric background, plus some instructions on how to contact their energies.

The Seven Shamanic Levels of Consciousness: This book is a unique work in the world of shamanism. It explains the cosmos in terms of seven levels of consciousness that can be experienced first-hand. It is a universal system used by shamans to explore the Cosmos in all its aspects. No longer only their privilege, this book is now available for everyone. This knowledge is presented for your information and practice.

Predators of Humanity, according to Carlos Castaneda: an extract from one of his books about the predatory beings that plague humanity, and that every sorcerer/shaman/spiritual seeker has to deal with at one point in his life.

Signs from the Nearby Cosmos: very interesting visionary texts from a remarkable book by Jan-Anton van Hoek. This is about memories from ancients times, visions, transcriptions of akashic books, immortal emperors, the root of the Aryan people, esoteric history of the Grail and more. A must for the spiritual seeker! Chapters in this section:

  • Meeting in Ancient Spaces
    The Book of Spirits
    On the Threshold
    The Germanic Book of the Dead
    The King of the Earth
    The Book I
    Reflections on the old and new World Year
    The Grail

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Artifacts Made from Highly Unusual Metals: Finds of unusual metals found in circumstances that point to an ancient origin of advanced technological production and manufacturing.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly: An overview of the many features of the Baltic Sea Anomaly that point to an ancient building, factory, mining facility or metal ore processing with advanced technology.

The Moonshaft: the discovery a very strange shaft in the mountains of Czechoslovakia, showing signs of ancient advanced technology.

The Serapeum at Saqqara: Atlantean Technological Devices? An exploration into the mystery of the empty large granite coffers found in an Egyptian underground tunnel, officially part of a larger complex of tunnels called the Serapeum where Dynastic Egyptians buried their bulls; and my own interpretation.

The Northern Pyramid of Zawyet El Aryan: Signs of Ancient Atlantean Technology: a neglected subterranean structure of a once large pyramid with some interesting features.

Sethian Architects of the Egyptian Pyramids, from Cygnus: The possibility that the architects of the Egyptian pyramids might have been extraterrestrial beings from the constellation of Cygnus.

Yangshan, Atlantean Megalithic Quarry?: An exploration into a possible Atlantean quarry, with remaining megalithic blocks of stone showing signs of advanced technological tools of stone cutting.

The Lingering Effects of Ancient Warfare: A few examples of ancient sites that are still emitting dangerous radiation to living organisms, and that have signs of rocks melted by high temperature.

The Esoteric History of Mankind: the entire history of mankind from the beginning of the solar system to the present through the eyes of psychics.

Humanity: Evolution, Regression or an Experiment? : Did humanity evolve from the apes? Did humanity come from other planets. Did somebody tinker with the genetics of humanity? Are we evolving or devolving?

The Origin of Mankind as Seen in Visions: Different sources of visions in which the visionary perceived scenes of the origin of a human species in distant times on this planet Earth.

The Bosnian Pyramids: The New Archeology: a look at the newly discovered (large!) pyramids in Bosnia, and tunnel network, dating back to the late Atlantean Period.

Healing at the Bosnian Pyramids: discoveries of places and frequencies at the Bosnian pyramids and inside the tunnels.

The Atlantic Megalithic Civilization: about the megalithic stones and structures and the civilization that was behind it.

The Enigma of the Crystal Skulls: ancient skulls made out of quartz are making their appearance and are bringing a message.

Wéris: a small town in Belgium, but once it was a major megalithic center. A walk through the mystery of its many megaliths and a lost civilization.

A 70 Million Year Old Underground Village: an underground village with strange features in Eben-Emael, Belgium, that is at least 70 million years old.

In the King’s Chamber: a spiritual experience by Hank Wesselman while in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt; and his subsequent contact with the extraterrestrial beings who were the builders of the pyramid.

The Sun Gate Calender of Tiahuanaca (Tiwanaku): the Sun gate at Teotihuacan in Bolivia, is a solar calendar of the Earth in a distant time when the length of a solar year was different.

Ancient Crystal Technology: Different sources that talk about the use of crystals and crystal tablets in technology belonging to an ancient civilization on Earth.

An Ancient Megalithic Site in Siberia: the discovery of ancient ruins of multi-ton blocks of granite shaped by advanced technology.

The Longyou Caves or Grottoes in China: An overview of the mysterious Longyou caverns in China, which might have been built with ancient technology.

Eastern Spirituality

Who Am I?: this is the basic question we all ask ourselves sooner or later. This article gives an answer based on Tibetan Buddhism.

Siddhis, the Spiritual Powers in Man: Texts about the Siddhis, explaining the spiritual powers in man, developed through meditation and yoga.

The Integral Yoga: a summary from the book by Sri Aurobindo, in which he explains in detail the process of meditation, and the attainment of the spiritual, divine awareness. Aurobindo extensively studied many yogic traditions, but writes primarily from his own experience.

Dzogchen: an ancient but direct way of discovering and realizing the natural, primordial state or natural condition of every sentient being. Dzogchen is considered the highest teaching and practice in Tibetan Buddhism.

The Clear White Light, by Master Subramuniya: The experience of clear white light emerging in meditation and the progress of this light to full enlightenment.

Chakras, A Guide to Understanding Your Power: An extensive and informative description of the seven traditional chakras based on Eastern and Western interpretations.

Tantra Cosmology: This article is an overview of Tantra cosmology: the emanation, creation and structure of the divine, the universe and man. Siva, Shakti, the Gunas, the Tattwas, Kundalini, the Lingas.

Ziarat: This book is a record of a Western person’s travel through eastern Europe, the Middle east and India, while visiting Islamic living saints, fakirs, dervishes and other people with spiritual power. He also visited many tombs of similar people who have left this physical world, whose graves are still exuding strong spiritual energies.

The Doctrine of Vibration: A summary of the book The Doctrine of Vibration, which explains the Tantra of Kashmir Shavaism. Basically it is about the nature and essence of all things and beings, and the realization and liberation of our own divine essence.

Hsin Hsin Ming: you want to be enlightened? Here is how to do it. The Hsin Hsin Ming is an ancient Chinese text explaining clearly what the right attitude is to bring forth the divine. You may want to read it more than once.

Om Ah Hum:  “Om Ah Hum” is a well-known Buddhist mantra, but what does it mean? It is a mantra that functions on many levels. The following is a basic explanation.

Wealth and Power in Buddhism?: Gautama Buddha, the historical Buddha left his palace and all his wealth behind. Buddhist monasteries seem to do just the opposite.

The Golden Body: The appearance of the Inner Light and the formation of the Golden Body as a result of deep meditation.


Healing with Turpentine: An overview of the medicinal qualities and possible toxicological effects if overdosed when consuming natural turpentine oil for healing purposes.

The Violet Ray, Healing with High Frequency Currents: a history of electrotherapy using high frequency currents and the development of the Violet Ray, the beneficial effects on the human body, and modern Violet Ray devices.

Healing with Magnetized Water: An overview of scientific studies of the beneficial or healing effect of magnetized water on plants, animals and humans.

Healing Cancer with Cheap and Safe Medicines: Healing cancer with cheap and safe de-wormer medicines: information, scientific articles and success stories. This article is intended to give you an overview of the medicines Mebendazole and Fenbendazole.

The Colloidal Silver Handbook: everything you want to know how to use colloidal silver for healing. (PDF file)

Kefir: better than yogurt, another cheap alternative to replenish your intestinal flora and thus heal a lot of common ailments.

How to Heal Yourself Quickly, Cheaply and Effectively: what really worked for me. Cheap and effective.

The Dangers of Wheat: diabetes and obesity caused by a new variety of wheat, on the market since the 1980’s, according to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist. Amazingly, cutting out wheat from one’s diet leads to tremendous positive changes, also for a host of other health problems.

Glowing Body at Night: how I solved the problem of waking up at night with a very warm body.

Neutralizing The Brown Recluse Spider Bite with Electricity: How we neutralized the Brown Recluse spider bite with the use of electric zappers.

Nikola Tesla and Healing: An overview of the healing properties of high frequency high voltage currents that Nikola Tesla was using for healing the body; and the use of mechanical vibration for the same purpose.

Agnihotra: Agnihotra is an ancient Vedic fire ceremony performed at sunrise and sunset. This article tells you how to perform it.

Jala Neti: keep your nose healthy by using a neti pot.

The Role of Biophotons in Healing: biophotons or light particles emitted and absorbed by the cells keep us healthy.

Strange Experiences

Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility: The strange experience of turning invisible, on a spontaneous or involuntary basis.

When Everyone Disappears: Experiences in which one finds himself temporarily in the world with no one around, while in reality they have been there all the time. This often is accompanied with an eerie silence.

Temporary Invisible Objects: The strange phenomenon of bumping into temporary invisible objects, and invisible houses.

Restaurants/Cafe’s That Don’t Exist: Stories of groups of people who visited an eatery, with strangeness.

Elevators To Other Dimensions: An exploration into strange experiences with elevators where people got off the wrong floor with space and time anomalies, maybe pointing to other dimensions or realities.

Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You?: Or more correctly: Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement. A phenomenon in which people have unexplained memory loss and/or find themselves suddenly at another location.

When the Day Turns Dark… for a second: Exploring the strange phenomenon when people experience a sudden darkness or blackness in an otherwise bright day, for a split second up to several seconds.

Spontaneous Manifestation of Money: Sudden appearance of a coin out of thin air, and ‘rains’ of coins and paper money out of the sky. Often linked to spirits or poltergeist phenomena.

Experiences with Bright Light Flashes: A strange phenomenon of bright light flashes that light up the entire night sky and landscape, or the interior of a room or house.

The Dome of Light Phenomenon: Unusual appearance of a very bright and intense light dome in a landscape environment. The light has some very unusual properties.

Experiences of Changed Reality: True experiences of realities that have been changed drastically by mysterious forces. Non-existing houses, towns, roads. Being lost and confused in the woods, and profound changes in one’s immediate environment.

Entering an Alternate Reality: Exploring the possibility of doorways to alternative realities, dimensions or worlds based upon some intriguing stories.

Accidentally Viewing of Past Scenes: Experiences of people who accidentally viewed scenes from past time periods at certain locations.

The Ghosts of Pterosaurs: A short exploration in why I think modern pterosaur sightings are real and reliable, but they are not of surviving, living prehistoric animals.

Eerie Silence in the Woods: when the otherwise lively woods suddenly go quiet, and what is behind it.

Frozen Time, or When Time Stands Still: A state of consciousness in which it appears that time around us is frozen, or time appears to stand still.

Miraculously Avoided Accidents: stories of intervention by a higher power in cases of serious accidents.

Mysterious Terrestrial Beings

All kinds of information about non-human intelligent beings on this planet, physical and non-physical.

Physical Humanoids

Elongated Skulls from Ancient Races: Information and pictures about elongated skulls and long skull people of the past from all over the world.

Physical Evidence of Humanoid Beings: in the form of skulls, skeletons, mummified remains and personal encounters of humanoid beings that have lived or are presently living on this planet Earth.

Strange Beings

There is a vast array of beings on this planet that reside in another dimension on this planet, and they are known to interact with humans on a vast scale. The following articles highlight various aspects or beings.

Physical Manifestations of Thought Forms and Artificial Elementals: An exploration into the physical manifestation of different thought forms and artificial elementals, with effects on human beings.

The Intrusion of Dimensional Beings: An overview of the many characteristics in the field of UFOs and cryptic beings, and their influence on humans. (PDF file)

The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity: An exploration in the experiences of an energy net and its connection to the matrix systems of planet Earth, which have been taken over are controlled by alien beings for the control of the human population on planet Earth.

Encounters with Terrestrial Aliens in the Outdoors: Examples of encounters with aliens in the outdoors, woods, and caves, that show that these beings are of terrestrial origin.

How You Turn into a Mysterious Missing 411 Case: This text is designed for people who go hiking or walking into the woods to recognize the unnatural circumstances that might lead to becoming a mysterious missing 411 case, or even to permanently disappear from this world.

The Chupacabra: Intelligent Bipedal Predator: a detailed description of these beings based on eyewitness accounts and reports from researchers.

Music of the Sidhe: Stories of people who heard music in the woods or the countryside, made by an other-dimensional people, called the Sidhe in Celtic countries, but present world-wide.

Unmasking The Sidhe: An exploration into the true nature of the legendary Sidhe, from a historical point of view and modern day accounts, and pointing out similarities with the UFO phenomenon.

Translucent Humanoid Beings: Experiences of people who have seen Translucent Humanoid Beings, often called invisible beings, predator like beings, or cloaked beings, in the woods and even in houses.

Bird-headed Beings: strange reports of bird like humanoid beings.

Oceanic Humanoids: Strange stories of humanoid beings coming out of and going into the ocean, or swimming at great depth.

Humanoid Beings with Horns: encounters with strange humanoid creatures, seemingly intelligent and which had horns.

Gnome Encounters: A summary of the characteristics of the earth elementals, called gnomes, through history and by means of psychic, visionary perception and encounters or contacts.

Mermaid Encounters: An overview of the appearance, nature and relationships of mermaids, or water spirits. Mermaids are elemental beings belonging to the element of water.

Sylph Encounters: An overview of the different air spirits or elementals, from history, and from psychic observations, including fairies, fays and sylphs.

Salamander Encounters: An exploration into the fire elementals, commonly called Salamanders, through history and through the visions of a few people gifted with psychic talents.

Devas: Nature Spirits and Angels: descriptions of different nature spirits and the higher developed angels. For those who want a greater awareness of the nature beings around us.

Other Topics

Various other articles about humanoid beings, aliens or possible extraterrestrial beings.

The Face on Mars: My spiritual experiences in regard to the Face on Mars, and some ruins left on its surface.

How Intelligent Beings Travel in the Universe: a way to make a ship and everybody in it mass-less and travel faster than light.

Strange Encounters of the Unusual Kind: Accounts of strange experiences I heard from people. UFOs, strange beings light balls…

Who is Dumping All that Stuff on Our Heads?: An explanation of who is responsible for the strange rains or falls of fish, frogs worms, colored rain, ice and snow, and other materials out of the sky.

Other Subjects

Invisibility in Ritual Magic: The possibility of invoking invisibility through the use of ritual magic, throughout the ages and cultures, with recipes.

The Six Digits Phenomenon: people with six fingers and/or toes, in the present and past

Remote Viewing: An exploration into the pitfalls of remote viewing, and more specific into the question of subconscious mind reading providing false information.

The Hyperdimensional World View of Burkhart Heim: An overview of a quantum physics theory that includes dimensions, and a unification theory.

Birth without Violence: how a baby is born is so important as it is his first experience in this world. This short text is an introduction to the child birth method of Francois Leboyer. A must for everyone who wants his/her child to be born under the best possible circumstances…for the child!

The Great Play or The Second Coming of Christ: a set of quotes of a book by a Rosicrucian mystic (from the 1950’s) who talks about future staged event in which a return of Jesus Christ will fool masses of people in an effort to establish a world religion and government.

The Life Field Transformer: an experimental device I created that seems to change the state of the human energy field, or aura.

Spontaneous Human Combustion: An in depth analysis of spontaneous human combustion cases, and a possible theory of the origin and mechanism of the unusual combustion of the human body.

137, The Number that Keeps Our Universe Together: The meaning of the fine structure constant, or alpha, in science, our universe and electromagnetism.

81: The Relationship Between the Divine and Creation: a mathematical exploration of the number 81.

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